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Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

Whether you are in a school or entering the society, everyone has tried to write a composition . With the help of components, people can reflect objective things, express ideological feelings, and convey knowledge information.You can't write when you write?The following is the collection of fifth grade composition by Xiaobian to find out in the fifth grade of spring. It is for reference only. Welcome everyone to read.


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring1


Spring girls quietly came to the world silently, and the earth was full of color and vitality.


Listening, the stream thawed, the sound of the ice cubes was dingling, dingling, like a beautiful symphony, the insects in the field sang the song happily, as if they were calling: "Friends, get up, spring, springHere, spring is here. "


Seeing, Xiao Cao poked out from the ground, watching this jubilant world, the magnolia flowers are open, and a white flower bone bone is inserted on the branches. The wicker of the willow tree is like a long green ribbon.A gust of wind blew, the green ribbon danced, and it was graceful, with a trace of aroma of peach blossoms in the air, which was refreshing.


In spring, the Sun Father -in -law also showed a bright smile in the blue sky, adding a new color to the earth; the goldfish in the river also rolled up and jumped, showing his glittering fish scales; changing many end -of -end changes;The white clouds are "sticky" on the blue sky like a piece of marshmallow.


Spring is here, and people also take off their thick cotton jackets and wear colorful flower clothes. What is even more joyful is the children. They run on the vast field, making the earth more vibrant more vibrant.The older children are different. They are flying kites on the grass. In the sky, all kinds of kites are flying in the sky, dazzling.


Spring is colorful and vibrant.It brings warmth and color to the earth.


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring2


Although it has been established, the weather has changed a lot now, and it is not seen that it is spring.So I decided to find spring.


I saw spring from the weather: "Children in spring, three face changes in a day." Now the weather is indeed like the face of a little baby, "crying" (rain) for a while, and "laughs" (clear) for a while.


I saw the spring from the grass: Although the grass on the lawn is not green, but take a closer look, you will find that there will be a few tender grass in the grass that is not angry.


I watched from a small tree to spring: a piece of leaves on the tree were not as angry as winter. The pieces were tender and green, the wind blew, and the leaves were shaking, like a green elf dancing lightly.


I found the spring from the garden: a flower was furious in the cold weather, all of which bloomed my most beautiful smiley face, as if it was beautiful.


I saw spring from people's faces: even if the weather was cold, everyone's face was full of joy, exuding the bright atmosphere of spring.


I heard spring from the wind: occasionally the wind brushed my cheeks and blowing in my ears. I heard that the wind was soft, and there was no feeling of cold wind in winter.


I watched from the sun to spring: in a sunny day, the naughty sun ran to my face, warm, and sometimes I couldn't open my eyes. I seemed to hear the "giggling" laughter of the sun.


You can find spring figures from every place and every corner. You may wish to find a spring!


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring3


In winter, it has disappeared, and spring comes quietly in spring, looking for spring composition.One day, a few friends and I came to a park in a slope in our community to play. Suddenly I proposed to come to spring.Where is spring?We came to a small lake and touched it, and the lake in the small lake was a little warm.The lake water gently swinging the waves, as if countless boats have been made, and faintly, as long as you look closely, you can see a few small red fish.


The grass on both sides of the lake cleared the tender green head. He waved his head and said to his sister, "Sister Hua, don't sleep, you bloom to welcome the spring, you see, we are all ready,"Sister Hua said lazily: "Don't worry, don't worry, wait a few months, and wait a few months." At this time, a few birds flew to a poplar branch not far from the pavilion. They "Well, they screamed, they used wonderful singing to welcome spring.


My eyes moved gently to the willow tree. I walked next to the willow tree, stroked the willow branches with my hands, and observed it carefully. I found that the small buds can be seen on the long willow branches of the willow tree.I am intoxicated in it, and I have associated a lot: After a while, the lake will definitely be warmer; the sunlight will be glittering in the sun; the fish in the water will be more freely swimming;It's like the ocean of flowers; a few butterflies chase in the flowers; the willow tree fiddles its Ana's body in the breeze; the bird sings the beautiful song ... How charming it is in spring!


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring4


"Where is the spring? Where is the spring?" Whenever I hear this nursery, I will think: Where is the spring?


