my room英语作文六年级_六年级英语作文2500字

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my room英语作文六年级1

  My roomI have a little personal space,it is not too big,but decorate concise and bright,you see -In front of the big bright windows vertically with cute cartoon puppy patterned green curtains; below the window display a blue big desk,desk with a lamp that day and night to accompany me to learn of the lamp,and some lovely small jewelry; office desk with bookcase,putting inside more than 200 books,reference books,writing the book." Listen,the beautiful ' space fantasy tone." is my electronic organ played 100 a variety of tone in which a sound,the keyboard has accompanied me from kindergarten to primary school grade 5,every time I test is not ideal,I will hear " soft rock 1'' this paragraph of rhythm,will make me full of confidence; the electronic organ is the opposite of my beautiful and soft bed,which is blue,and my desk color coordinated,extraordinarily beautiful,when I finished my homework at night tired,will lay down on the bed,while I took their desire,the expectations of parents,into the sweet dreams.This is a little girl beautiful and warm room.

my room英语作文六年级2

  I owned a room when I was nine years old. In my bedroom I have a pink curtain and a wooden bed. I have a grey desk for study. I prefer cloth things than others ,so my mom bought me a cloth wardrobe for me when we designed my room. This is my room and I love my room.

my room英语作文六年级3

  My room This is my room. It’s a nice room. There is a window in the wall, and a bed next to the window. My desk is between my bookcase and my bed. There are a lot of books in the bookcase. A lamp is on the desk. There are some pictures on the wall. My backpack is on my chair. There are some books and a pencil case in my backpack. A football is under my bed.I often clean it. I like my room very much

my room英语作文六年级4

  I have my own room, but it is different from my dreaming room. My dreaming room is not too big or too small. There is a big and soft bed in it. Beside the bed there is a dressing table. On the other side, there is a big wardrobe. I can hang up all my clothes. There is a beautiful writing desk for me to do homework. Behind the desk there is a place to put many entertainment tools. And the wall of my room is pink. This is my dreaming room.


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