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April Fangfei in the world Fangfei


April Fangfei in the world Fangfei1


This spring comes later.


It is well known that the apricot flowers in my hometown earlier have been densely covered with branches, and they are a little bit clever. The colorful falling Yingxuan looks like dance masters, making people pleasing to the eye.I also know that the glamorous peach blossoms more than ten days ago in the Hohhot area had been active on the streets. People rushed to see the princess's house to see it, and there was a fine -grained and diligent lilac intoxicating.


Dorn, because of the geographical location, hides the scene in spring quietly.Already, April will be exhausted.The yellow sand covers the sky every day, and the grass and trees do not seem to understand the humanity, and they just stay in their bodies with their beautiful makeup.In fact, it is no wonder that they are, "April in the world is exhausted, and the peach blossoms in the mountains are blooming." The geographical differences are stalks from it, no matter what people can't, they can only silently listen to the seasonal arrangement.


I am too anxious. Dorn people are accustomed to it and comforted me. "In the spring of Dorn, once it comes, people can't stand it." I believe there is an enviable spring hidden here.The longest confession and greetings for the longest season.


In the situation of waiting, the day and night will be pulled long and long.Especially at night, the sand and stone that rose with the wind hit the window on the sixth floor. Every night, the devil's blood scales were always reflected in their minds. Their hard texture rubbed the glass again and again, and the sound was sharp and weird.I scared the sweat glands and squeezed out the cold liquid again and again.If you happen to be in good weather, in the peaceful night, push the small window, counting the stars full of sky, so the long night came to dawn's pillow unknowingly.


There are fate.If I couldn't come here, I would be persuaded again.Time has given people calm functions. This morning, I walked out of the dream. The light from Changkong painted the color around everything. In addition, except for me, it seemed that everything seemed full of things.The sky is still calm, and the lead -gray skin can make people unable to associate this is "April of the World". The bright sunlight shines into the unsuccessful cup, and the breeze slowly comes, leaving a sleeve fragrance, making people feel fascinating.You have to think of the poems that are stirring, leisurely and leisurely!


I thought, should I write down the words similar to "Spring Resentment", calm, this amazing state, let me abandon my rare inspiration, and gradually relax the tight nerves.Instead, all compassion, pain, and tangling from the inner heart are no longer the elements that I can not be removed when I write, but the reasons and strength of my free life.


In April of the world, the red willow and green and the warmth of the mountains are good. However, the situation should be completely lost, but the heart of grievances cannot be retained, and do not save.The glory of the hope is glory, and the life of the haze is also bright like spring!


April Fangfei in the world Fangfei2


Perhaps because of a generation of talented daughter {Lin Huiyin] April in the pen "The goose yellow after snowy, you are like the green and the green, you are, tender and joyful ..."At the beginning, I couldn't wait to come in April, looking forward to the flowers of the tree and a tree, listening to Liang Jianyan's murmur.


Watching the jujube every day is germinated, because listening to the old people say that only jujube sprouts are the real April days.The curtains opened this morning, and suddenly found that the jujube trees in the yard exposed the little Ye Lei, and the crystal dew was rolled on it.It ’s strange, how can the elf know where it is blooming and where green, maybe its sense of smell is particularly sensitive?


In April Fangfei, the sun was pleasant, the flower buds were blooming, and the delicate and fragrant, the green grass covered the mountains, the wilderness, the flashing dew is shining in the sun, so transparent, clear, like I calmed down, like I calmed downThe heart of the heart, refusing to all visitors, enjoy the warmth of April.In fact, I have learned to forget those who do not belong to themselves, give up some unspeakable pain, and restore the tranquility of my heart.I also look forward to the bodhi tree sowing in the early spring, and the ground rises to purify my dust and secular heart.


