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Remember a volunteer activity composition


Remember a volunteer activity composition,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。

In the usual study, work and life, everyone often sees the composition figure. Writing is an important means to cultivate people's observation, association, imagination, thinking, and memory.There is no clue to write a composition?The following is a composition of volunteer activities compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. For reference only, let's take a look.


The sun is bright today, and the sky is as cheerful and bright as my mood.Dad's unit organized our children today to go to the elderly to do a volunteer activity who cares for the elderly.I have never participated in volunteer activities.With excitement, I boarded the shuttle bus with my friends.


When I came to Xingsha's elderly, I saw this four -story house at a glance. The quaint exterior wall seemed very peaceful and lonely.Entering the gate, some white -haired elderly people in the courtyard are under the sun, talked, dazed, or walking. These grandparents are older than I think, most of them are seven or eighty years old.Dyed into silver silk, but when they saw the arrival of a group of noisy children, the old face showed a bright smile, which was so amiable and full of vitality.


Under the leadership of the team leader, we first took out the colorful ribbons, color lamps, balloons, couplets , etc.It was arranged.This is the first time we have come here, but everyone is full of enthusiasm and full of energy, just like a group of busy little ants, busy, busy, although it is a bit difficult to get in the couplet, when hanging the ribbon, when hanging the ribbon, the ribbon is hanging.There is still a little bit enough to run out when blowing the balloon, but the face of each small partner is filled with a happy smile.


Next, we scattered to the grandparents and grandma on each floor according to the pre -divided group. Some friends chat with their grandparents, some friends help their grandparents, and some help their grandparents to organize the room; some grandparents and grandmaI do n’t love to talk very much, or very few words, the little friends will help our grandparents take a walk with the greatest sincerity and enthusiasm, which makes us very happy and relieved.


Next, it is a game link specially set for grandparents -drumming flowers.Under the Organization of the Dean's Uncle, all people were sitting around the courtyard, and then a piece of music sounded. The dean started to pass the flowers. Suddenly, the music stopped.Performance singing, some storytelling, jokes, some of the performance magic, some performances, some perform musical instruments, some also perform fast calculations, some play their brains, grandparents are very happy, grandparents and grandma are very happy,Grandpa and grandma's "laughed" of his teeth made me feel the return of love for the first time. Suddenly I felt that grandparents were not so old, and they were just like children. They were very simple and naive.


Time is always fast, the event is over, we are going to leave the old courtyard. I am a bit reluctant to give me Grandma Cuo. Although Grandma Qu has a son or two daughters, the children are either bad or poor, and there is no way to live with the grandmother. Also lonely. In fact, people are old but not accompanied by their children. How lonely is it? How much they want someone to chat with them. Although there are many equally lonely old people in the nursing home, most of them do not talk to each other very much. Although they are responsible for their drinking and drinking here, they think that only the poor and those who do not take care of the family will come to respect the elderly, so they are not happy, so even if they are lonely, they do not want to talk to others. After this event, I want to be a child who respects parents from now on. I want to thank my parents for their whole heart. When I grow up, do not use the "busy" excuse. I do n’t accompany my parents. My parents were patient with me, and spent more talk with them. I want to study hard, learn strong skills, and be able to accompany my parents to travel around the world.


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