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Composition described by elementary school students


Composition described by elementary school students,希望能够帮助到大家。

In learning, work or life, everyone will inevitably come into contact with Composition . Writing is an important means to cultivate people's observation, association, imagination, thinking, and memory.In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is the composition described by the elementary school students compiled by everyone. I hope to help everyone.


Composition described by elementary school students1


The Spring Festival is a lively festival. The Spring Festival in my hometown is full of festive atmosphere.


On the street, there were many people in bright clothes. The children pulled hands and bouncing on the road. Middle -aged women raised their burdens and rushed to the temple. The elderly walked on the street and greeting enthusiastically.


There are everything in the bustling shop streets: stinky tofu, beancurd, rock sugar gourd, four fruit soup, milk tea, spicy hot hot hot hotness, etc.


Every family replaced the red spring couplet, posted the word "blessing" symbolizing auspicious, and hung a large and round red lantern.People visited their relatives and friends with gifts, and the children dragged the bulging red envelopes with joy.The adults are busy washing and cutting vegetables, preparing a rich dinner, and the children stared at them with intentionally, rushing to be the first taste.people.


In the evening, it was a more lively moment. The adults bought fireworks and firecrackers, while the children hid beside the door, covered their ears and looked at the beautiful fireworks in the sky, and made a shock.


The children gathered together at this moment to discuss some interesting things: how many New Year's money to get, where do parents go together, and find a secret base together ...


The streets at night were lively, and there was a lively gongs and drums in the village -it turned out to be on the square, and people "surged" like a tide to the square.For a while, the square was full of women who talked with laughter, the children who spoke privately, the old people who were common in the family ...


In the middle of the night, the drama was over, but the street. The Red Spring Festival couplet still showed a strong Spring Festival atmosphere.


Such a lively scene formed a picture of hometown!


Composition described by elementary school students2


Ding Ling Bell ... Whenever I hear this wonderful ringtone, I think of the ten minutes of joy in class.


After class, the teacher tipped his throat today's homework. Only more than ten students were listening to the students, and the rest had already achieved their great cause.For a while, the classroom was full of views, and the pan -in -the -faceted foundation, fifty -six faces, fifty -six flowers ... One -half of them asked what the teachers had to stay, and one -quarter of them rushed to WC to talk about the earth.The rest are concerned about a small concert opened by the brother of Lin Junjie.


The so -called "no tiger in the mountains, monkeys are called kings".At this point, the classroom was exploded and boiled.Oops, it ’s a bit of a bit. Idol Xiao Tianwang Ren Junjie showed his skills, but the lack of beauty is that there is no equipment, everything looks simple.Ren Junjie took a broom as auspicious it, and a fluorescent pen began to perform. He cleared his throat, indicating that he was preparing for the iron buddies who accompanied him.You see the old Han like a ghost, leisurely."In your heart, freedom flying. Oh, it is really full of anger. Lao Han's man is relatively short. He is like a flea in the crowd.The general walked through the Triumph. "Thank you ..." The narcissistic voice made his voice very loud. He dumped his head and put on a cool look. His "hardcore fans" were very excited, applauding, coaxing soundsTen minutes during the class pushed to a climax.


Ding Ling Bell ... After class, the noisy classroom immediately quietly, like the surging tide began to ebb.The students returned to the seat, and because of the ten minutes of the class, the nervous thinking was effectively buffered, and the students converged to welcome the new class.


Composition described by elementary school students3


In the morning of the 30th year, my mother cleaned up the room and asked me to accompany her to shopping in the supermarket. I agreed happily.We said with a smile on the road to Sanjiang Supermarket, and we saw the people and cars in front of Sanjiang Supermarket densely seeing the door of Sanjiang Supermarket.I understand that I will feel a lively supermarket on this day.


My mother and I walked into the supermarket along the flow of people.I watched it in the supermarket. The crowd was surging and the laughter continued, which was several times more lively than the previous supermarkets.


The first floor is the food area, which is also coveted, desserts, vegetables, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits on the shelves.I was so excited that I ran to the fruit area to take my favorite orange, round grapes, and large and round watermelon, and did not hesitate to fill my shopping cart.My mother was stunned.what!I blinked to my mother and spit out my tongue. Who asked my mother to promise everything that day.My mother shook her head helplessly.After that, we came to the vegetable area and the meat area, where the cabbage there was fresh and tender, spinach and green, red vegetable moss was brilliant, red pepper was bright, and the seductive color prompted you to stop, so I did not have no time againFarewell to vegetables in the vegetable basket full of various colors of vegetables.In the end we came to the clothing area, where the clothing was as attitudes.Some are standing in heroes, some are polite, and some are lying in the arms of the new owner.I didn't buy anything this time, because my new clothes mother had bought me.


After buying the goods, my mother and I were carrying two big bags of loot in their hands, walking on the way home.Looking back, at the door of the supermarket is still car.


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