Fathers Day 父亲节英语作文_节日类英语作文2800字

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  Fathers Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood.Fathers Day was first born in 1910 in the United States. It was proposed by a lady when she was celebrating Mothers Day.

  Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days.The celebrations are often related to gifts giving and family dinners.

  On Fathers Day, people choose specific flowers to respect for his father.In China, because of the national character, few people wear flowers to show his respect for his father and there is no large celebrations.

  But on the influence of the west, there are a growing number of people celebrate this holiday and tell their love to fathers.





  If you ask me, who Loved Me? I must answer, of course, is my favorite dad.

  Rained today, can give my father to buy clothes and shoes was sent ah, looking forward to a father from Monday through Father's Day, it is also going to rain!

  I put on my raincoat firm ran home, half an hour later to the home, and even locked the door. At this time the rain had stopped it! Dad called, he says that they are mother and pouring it. And quickly went to where to find them. I shouted a voice:

  I help my father lift tube, put the finished pouring tube turn up north. Finally, my shoes are wet, but I am still very happy. Mom and Dad did not think I'd come to help, but also very happy. I think as long as Mom and Dad need us, we stay with them, even if we do not buy a gift, they will be very happy.

  Father's Day, I accompanied my father had, he was pleased, and I am even more happy.

  Father's Day, Father's Day is not just that we have to think in the end the lack of what Mom and Dad? Mom and Dad need us, we are in front of it? Thanksgiving Dad, Thanksgiving mother. Father's Day, you stay with your parents yet?


  Today is Father'Day .i love my father so much that i 've done many things for him.

  in the morning i bought some flowers with pocket money and put them in the vase.in the afternoon i went to buy some vegetables and cooked a simple but delicious dinner for my family .After supper,i gave father the card that i made myself and said" Happy Father's Day" to him.Then i told him to pay more attention to his health and not to overwork.i aslo promised to try my best to get the first place in the coming exam .Hearing this word,father

  laughed aloud.

  Today is a special day ,warm and meaningful.



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