I think [Lin Huiyin] compares her life to April in April, indicating that April is extremely poetic, and the extreme warmth is also extremely romantic."The white lotus floating in the dream" seduced people's eyes to explore spring, flooding the freehand of the poet's pen.As if to see a UPP boat, rippled layers of ripples in the spring water.The sound of the paddle of Gonggong this time, it was lengthy, loud, and cut through the tranquility of the season.Looking at the pastoral scenery, green, full of vitality, and filled with poetic and painted brocade.A bud -containing apricot flower swayed in the breeze, showing the style, and the birds flying winged in the blue sky, white clouds, and green mountains were stunning in the green water.It's really "there is no place to return to the spring, and I don't feel it turns into this."


Stopping in the warmth of April, lying in the field of April, grazing the soul, stretching his body, letting you get drunk in the gentle sun, listen to the wind quietly, and silently watch the bee butterfly sloppy;Baiyun wandered; forgotten the hustle and bustle of the world, washing the disturbances of Qu Culin, Ren thought recklessly and touched.I wonder if anyone will look around under that peach tree?Do you remember the peach blossoms of the hairline that year, where is the whereabouts?Listen, there seems to be a bearing in the distance. I wonder if it is the beauty and the style of April?


I really think, letting time stand still at this moment, holding a warm sun, sleeping on a layer of goose yellow, green grass, making a dream of chasing the moon, breathing with the pulse of the grass, and beating together.Even if a pink petals are made, the rhythm of the Tang and Song poems is withered.Wait for the wind to pass through the time of time, gather thoughts to mock in the harbor of dreams, and integrate into the poems of the wind and snowy moon.


If there is another expensive spring rain, like a cow hair, like a flower needle, like a filament, Lenovo supports the oil paper umbrella.Taste the grievances of cloves, how should it be a exciting movement?


On the streets of April, the children's laughter, chasing the kite's health, the comfort of the old man meditated the alley, stopped the forehead of the elderly, silently interpreted the thickness of life, the vicissitudes of years, and the connotation of life.The peach blossoms faded, but the sorrows are scattered.


The journey of life is always like the time when the autumn leaves are withered in the four seasons. It is important that the prosperity of the soul, as peaceful and quiet as April, builds a palace of soul with a normal mentality, a candlelight, a wind and rain, a wind and rain, a wind and rain, a wind and rain, a wind and rain.Having a poetic and tranquility, the feelings of landscapes, in a pot of clear tea, a volume of poems, interpreting life, abundant years, light spirit in Fangfei in April, dance.Then you are "love, warmth, hope, you are the April of the world."


April Fangfei in the world Fangfei3


In April of the world, Fang Fei was exhausted, and the drizzle was clear.On the Internet, I learned that Wang Qiong returned from Wuhan to the elderly to sweep the grave from Wuhan on April 2.We have discussed some of our classmates in Yichang. I have graduated from college for more than 20 years. Whether we are in Wuhan or reunion in Yichang, we are all Wang Qiong.EssenceSo he planned to meet at the three princes at night.


At around 5:00 pm, Wang Zhenghua and I first came to the scheduled private room. Soon, nearly 20 students have arrived. I have graduated for decades. We are all busy for our livelihood. A total of 31 classmates in our class that year. Except for several students far away in Guangzhou and Wuhan, Brother Qi, who returned to Yichang from Shanghai, also came to the party. At night, Liu Qian, who had to come to Yidu to participate in a friendly, also made a special trip to us, just to meet with my classmates. It is precisely because Wang Qiong returns to Yichang this time. We have the opportunity to get together. At 7:00 in the evening, we asked the squad leader or party team leader of the year. His Xiao Mu and the monitor Chen repeatedly resigned, letting me give me a representative speech. "Time is like a shuttle, youth is no longer. Today we will reunite again and emotion. I hope that when the peach blossoms are blooming and spring flowers are blooming, Wang Qiong returns to Yichang, and we all meet once! The classmates gave a affectionate toast to thank. The youngest school girl in the class was 50 years old who laughed in two years. Sending Yin Yin, you must take care of your body, and hope that our classmates will have a long -lasting friendship. Classmates frequently toasts toast for our youth! Toast for eternal classmates! During the banquet, Wang Zhenghua shouted at his throat chic, and a song "Goodbye, Dabie Mountain", the male and female students sang "Aobao Meeting", pushing the atmosphere of the party to ****.


