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That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition


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That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition1


Another October, the osmanthus in the yard blooms, and the fragrance of fragrance often guides me to the osmanthus tree.The osmanthus is in a lush period, as if the beauty of nine months of beauty is blooming in October, gorgeous.


I have a soft spot for osmanthus.The osmanthus tree is not public at all. There is no grace of plum trees, and there is no gorgeous and colorful roses.When not blooming, you can only see the leaves full of green oil.But once it blooms, you can smell the strong aroma of osmanthus, which is intoxicated.The pale yellow osmanthus, clusters, a cluster, leave a little gap, like a group of cute elf.


Grandma loves osmanthus like me.Every year, she will go to the yard to shake osmanthus.Every time I entangle my grandmother and serve as her little assistant.Grandma often brings a large pocket to the osmanthus tree in the yard.I took a deep breath, hugged the trunk tightly, and shook the sweet -scented osmanthus trees hard.Osmanthus fell from the tree like snow.Grandma hurriedly pocked.Soon, we had a large bag of osmanthus.I picked up a flower, spread it in my palm, and got closer, and the faint fragrance was rippling in my heart, which was refreshed.


I like osmanthus, and I prefer the cuisine made by osmanthus.Every time I shook osmanthus, I couldn't care about sweating, and hurriedly moved a stool to sit next to my grandma, slowly watching my grandma.Grandma sat on the chair and carefully picked out the little leaves of osmanthus.After careful selection, take a few more days and choose a handful of tea. The small osmanthus flowers slowly rippped with boiling water and taste a mouthful of osmanthus tea. With sweetness in bitterness, I often make me overwhelmed.


Grandma is not only good at making osmanthus tea, but also the sweet -scented osmanthus rice cake.She made the sweet -scented osmanthus rice cake, soft, glutinous, and yellow osmanthus, which is fragrant and sweet.After bite it, the aroma of osmanthus has been lingering on the tip of the tongue, and it cannot be dispersed for a long time.If my mother controlled me, I could eat several pieces in one breath.


Osmanthus blooms, osmanthus is falling, and the naive girl who shakes the osmanthus will grow up slowly.She may experience a lot of things and forget a lot of things.But in the scent of osmanthus deep in her memory, I will never forget ...


That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition2


In the golden autumn in October, osmanthus fragrant.Occasionally, I walked alone in the trail, and when I saw the tall trunk, I couldn't help thinking, the touched osmanthus fragrance, and the people who accompanied them.


I will always be lonely, and I often go under the osmanthus tree. I am in the fragrance of the like water, and it seems like I came to face.


Vaguely, the two figures reversed time and space, and one of them reunited with me.It was already mid -October at that time.After looking for free time, I walked casually, and I felt boring. A ray of aroma was sent to the nose and carefully sniffed. It turned out to be osmanthus.I think about it next to it, proposed to go to the source of osmanthus.


It shocked us in front of us.The flowers of the small four petals are covered with ancient mottled trees. The golden color is not vulgar, but it looks refreshing.The eyes are full of green and golden.Sleeping in the sea of flowers was my only thought at the time.


The aroma is quietly filled with the nasal cavity. Like flowers, the incense is faint, clear, all the troubles have not farewell to me.


The arm pulled up my arm and admired, "It's so beautiful." I laughed and said nothing.So she joked: "I really want to leave the aroma like this flower." "Okay." I answered such a word inexplicably.She didn't speak anymore, but focused on the flowers.At that time, the sun was slightly flashing, and it was shining on the dense leaves of the osmanthus tree to form a piece of light spots. The mottled mottled, the flowers were still blooming, and it was not affected by the sun.I carefully looked at her face, although not perfect but three -dimensional.The sun was projected on her face, and she couldn't see it clearly. She only knew that she was surrounded by the sun and some flowers that fell on her shoulders were shrouded in a soft halo.Accompanied by the scent of osmanthus, it is integrated with the osmanthus tree.I suddenly wanted to keep my time stay at this beautiful moment, so that the sweet -scented osmanthus fragrance never scattered.


Lonely people will always remember every warm picture, and then count his loneliness in each star's night, pour his warmth.


At this moment, the faint scent of osmanthus fragrance was a little sweet.


That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition3


At the end of the summer, the osmanthus cluster was clustered, the wind was blowing, and a grass was scattered, and it was scattered.--Inscription


At the end of the summer of that year, I was only six years old, with a ponytail, often pulling your grandmother's little finger, walking out of the house, traveling through the creek, and the wind of the osmanthus forest, the wind slowly blowing,Without taking away a cloud, nostalgia here, the refreshing floral fragrance wipe out the wind, leaving a fragrant kiss on my red face.My grandmother smiled happily, jumping, and making trouble.Grandma, you smiled slightly, holding my childish hand to go forward.You gently shake the lasters of osmanthus, and the osmanthus rain is quiet.The poisonous sun is softer at this time, and the sunlight is accompanied by the osmanthus to the ground.You picked up a clean osmanthus in your pocket, and we walked slowly to the house.A few days later, a pack of sachets appeared next to my small bed. I closed my eyes and sniffed carefully. The familiar taste came. I smiled and fell asleep.


