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Describes the composition of the plum blossom elementary school


Describes the composition of the plum blossom elementary school,欢迎阅读,希望大家能够喜欢。


Describes the composition of the plum blossom elementary school1


In the early morning, I came to the plum tree, and the plum blossoms were open on the branches.The little plum blossoms, under the sun, the plum blossoms became golden, and a burst of cold wind blowing through the plum blossoms dancing, I seemed to be a bit reluctant to leave.


I also seemed to have become a golden plum blossom, spent in the cold north wind.


Our school has a plum tree.Its trunk is long and curved.


winter is here!Many plants can't withstand the snow of heavy snow, and they have shrunk.But the delicate plum blossoms were not afraid.look!Under the reflection of Crystal Rui Xue, it looks more pretty and chic.Plum petals are like pink butterflies, and the pearls of the flowers are like the pearl in ruby, which looks generous and beautiful.


"The fragrance of plum blossoms comes from bitter cold, and Bao Jianfeng comes from sharpening." I love plum blossoms, and I love plum blossoms without fear of cold, heroic and tenacious spirit.


In winter, there is only one kind of flowers that are open, that is, not afraid of cold plum blossoms.I took a few plum blossoms in the big tree in the factory and put it in the water cup.The plum blossoms are yellow. You gently smell the aroma she emitted, and you will feel that she is the "Fragrant King" among millions of flowers.Some of the flowers in the water cup have opened their eyes, watching the beauty of winter, and some are still being budding. They are waiting for themselves to mature, and there are ...


Describes the composition of the plum blossom elementary school2


Some people like the lotus that is not stained, and some people like the chrysanthemums that are blooming in autumn, but I like Ling Han's blooming.


Whenever the cold winter, several plum trees in our community have dare not open in previous years, but this year is not afraid of snow and snow, boldly bloomed.


One day, when I went home, I was attracted by the smell of the aroma. I saw that its petals were yellowish, and the leaves were green and green.Short stalks and flowers have different colors.Lamei symbolizes the spirit of harmony, warmth and happiness, and not afraid of difficulties.The color of the plum is gorgeous; the fragrance of the plum is elegant and fresh;I have always been a plum, smell, smell ... "There are several plums in the corner, Ling Han is alone."The fragrance floating is really intoxicating!


The loss of time was over.The wonderful voice of the little sparrow called back my heart, and I seemed to just wake up.Back at home, I inserted the branches into my small vase, and the room became intoxicating and fragrant.


what!I love Lammei, I love you, who is not afraid of difficulties, I will definitely learn your spirit!


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