Recalling the unforgettable years of we have been with the same window for three years in the same year, everyone has a feeling that the years are ruthless, and the time has passed too fast.We will treasure each other, do not overdraw from life, dialectically treat the relationship between wealth and health.This time everyone gathered again.The youngest younger sister in the class that year has now become a wealthy businessman in Wuhan.Xueyou asked the secrets of the success of the small sister's shopping mall.She smiled Yan Yan: Who knows her bitterness and twists and turns!To say the secret of the mall, that is, to grasp the opportunities and do nothing, no matter what others say, taking your own way is the most important!


A philosopher said: Opportunities are often cruel, sometimes even cruel.Whenever you look forward to seeing the autumn water, she still hugs the pipa half -covered, or is long overdue, or simply does not show up; when you are a little negligence, it appears without revealing, and quietly slipped while you were fighting.Go; when you really catch it, you may not be able to lose your good opportunity because of a moment of pride.Shakespeare once said: "The world is like a tide. If you can make good use of the tide, you can succeed; if you miss the opportunity, you can only be rushed to the shallow beach."


The encounters of life are really tested. The philosopher Socrates said: "The most promising successful people are not talented people, but those who are most good at developing every timing." The life of time is activeToday, I constantly torture myself: If I do n’t have the courage and ability like the younger sister to break into Shanghai, should I be quiet and indifferent?Mencius said: Education is educated by the world's talents."Benevolence Leshan Wise, so -called happiness is actually just a subjective feeling of people. I think that the name is good or successful, or the failure is just a cloud of eyes.Yunjiao Yunshu, do not be happy with things, do not be sad. Look at the gains and losses of life with a comfortable attitude. To stay without intention. Today, whether we are in the level or wealthy and poor, we have a good mood every day.It is more important than anything. Dear friend, what do you say?


The drizzle seems to represent our reluctant parting feelings.We looked back with several students from Wuhan and other Wuhan in front of the car and cherished each other.May our lives in the golden autumn season, life is like peach blossoms, friendship is like pine trees evergreen!


April Fangfei in the world Fangfei4




At the end of April, the flowers were full of injuries, and their hearts were like smoke.


Sad rain, over the pain of the heart.After years of injuries, it slowly flowed in the long river of years.


Liri is empty, and the golden aperture sway through the sparse branches, sprinkle towards the earth's mottled film.In the sun, the thinking becomes decadent and lazy instantly, and the brain is a little hypoxic. This dazzling and warmth always feels less real.


The sun is warm and cool, and the dream is shallow.Perseverance is lingering in memories, looking for the place where the initial encounter is, exhausting the strength of the whole body, wanting to put together the perfection of the former, and feel the familiar warmth.However, it was found that all things were bumping, everything was wrong, and he couldn't go back early, the sea of flowers.


Flowing year, disconnection.Fingertips, breakpoints.I really want to write happiness for you, paint your heart for you, float for you, and do not dye you.And because of you, happiness disappears, and life is just an endless fall.The crowds of clothing have carried the vicissitudes of this life, and the careful walking finally provoked.


Turning around, but missing like a shadow.A close heart, the sun and the moon can be learned.Too many words, do not want to say, eternal love, do not want to send, hidden love, do not want to sing.Silence will buried everything, lonely piled up into thick soil, and the heart is as frozen for thousands of years.


Love, persistent, but not allowed to be humble.Many years later, those words can not be spoken in the stomach. Those love, such as the flying thoughts, is far away from time to time, and those loves have been condensed into the scars in their hearts for a long time.


How can I take the year's pain?How to fill in the lack of heart?How do people in dreams come closer?What is the fate in front?




Hugging a baptism, facing the sun, but wanted to escape, afraid of stabbing his eyes, hurting his eyes.


