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I love big class activities composition


I love big class activities composition,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


I love big class activities composition1


My mother has a middle figure, and her face is already full of wrinkles.Mom is 42 years old this year.But she is always full of vitality.Always so youthful power.She pays attention to the image, her favorite is dressing.


Mom is usually very save, and even buy soap is cheap, and it takes a long time.Drink water and accidentally fall to the ground.Moms have to take a long time.But she bought qi cosmetics like flowing water.Buy a lot.If you say your mother: "Mom, why do you buy so many cosmetics, you might as well buy me." Mom would answer without hesitation: "What do you know about your child's family? This is called the image.Just know how to eat. I no longer say anything.


I remember once, I was helping my mother to wash clothes.I felt something on my face, and I stood in front of the mirror and looked at it. It turned out to be a paper crumbs.At this time, I saw personal from the mirror, and my face was all horrible colors.I was so scared that I saw the monster approaching slowly.I screamed in fright: "Damn, monster." Said, I also covered my head with wet clothes, and only a laughter was heard at this time.I looked up, and it turned out to be a mother full of cucumbers.


Mom likes playing very much, she thinks she can make her figure slim.Mom's favorite is badminton.Once, the mother's badminton game we held, and the mother got the first place.


Dad and I often advise my mother not to put her mind on her own 'face'.But mother, just don't listen.Hi, I really want to say a word to my mother: "Mom is nice to you."


I love big class activities composition2


I always frowning during class, I can make a flower when I get to get out of class!


During the class, the crow was silent, very quiet, and did not hear any wind blowing.get out of class has ended!The classmates came out of the fish, rushing to walk on the playground.The playground suddenly changed. The students did not waste a minute or a second.


I am different from other female classmates. Some of their classmates read books in the classroom, and some are drawing.After the get out of class, I came to the playground anxiously to do my favorite activities.


I like the activity room skipping rope, I always ask people to play together.A classmate and I are playing.Suddenly, a round thing came to make trouble, and I flashed and fell."Who's the ball!" I said angrily, a little boy was frightened in front of me, and said "I'm sorry" and turned around with the ball."It's not over yet!" After that, it was the game.After jumping for a while, I had fine sweat beads on my head. I want to let my classmates, but this is the game, can't let it!When I jumped hard, my feet didn't listen to the call, and the skipping rope stopped.


Although I lost with my classmates, it doesn't matter, I love the events of the big class!


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