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Colorful Activity Flea Market Composition 2 Articles


In ordinary study, work, and life, everyone has contacted Composition . Through compositions, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.So have you understood composition?The following is a colorful event flea market composition carefully organized by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



To celebrate June 1, the school held an event -flea market.In this event, I learned how to bargain.


The event is at the beginning, the school's playground is lively, like a mini business market.The things on the table are even more dazzling. The classmates' sale methods are full of patterns, and the situation of grabbing customers also appears.


Of course, I was not idle, and I swam around each booth on the playground.All kinds of products are dazzling. I have not chosen Middle Eastern West. When I was not patient shopping, I inadvertently saw a fan.When watching the costume drama, I have seen such a similar fan -the wire around the wire and then use the cloth to make the fan surface with the thin white gauze. At first glance, it looks very classic.But the most special is the picture on the fan -a purple -coat girl blinked with big eyes.


I walked boldly and asked the price of the fan, and the fan owner replied "six yuan".I thought: So expensive!But I won't bargain.So shyly said, "How much is this fan at the lowest?" While saying that he seized the only three yuan left."Five yuan, this is the lowest price." I watched her only make a trick, and said good: "You see you are so beautiful and good, you are cheaper."I looked at her poorly.She seemed to be a snack, she looked at the fan in her hand, looked at me again, and hesitated to say "Okay" again and again.


I quickly thanked, and turned my head happily, holding my beloved fans and gone away.


The bargaining turned out to be a technical work!To put it bluntly, not only should I pretend to be pitiful, but I also have to move.



New Year's Day is here, and the flea market once a year is about to open again. In the afternoon, there are big bags in our class, small bags, small toys and various small things, etc.Wallets, there is a lot of money in it, 20 yuan.Everyone is very excited, and they are looking forward to the popularity of business.


I came to my seat with my own things and took out my wallet and said to the same table, "There is a kind of aroma in it." She was surprised, "Are you bringing sugar?" I said, "No, there is a rich smell in it, haha!" When we said a loud voice, we all rushed out of the classroom and strived to grab a grabbing Good booth. Many of our classmates have set up a small shop freely. We group Cui Xinyue also made a lottery box with a one -dollar coupon, a three -yuan coupon, and a seven yuan coupon. The preparation was done, but Cui Xinyue asked me to see the shop. I barely agreed. In fact, I also wanted to go around. After a while, there were really customers who came to the door. I quickly responded and treated guests politely. It was my classmate Jia Yanbin to get a lottery shopping. I said: "Three types of coupons can be drawn, there are seven yuan, winning three yuan, and a small prize of one yuan. . "Jia Yanbin said that he wanted three yuan to win. I took out the lottery box and let him close his eyes to draw. He got a math card, but this savvy guy turned to me and sold it to me. I took the card out and sold it, but no one bought it. Now I look at it. When I regret it, my good friend Gai Junhao said, "He can, but only give it one yuan." I said happily: "One yuan is one yuan, which is better than selling." The moment I received the money, I was happy to jump three feet high. Although I lost a yuan, I always sold it!


The lively flea market is over. We took things back to the classroom. I took out the harvested things and counted the money in the wallet.It's not easy to do.


Through this activity, I know how easy it is to make money for my parents. I have to buy less snacks and toys in the future, and to achieve restrained consumption.I am looking forward to the flea market next year. At that time, I will prepare in advance to fight for business.


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