Walking in the quiet air, people are still quiet, just feel the vast empty hole, and devour all the strengths.Stretch out your fingers, feel the direction of the wind, soft, silky, like soft touch, no trace, but there is cool heart, as lonely like water.


Outside the window, the scenery was thousands of.Heart, it is difficult to be bright.In the eyes, there is only black and white.The flowers bloom are gorgeous, the rain is soft, the birds are happy, and the arms open their arms. They want to embrace the blue sky, helpless, the past entanglement, the reality blocking, can only look at the beauty from a distance, the beauty of the exhibition, the paintings can not be painted.Three -inch paradise.


Memories are like a knife, remember it again, cut it once, hurt once, hurt once, and the blood of the blood is embedded in the bone marrow.Hold your fists, force, and then resist all the pain, so as not to let yourself collapse.With weakness, spreading the palm, the clear half -moon shape blooms the desolate flowers in front of the eyes, and gradually dissipates, and the pain has been in pain for a long time.


Standing at a certain place, motionless, looking straight at the ground, looking at thousands of changes.The raindrops splattered, and the flowers were flowing.The sun was pouring and could not open my eyes.The flying wheels and the hurried footsteps leave the vicissitudes of traces.


I like this, standing in an infatuated, staring, no need to think, won't be sad, just easily fall into a certain thoughts, want to sink into this big land, bury all the pain and dreams, and start a new set of start.


Red dust is lonely, cold and hearty.The sky is clear, sings softly, and the heart is in a deserted waiting, and you can enjoy peace in peace.


You said, I am such a simple and beautiful woman, deserve the best distress in the world, and should not cry.


You said, I gave you a warm sky, my good you will always treasure the heart, but you can only owe a lifetime.


You said, you really loved it, but you can't afford it, so let me go, let me find the happiness that lost too long.


You said that if you can re -arrange in the future, you will never let go of my hand, join hands with the sun, moon and stars, and go to the end of the end of the world ...


For many years, they are accompanied by these memories.Countless nights rely on these memories to warm up.


In the past year, I taught me to smile lonely.I miss you, it turned out to be a painful happiness.




People who read the old will inevitably live hard. They do not have the courage to end, and they do not know how to start.


I would rather be busy, so busy that I had no time to miss.I would rather be tired, so tired that I had no strength to remember.If you can, eat a large mouth, go to bed when you close your eyes, and you can smile when you wake up. How good should it be?


Outside the window, the beauty of the empty, the gorgeous camouflage, the losing color, the next stop, where will it float?Slightly leisurely, I can't help but want to organize my mood, or joy, or sadness, all complain to the end of the pen, salvage the life wheels of the years, and tell the wind and moon.


Sadness and sleeping, happy fixation, looking at the smile in the photo, those who have no happiness, hiding poison, really feel like a nightmare, which is not real.However, I didn't want to admit defeat, so I worked hard and laughed without any worries, pretending to be worry -free, and wanted to revisit the simple and calm youth years.


Because it is too beautiful, it is the most hurt.Passing through the wall of memory, slowly picked up those withered, the beauty of the fingertips, the beauty of the scattered, and the hearts of the lifetime, and the hearts were gentle and melodious.It turns out that the most beautiful is once.The most hurt is just the past.


Wind, blowing up for a long time, blowing long acacia.In the long wind of the years, he stood up, his hair was close to his face, blurring his eyes, whipping, stroking, waking up, or covering up. I don't know.However, in the gentle murmur, in the shaking eyes, I looked at the affection that I had never dispersed, and the difficult waiting.


Instantly, the wind, crazy, chasing Ye Er and embarked on the fate of withering.In the blink of an eye, Xiao Xiao was already in front of him. Ye Er was crossing his toes and rubbing over the pants tube. I could feel the pale mind, and wanted to stay.


In April, Fang Fei was scattered and loved speechless.However, it is difficult to cut, and it is difficult to leave.However, I knew this, why bother.But that is, that is, if you turn around, why not forget?


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