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Sakura cherry blossoms, I want to see you composition


Sakura cherry blossoms, I want to see you composition,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。


When the cherry blossoms are sent to the king, the heart of spring heart is folded.--Inscription


"The Japanese color is full of flowers and smoke, and the moonlight desires to sleep." Whenever I see the flowers like cherry blossoms next to the road, there is an urge to go to Wuhan immediately.Thinking of the appearance of the cherry petals in April, it was difficult for me to fall asleep.I have to say that the cherry blossoms are always pulling my young heart.


My mother mentioned to me many times that she went to Wuhan to enjoy cherry blossoms for the first time.This makes me very envious.My mother promised me to take me to Wuhan to enjoy cherry blossoms when I was fourteen.For this promise, I imagined that I had a hot dry noodles on the cherry blossom avenue in Wuhan, raised slightly, and looked at the pale pink petals in the air like a butterfly.This year, it was 2020, and I happened to be fourteen years old.However, because of the impact of the epidemic, I had to temporarily put down this trip.Now. In addition to being banned from studying at home, the only thing I can do is to feel the feeling of warmth and cold through the narrow windows.


On the evening of the second day of the New Year, I asked such a question on the Internet -could the epidemic ended before the cherry blossom blooming?Many netizens gave me a reply. Some of them felt that they could, and some people felt that they could, but they all coincided with me, that is: we all hope that the epidemic can pass soon, and the door can be thin under the cherry tree tree under the cherry tree tree.Talk carefully.


Sakura cherry blossoms, I really seem to see you, but I can't see you.However, now the country is working hard to fight against the epidemic!Among them, the biggest contribution is naturally those "white angels", and they work hard.Every day and night, they are robbing that life with the god of death!The sweat they paid for was to allow this battle to end soon and "win" a healthy spring for the people of the country!


Now, the weather in the southern country has become warmer, and it is still cold on the vast Jingchu land.But those who are in Hubei have not lost their confidence in their lives due to this epidemic. They always believe that when the spring blooms, they are waiting for them to be a healthy city.


In March, the time to open the cherry blossoms is getting closer and closer, and the situation of the epidemic is gradually turning in China.From the four digits of the number of patients to the daily increase to the current two -digit, even one digit, we have also occupied the upper hand in the war with the virus.I think the southeast wind is about to scrape Wuhan.I hope that not only the cherry blossoms are full of branches at that time, but also Wuhan, who has first healed a serious illness!


Sakura cherry blossoms, if you want to see you, you want to see you now. Don't cry anymore. A healthy city is waiting for me and you.--postscript


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