At the end of the summer of that year, I moved to the city to study. You stayed in the village, and you said you like the breath there.


At the end of the summer of that year, accompanied by a strong fragrance, you came here to care about my studies and life, but I did not appreciate it. I also lost my temper to you.When you leave, look back at me, that's full of love, I still remember that there is tears in your eyes.


At the beginning of last autumn last year, the osmanthus was scattered. You died with the flowers of the flowers. When you return to your hometown, you walk into your room. I saw that there was an unauthorized sauce on your table. I sobbing.I do n’t know when the osmanthus was squeezed, and it fell one by one.


At the end of this summer, the osmanthus tree will probably not bloom anymore, right?With the people who have left, the refreshing floral fragrance of the usual day has passed ...


Vaguely remember that at the end of the summer of that year, you held my hand and walked on the forest road with osmanthus flowers. As you sang the songs of your hometown, you spent a cluster of osmanthus in my hair.The sun shines on your face carefully, a touch of osmanthus strikes, and looking up, you are really beautiful at that time ...


At the end of this summer, on the other side of the blue, osmanthus was full of garden.


That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition4


A touch of osmanthus fragrance made me unable to help me, a touch of osmanthus fragrance, which made my heart full of sadness. The faint sweet osmanthus fragrance made me see the carefree past again.


Golden childhood golden dreams, golden you are full of me.The osmanthus tree in front of the door accompanied us with its unique floral fragrance. At that time, we ran on the field all day, barefoot, and a look of height and thickness. At that time, we always rolled on the embankment.Playing; at that time, we were blessed to share the same difficulty; at that time, we were extremely happy and free.


Remember what we do most often is to hold a bucket together.At that time, it was very difficult to go to the water, and there was a very difficult way to go in the middle. We often fell all over the body, but it was still so happy.There is also a pear garden halfway, and we often pick one unknowingly.Although it is still very green, when you see each other, you will feel that the pear is particularly sweet, and it is so sweet that it is so sweet.Thousands of miles pad back a bucket of water and dragged home little by little. Although the journey was long, although it was very hard, we would not feel tired of each other.Because every time you see our osmanthus tree at home, you will feel worthwhile.When watering it, we often get wet.In this way, we grew up a little bit, but when we did not appreciate it, we had groaned each other.


Every fall, I go home to see the osmanthus tree. The fragrance will always welcome me and get into my nose unscrupulous.Every time I enter my nose, I feel a little bitter.Alas, unfortunately you are not there, otherwise I can share my sorrow with you.At that time, the bucket when we used it for watering still stood there so far, but no one used it for a long time, and the dust had already swallowed it.Every time I leaned under the osmanthus tree, I watched the moonlight sniff the strong osmanthus fragrance and thought of you.Time hurried, in a hurry, I don't know when I can see each other.


Under the osmanthus tree, there are too many beautiful memories.Another aroma fluttered, the faint osmanthus fragrance was insight into my mind, and wanted to float with my thoughts with my thoughts?


That bit of osmanthus fragrance composition5


On a clear night, the stars in the sky flashed, and a round of Haoyue hanging on the sky.A maple tree at the neighbor's house was blown off by the autumn wind, one, one piece, and fluttering.Not far from the Mid -Autumn Festival.Just thinking.In the distance, there was a scent of fragrance in the nose. It was not a food, but a floral fragrance. It was familiar, and I couldn't remember the specific fragrance.Fresh, more rich, and great.


In an instant, it seemed to touch my soft rib.In the last grade, I seemed to understand many things, playful and greedy.


There is a small supermarket not far from my family, only one cashier.There is a grandma who looks close to Huajia. I am still a cashier. Every time I go to buy things, I can see her.I often ignore her, and I am not the gadget of her family.


Once, I saw a child, which licked the lollipop that had been opened. To my grandmother, "I forgot to bring money, can I owe money?"accepted.The child walked away, and came to the door, stretched out my tongue a few times.


After that, this kind of thing happened one after another, once, twice, the child, the child, slowly, I also joined this ranks.I also think that this supermarket can owe money.


Once, I slipped into the supermarket as usual.The boss pointed at the old grandmother's nose and scolded: "Are you a cashier like this? A lot of age, don't you understand? Deduct your salary this month." The boss dissuaded the old grandmother to sit down and rest.


After returning home, I told my mother.Mom stared in surprise: "You children, oh!" The next day, the mother went to the supermarket to pay back the money with several parents next door.It didn't take long for the old grandmother to move away.


When I wrote this, my tears came out of my eyes.


The old grandmother has always opened the door for us, just like a small osmanthus, quietly blooming and withering quietly, not showing up, but the aroma, because their lives are so!


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