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  There are so many people talking about how much their mother love them,whereas seldom people realize how much love their father give fact,father's love is as strong as mother's,but normally,fathers are not very good of expressing their er's love is deep and silent,that's why most people think their father love them you carefully go through your childhood memory,you will notice your father is always there when you need them,though they never said it out loud how much they love you,father's like a shelter when the storm coming,father's like a door when there is danger outside,father is someone no matter how you treat him,he will choose to bear all the pressure and let you please cheer for the love of father!



  Dear John, It’s Father’s Day today. It’s a special day, isn’t it? I think we should do something to show our love for our fathers on this special day. My father and I are good friends. Whenever I meet with difficulties, he is always there, ready to help me. Today I will make a beautiful card for him, with my thanks and best wishes on it. Then I will help him wash the car this afternoon and cook his favorite food in the evening. Besides, I’ll take a walk with him after dinner and then play chess with him, for he likes it very much. I’m sure he’ll be very happy. What’s your plan for Father’s Day? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Yours,

  亲爱的约翰: 今天是父亲节。它是一个特别的日子, 不是吗? 在这个特别的日子我认为我们应该做一些事情来向我们的父亲表达我们的爱。我的爸爸和我是好朋友。不论我什么时候遇到困难, 他总是在那里准备帮助我。今天, 我将为他制作一张漂亮的卡片, 在上面写上我的谢意和最美好的祝愿。然后下午我将帮助他洗汽车, 在晚上做他最喜欢吃的食物。此外, 晚饭后我将和他散步, 然后和他下象棋, 因为他非常喜欢下象棋。我确信他将非常高兴。你的父亲节计划是什么? 我期盼着你的来信。


  Flowers are a wonderful gift of nature. Everyone likes them. Flowers portray love, happiness, joy and all the other positive emotions. Since time immemorial flowers have been an integral part of every celebration and festival.

  But there has been a misconception. Flowers are mainly associated with feminine gender. It is forgotten that men to have a soft side to them. Gift your father a bouquet of flowers on Father's Day and he surely will be overjoyed. Flowers, especially architectural and bold like tropical flowers, which are masculine, long lasting, tall and sturdy like the fathers usually are, can be

  given. White and Red Rose are known to be the official flowers of Father's Day. People wear a white rose to honor a father who has deceased and a red rose for a father who is living.


  但现在人们对花产生了一个误解。大多数时候人们把花与女性联系在一起。人们忘记了男性对花也有温情的一面。在 父亲节给你的父亲送上一束鲜花,他保证会欣喜若狂的,尤其是具有建筑风格的,大胆而狂野的热带花朵,它们具有男性的特质,生命力持久,高大而强健,和父亲 的角色往往很相似。白玫瑰和红玫瑰是公认的父亲节节花。白玫瑰象征纪念已故的家严,而红玫瑰象征着赞美健康尚在的.父亲。

  男人喜欢明快,炙热,大胆以及斗志高昂的颜色,像是黄色,橙色,紫色和红色。他们布置花的时候绝大多数情况下 会与他们有组织的,善于计算的头脑保持一致。他们还喜欢自然的,富有现代感的,时尚新潮的花束。只要他心中有谱,他可能会选择玫瑰,雏菊或其它充满异域风 情的花朵。鲜艳生动的红玫瑰与黄色的雏菊深受大多数男人的喜爱,从而也成为父亲节最理想的鲜花礼物。


  Today is father’s day, for so many years I’ve been seekig a way to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. Here comes it!

  Thank you for always being there sharing my life when I need you most. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I never feel alone and vulnerable, because you will keep me on the right path. I’m blessed to have you.

  Thank you for offering me education and teaching me how to be a man. You always inspire me not by words, but by what you have done! Your efforts in the work, your loyalty to your friends, your responsibility for the family and your persistence in the life have already set me good examples in my own life.

  Thank you for always appreciating my work, no matter how tiny it is! You have made me realize that it’s capacity not scores that really counts.

  Dad, I love you and I will love you forever!








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