The ants and the cricket六年级英语作文_小学英语作文1400字

2020-04-23 00:00

  Summer was coming, and a group of ants were busy repairing their houses, and they moved the soil out of the hole little by little. A cricket approached and asked, "what are you doing?" An ant answered, "we are building our house, and the wheat will be rippen. We will make it bigger, store it and eat it in the winter." "The cricket laughed." You all are doing something which has no useful.It's only summer, and it's still early before winter comes!" Then the cricket left.

  After a heavy rain, the home that ants was watered,the ants work together to repair their house, the cricket came and said: "I have told you,what you do is useless." The ant said, "failure is the mother of success. This time we will built our house on a high slope. The cricket snorted and left.

  It wad Autumn, the ants were busy in handling food, while the cricket was playing piano in passion, an ant came over and said to the cricket, "winter is coming, you should save some food for winter. The cricket said, "now is the time to enjoy, I want to sing and dance."

  The north wind blew, and the snow began to fell. The shivering cricket wanted something to eat, but there was not any leaf in her room. The earth was covered with a thick layer of snow, and no one knew that there was a frozen cricket beneath the earth.

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