I walked to the mountain, a piece of green everywhere, very dazzling.A few small trees stretched their waist lazily, and the bird sang a cheerful song on the shoulders of Xiaoshu.The grass that was cleaned by the gentle and passionate spring rain girl seemed to be more cute and more green under the bath of the sun.


The fields in spring are extra fragrant, and the new soil atmosphere has fluttered from the hoof of the cattle and the wind on the rake.Yes, it should be sown in spring.There are farmers who are working in the paddy fields. They laugh, and smile like the ears of the pills.In the grass not far, there were a few butterflies that danced in the wind, sometimes dancing, and sometimes flying high, in the blue sky, like a few small elves.The a little scarlet in the green bushes looks beautiful and moving under the dance of these small elves.


I came to the pond, and the ponds in spring were lively and vibrant.Look!How many small tadpoles are exercising and fitness!They are swimming in this natural swimming pool!The girl Liu Shu lowered her head and was shyly sorting out her hair!On the willow branches, a few new buds revealed their heads, as if saying, "Sister, you are so beautiful!" The girl Liu Shu seemed to hear it, so she danced lightly in front of the "mirror".The frogs in the pond saw it and raised his voice to accompany him.


Oh!Spring, this is spring, full of vitality spring.


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring5


When the first ray of warm sun melted the ice and snow in winter, I took off my heavy cotton jacket, replaced the new jacket in spring to find spring.


Stepping on the journey, I first came to the park and looked at it. The brown land had added tender yellow clothes. It was the delicate green grass buds that could not stand the darkness and hurried out.This is spring.


Walking under the pear tree, a new green branch was drilled on the monotonous trunk.Even a few small buds were concluded, which looked very cute.Going forward, a unique fragrance attracted me, and the footsteps could not help but speed up.Pure like snow, with a few yellowish yellow, beautiful.This is spring.


Going forward, more surprises, some trees can't bear the temperament, the green leaves are one by one, and under the sun, the warm sunlight comes through, the leaves seem to be glowing, how good it is.This is spring.


"Ga -Ga -Ga" sounded for a while, making me curiously lifted my head. I don't know what to cover the sun?what!It's a big geese!They flew back from the south!The geese were rowed into the shape of a "human", and the powerful wings were patted, and it sounded loudly. It seemed to be celebrating each other: "Spring is here! Spring is here!" This is spring.


Walking, there was a laughter in my ear. When I approached, a group of children were playing, watching them naive playing, I also laughed. It turned out that the laughter would be contagious.one person.


I returned home and ran home happily.This time, I really found spring, it was not just a scene, it was by everyone.


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring6


Today, I came along the steps of the spring girl to the four seasons of Green Technology Demonstration Park in Pingtan, Huiyang, to find the footprint of spring.


In Tao Garden, I found the footprint left by the spring girl.The peach blossoms bloomed.Pink peach blossoms like spring girls.As soon as the spring breeze blown, the clothes fluttered with the wind.From time to time, the fragrance of peach blossoms was smelled, and its fragrance attracted hard -working bees.The bee picks honey in the flowers.The grass under the peach tree also revealed the head to see this beautiful spring.


In the cultivation of the base, Chun Girl decorated the bases of the base, there are fiery red wild flowers, golden rapeseed flowers, and white karma ... the spring breeze is brushed, the floral fragrance comes, it makes people feel refreshed, andThere are groups of butterflies, and the flowers of butterflies fly around, as if playing and hiding.Standing in the distance.Ah! This is simply a living dynamic painting.


In the four seasons green dining room, I also found the footprint left by the spring girl, see!The willow pumps out of the tender green branches, that is the long hair of the spring girl!As soon as the spring breeze, the spring girl shook her long hair.As if saying: "Spring is here! Spring is here!"


Spring is really ubiquitous, spring is in peach blossoms, in rapeseed flowers, in the grass ... Ah!Spring is really a colorful world.


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring7


Today is the May Day Labor Day. Mom and Dad took me to Century Park to find spring.


The leaves and grass in the park are green, and the dazzling sunshine is blocked like the shield.All kinds of flowers are blooming, including lilies, tulips, roses, and other unknown flowers. They have various colors, with red, white, pink, yellow and purple -blue.Some flowers are still buds, like beautiful girls lying on the green leaf bed.Ah, it turns out that spring is hidden in flowers and trees.


