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  On a sunny afternoon, I saw my mother worrying about what to eat in the afternoon. I suggested making dumplings, and my mother readily agreed.


  My mother prepared the ingredients and began to "fight". I watched my mother make dumplings. First, I put some stuffing on the dumpling skin, and then I pinched the skin inside. I thought to myself: it's so simple, I'm sure I can pack better than my mother. Then I washed my hands and began to focus on imitating my mother's process and began to wrap it up. I think: the stuffing put more delicious. I then sandwiched a lot of fillings, then pinched the skin, at this time, the skin was broken, I quickly "demolished the east wall to mend the west wall". After a while, the dumplings I made didn't look good anymore. But look at my mother's dumplings again. They are full of body. They look like generals holding the belly of generals. They are very beautiful.


  I asked my mother, "Mom, how do you make dumplings so beautiful?" When my mother saw that I was no longer proud, she guided me carefully. "You are an acute child. Don't panic. You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. Look! We should reduce the filling of dumplings so that we can wrap them well. " I listened to my mother's clever plan, and sure enough, the dumplings are much better than before, but I should continue to work hard.


  Soon, a "fat army" was born. They all stood in the queue with full and round bellies. They were manly and high spirited, waiting for the orders from the chief at any time. The first task I gave them was to go to the water to find the treasure! (i.e. under the pot) plop! Plop! They all jumped down, only to see the dumpling skin from white to slightly yellow. Murmur! Murmur!


  After a while, the dumplings were cooked. My mother scooped them up with a big spoon and gently put them on the plate. I ate the dumplings I made. I felt as sweet and delicious as honey.


  Through this dumpling making, I understand a profound truth: only after real efforts, will you get the results you deserve. The harder you work, the luckier you are!


  Winter morning is very beautiful, not letter, please have a look at --

  Pushed open the door to go out every morning, the bitter wind blowing, with coming to me from time to time. And, occasionally, there will be a naughty little snowflake swirl to fall down, just like dancing. Hexagonal snowflakes all kinds: some like silver needle, some like leaves, and as a scrap of paper... It looks good. Fall to the ground, as if the earth covered with a thick blanket; Fall in the trees, like putting on the silver; Fall in the car, like freshly baked fresh cream cakes. This beautiful snow makes people immersed in the fresh air. White everywhere, beautiful.

  However, most can make people in the home can be the first to feel the breath of winter is the window on the ice, some like a forest, mysterious; Some like a stream, as if to flowing; Some like Santa Claus, as if to give people gifts... Winter girl is really ingenuity!

  At the club, it is a sea of people, very lively. People wear thick cotton-padded clothes, like cotton. He (she) is accompanied by beautiful music, for morning exercise.

  Artificial lake on a thick layer of ice, some naughty little classmate play combat on the lake, there were laughter from time to time, the surface of the lake. ......

  In winter, very cold. To be honest, I do not want it to come, but it comes, but I have a strange feeling. Oh, I love winter, because winter "of the wind tests the strength", I love its character.









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