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Snack activity class composition


Snack activity class composition,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。

In real life or work and study, everyone has written Composition . Through compositions, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.There is no clue to write a composition?The following is the composition of snack activities organized by Xiaobian for your reference only. I hope to help everyone.


Snack activity class composition1


"There are only moms in the world, and children with mothers are like treasures." Everyone knows, everyone knows,


In the world, only mothers will give us selfless dedication, encourage us, comfort us ...


I remember once, under the warmth of the winter, I practiced the piano at home, but I had a sound that always played wrong, so I practiced it over and over again. Until the fifteenth time I was "angry", I whispered impatiently: "I don't practice, this song has revenge with me, ah -annoying!" Mom listens! Mom came over with a smile, patted my shoulder, and encouraged: "Bao, don't be angry, calm the heart, slowly, don't worry, the mother believes you will be good! I can sit in you Around you, give you the power you love! "However, although every wish is beautiful, the result is often unsatisfactory. I was desperate, holding my mother and said, "Mom! I don't practice, this song is too" pit "!" At this time, the mother not only did not criticize me and scolded me, but said to me with a gentle voice: "Bao, I know you're annoying, you're done, don't do it, let me tell you about the piano when I was young! At that time, I was like you, because a piece of song always blows. Okay and practice. But my treatment is not the same as you. I take a deep breath for three times to make my mood improve, not so sad, and then practice until I practice well. ! "Listening, my mood also changed from Yin, and I pressed the keys happily ...


Mother's love is like a mountain. When you have difficulties, your mother is the first to hold you, teach you, encourage you, and share with you experience .Cherish mother love!


Mom, I love you!With you, I am really a happy doll.


Snack activity class composition2


The spring tour of Friday was delayed, and some people were happy and worried: a small number of students did not want to go to the spring tour at all, and now they are delayed. Of course, they are happy.Most of the students are uncomfortable because of the delay of the spring tour.I really hate this weather. If it does n’t rain, then we are already on the way to the film and television city. It ’s really busy, and there are too many water on the ground to sit on the ground.The principal has rejected all the cars, but it can't go without raining.


In order to kill these snacks, the organizational members connected the class activities and physical education classes together to hold a large "snack activity class"!


Everyone swallowed and endured the arrival of the last two lessons.Because the teacher does not allow us to eat snacks in the classroom, we can only go outside to dry this pile of food, otherwise it will be lost if it is broken!


When we arrived at the "snack activity class", we ate snacks and kites towards Beimen Reservoir.


Because I did n’t bring food and kite, I did n’t eat a snack, and I did n’t put the kite. I just helped my classmates take the kite or helped them to fly the kite to the sky, and I did n’t touch it.


I am very boring. I have nothing to do at all. I really want to finish these two lessons soon, otherwise I can only stroll around in a limited space to see how the two fishing people fish for fishing.


These two people did not make a sound at all when fishing. Even we called them, they did not agree, it was really "afraid of fish"!I saw that he waved the fish pole, the bait and the buoy fell into the water. After waiting for a long time, we were all impatient, but the fisherman seemed to be in a hurry at all.After a while, he got up with a fish hook, and even fished a small bouncing fish. Looking at it from a distance, it was a small black spot, because it was too small.


Suddenly, I saw our classmates running on a kite on a shore on the opposite side. I thought: It's better to go there. Anyway, it's okay to do it. Go to the opposite side to see the scenery!


I walked there. At this time, many people already ran to the other side and set up their own kites. In the sky, the kites flew around, some kites fell down after a while, stopped on the lawn.The flying was high, but in order not to be tied by the wire, they put the kite shorter when crossing the wires, and after the wires passed the wires, let the kite "fly their wings and fly"!


Unconsciously, it has been an hour, and you have to line up to the classroom!But in such a short time, we still played very happily.


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