We walked all the way to the lake.We rented a boat and went to the lake to watch the scenery.The spring breeze came over, the lake surface was scraped by the spring breeze, and the rippling of the crosses of the spring breeze was rippling. The leaves shaved by the spring breeze sounded to the spring girl. The park was already beautiful. The spring breeze made these scenes more vivid.Ah, it turned out to be hiding in the spring breeze in spring.


After finishing the boat, we found a clean grass, spread out the mats, bask in the sun, and ate it.My book was stained with golden yellow by the sun, and even the black characters were shining. Like spring girls, I painted a layer of golden yellow in my book. Ah, it turned out to be mixed in the sun in spring.


Friends, do you still worry about finding spring now?In fact, as long as you observe and look carefully, you will find that in fact, spring is by your side!


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring8


Grandpa Dong took the pace of reluctance, and hurriedly said goodbye to the earth. Chun girl came to the world with a brisk football, and used her sweet singing to wake up the sleeping earth.In spring, I like spring.Spring is not as hot as summer, not as deserted in autumn, nor as cold as the winter you just left.Spring is the season of recovery of all things, symbolizing the beginning of people's labor.People love her to praise her, and I hope she will come to the mountain earlier, so I look for spring in the early spring season.


The sun is warming, the spring breeze is warmed; the flowers bloom, the grass spit green; the swallows will fly back, the cattle are far away;The sun in spring is warm, like a brisk song, always sang from south to north, ice and snow melted, Xiaohe opened bright eyes and sang a cheerful song.At this time, the flowers are compelling, red like fire, pink like Xia, Huang's chrysanthemum, and white victory. You do n’t let me, I do n’t let your branches full of branches.The grass was not willing to show weakness, and the head was revealed, tender, green, and tender green grass dyed the earth and dyed green spring.The little swallow crossed the mountains, flew across the river, walked through thousands of mountains and rivers, and finally came to the north.The hard -working old cow looked back at the land he had cultivated, and he kept calling, as if saying: Spring is here.In the vibrant spring, the peasant uncle was busy with cultivated land and sowing in the field, broadcasting the hope of the peasant uncle, and broadcasting the fruitful autumn.


I like a vibrant spring!


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring9


In the subconscious, I looked down and looked down. Hey, Xiao Cao was unwilling to show weakness.The tall waist is deep, and the short ones have no toes.The color of the grass is different, there are dark green, there are light green, and occasionally pale yellow, how much love.I walked over, touched it, soft, really comfortable, I retracted my hands, and the grass returned to the original state, which reminded me of a poem: "Leave the original grass, one year old and one dead and honored.Wild fire, in spring".Although Xiao Cao is weak, it is tenacious, so I like this."Huhu, Huhu", the breeze blows gently, and the grass dances a cheerful dance, brisk.


I continued to move forward again, and I saw a tree take off the white winter clothes and put on the tender green spring clothes.The leaves are like notes, singing spring songs.The big trees set out green fruits, like emerald pearls, which are really beautiful!


what!Little Swallow also comes!They are wearing black and bright feathers, a pair of handsome and brisk wings, and the tail -like tail -like tail, flying to the eaves to build a nest, how cute!


Today, I found spring.Spring is in flowers, spring is in the grass, spring is on the big tree, and spring is in everyone's heart!


Looking for the fifth grade composition in spring10


It was nearly a month since the beginning of Chun, the weather was very unstable, and the previous section was snowing. In recent days, the temperature is gradually rising.


On the weekend, I went to the park at the door.The fragrance in the park, the yellow gallery flowers hung on the branches, causing the bees to work hard.The flowers are extremely proud, as if saying: "Spring is here, only I put on a beautiful skirt first, see how beautiful me!" The willow tree grows tender green leaves, and the willow branches sway in the wind, showing the graceful figureEssenceThe poplars are covered with "caterpillars", and the fat body is constantly shaking.


Look!A group of geese in the sky flew by, how neatly the man -shaped team is.what!Why are there still a few of them? They are chasing the geese.Sleeping grass secretly drilled out a small head from the soil, and the unknown little flowers opened.The small pond is not frozen, the fish swims back and forth, and from time to time, a bite of tourists to feed the food.


There are more people in the park, and many people have taken off the winter clothes, put on a bright spring dress, and bathe in the sun's sunlight.Children chase and play, adults take a walk, dance, and laughter in the air.Winter is cold, it's not so lively here.


Spring girl is back!I like spring, I like her recovery, and I am a vibrant look.


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