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Osmanthus fragrant composition


Osmanthus fragrant composition,希望对大家有所帮助。


Osmanthus fragrant composition1

  走出家门,我闻到了丝丝清香,是桂花的香味吧!我抬起头,看见桂花树上点缀着许多小黄花,桂花开啦!秋天来啦 !

When I walked out of the house, I smelled the fragrance of fragrance, it is the fragrance of osmanthus!I raised my head and saw many small yellow flowers on the osmanthus tree, the osmanthus bloom!Autumn is here!


I approached the osmanthus tree, stomped my toes, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and a scent of fragrance entered my heart: If this fragrance can always be accompanied by me!I made a sudden imagination: I do n’t do it, let me make a osmanthus fragrant bag!


Just do it!I took a small osmanthus with a small osmanthus, and carefully selected: "This is too small, this hasn't grown up yet ..." I said to myself, gently pick a fragrant sweet -scented osmanthus flowerAfter a while, my hand was full of osmanthus. I returned at full load. As soon as I got home, I put the small flowers holding the palm of the hand on the table.Pick up the four corners of the cloth, stack it together, pick up the needle thread, sew the four corners together, a string of stitches, one shot, and pull it over again.It becomes round, just like a fat bun, cute, I smiled happily, carefully picked up the osmanthus fragrant bag, smelled in front of my nose, and took a deep breath: "Ah! Good incense ah ah! "I nodded with satisfaction and admired my craftsmanship.


I picked up the fragrant bag again, looked left, and looked again, oh!It turned out to be less decorative!I picked up the watercolor pen, picked a golden yellow flower on the fragrant bag; I picked up the green watercolor pen, ordered a few green leaves, and the osmanthus fragrance was much more exquisite.I smiled with satisfaction and put the fragrant bag beside the pillow.


I hope that the fragrance of osmanthus can accompany me every day, I can make a beautiful "osmanthus dream"!


Osmanthus fragrant composition2


On Saturday morning, the sun was shining.I picked up a lot of golden sweet -scented osmanthus under the osmanthus tree by the lake and decided to make a osmanthus fragrant bag.


Holding a bunch of fragrant osmanthus, I quickly returned home.From the grandmother's cabinet, I carefully took out the scissors and needle kits, and chose my favorite in a bunch of flower -green cloth -a pink cloth inlaid with gold wire.Everything is ready, and start sewing incense!I took out the needle, put on the thread, and folded the rectangular cloth strips, sewing around.I do n’t know if it ’s the reason for the fabric, or my craftsmanship today is particularly great. The needle shuttles quickly on the cloth, which is particularly smooth, just like a slippery ladder.Then, I pulled away a small mouth and stuffed the fresh osmanthus flowers a little bit, but a few osmanthus fled naughtyly!I had to pick them back one by one, and continued ... Finally, the naughty osmanthus was obediently entered the fragrant bag.Finally, I sew that mouth on the mouth.OK!Greater merit!


Holding this osmanthus fragrant bag with a faint aroma, I gave it to my dear grandma.Grandma saw it, so happy that she couldn't get together, and boasted my heart!I praise me as sweet as I have eaten honey. I can't help but say, "Grandma, don't look at my younger, my sewing technology is good!"


Osmanthus fragrant composition3


I like osmanthus, I like its unique fragrance, and I like its small and exquisite flowers.So this autumn I will try my best to retain it, always with me.That is to make osmanthus fragrant bags.


I came to the park.Before you approached Gui Shu, he smelled the refreshing fragrance.Closely, the osmanthus tree is full of sweet -like osmanthus.They are always a group, clusters, you are next to me, I am next to you.There are three or four flowers, as many as a dozen, and more numbers are not clear.Seeing so many. Osmanthus, my heart was blooming, and I was busy picking up.I do n’t know that I have filled a box.I picked it home with a fierce manner.Under the irradiation of the sun father -in -law, it seemed even more golden.The next day the sweet -scented osmanthus was not gorgeous yesterday, but its charming fragrance still exuded.


At night, it was my most excited time, and the little osmanthus was going to become a fragrant bag.I couldn't wait to pick up the needle wire bag and cut a small square bag with non -woven fabric.Dress the needle thread, stitch it up and forth, and leave a mouthful. I carefully put a small osmanthus in its room.Complete the few stitches that were not finished in the end, and finally stuffed it into the well -prepared bags.In this way, a fragrant bag exuding osmanthus aroma was completed.


I hung it on a schoolbag and accompanied me to school every day.The aroma of osmanthus surrounds me and cannot be dispersed for a long time.


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