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450 words of elementary school students who describe aloe vera (5 articles)


450 words of elementary school students who describe aloe vera (5 articles),希望能够帮助到大家。



In my room, there was a pot of aloe in my room. I watered it to fertilize it every day, but it was still sick.The leaves are yellow -green with some macular, and it feels soft to cotton.There is a row of small thorns on the edge of the leaves, and the thorns are blunt. At first glance, it is sick.


Once, I accidentally touched the soil in the flower pot. I moved it to the balcony, packed it, and forgot to return it back.The next day, our family went to travel long distances and played for more than ten days.When I returned home, I found that the pot of aloe from the balcony at first glance was rejuvenated. The sickness was gone before, and it was replaced by the vitality.


I picked up my phone and checked the weather a few days ago, two sunny days, and then it was raining!Aloe vera has been very different from before.The leaves are light green and very eye -catching.Its skin is as smooth as the skin of the newborn, but it maintains the hardness of healthy.The original blunt thorn became more sharp than the needle, and was more angry than when I bought it.


I am quite strange, why do I water and fertilize it all day, it is better to put it outside the wind and rain?I gradually understand the truth: the flowers in the greenhouse are never good.


Plants need to be hit by wind and rain in order to really grow up.Are we different?You can't really grow up.Because, how can you see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain?



My mother planted some flowers and plants on the balcony, and my favorite was the pot of green aloe.


Although aloe is not as strong as osmanthus and as bright as chrysanthemums, it is green throughout the year.It has just grown leaves as willow -shaped, but it is much larger than willow leaves, tender white, and the leaves are symmetrical.After some time, the leaves grew a little and turned light green.There is a row of small thorns on both sides of the leaves, which is probably used to prevent body.After a while, the leaves have grown up, turning into dark green, and they are hard, and the thorns on both sides are even more sharp.The leaves are dotted with white small dots, like a string of pearls in inlaid on the leaves, which is very beautiful.


Aloe vera can not only play a role in beautifying the environment, but also treat slight burns and burns.Once when I unveiled the lid, I accidentally scald my hand. It was painful and red.The mother knew it, and immediately cut the leaves of aloe vera with a knife, scraped the thorns with the "armor" on the face, and squeezed the juice on the burns.Medicine!


Aloe vera is not only good for people, but it also has stubborn vitality, which can withstand the discipline and test of drought.Once, my mother and I went back to my mother -in -law's house for two months. In these two months, it did not drink a drop of water. No one took care of it. It was still so green and stood on the window sill and greeted usreturn.


Aloe vera, I really love you, I love you in the past four seasons, dedicate to people silently, and love you have that tenacious vitality.



There are a pot of aloe vera in our family, which are surrounded by more than a dozen aloe vera, which look a little bit of teeth, like a "big monster" who wants to get rid of the restraint from a small space.


The leaves of the aloe vera are long and green, and the sides are full of jagged thorns.Its roots are fat and thick, the top is sharp and thin, and the leaves are a bit curled, like a curved moon.The stems of the aloe vera are white and white, and a lot of leaves are divided from above. The leaves are scattered and growing in different directions. The distribution is scattered. From top to bottom, the leaves of the head of the stems are like small flowers blooming.There are several large aloe vera in the middle of the flower plate, which is thick and strong, and several small aloe vera was drilled around. It is watching the world curiously with novel big eyes, as if in the "mother" to play games.In addition to these, I also have a special discovery. If it takes off its leaves, it will flow out of juice like egg whites.Same, do you see its vitality very tenacious?


The use of aloe vera is very wide.I remember that every summer, I was bitten by a mosquito. At this time, it was time to show her hands. It was applied to its juice.Not only that, aloe vera also has functions such as beauty, anti -inflammatory, sterilization, do you say it is amazing?


I like our aloe vera, do you like it too?



There are two pots of my favorite plants on my balcony, aloe, although they are inconspicuous, I have a soft spot for them.


Aloe vera is a kind of evergreen plant in the four seasons.Whether summer or winter, they are always so vigorous.Although they are not as gorgeous as rose flowers and are not as tall as big trees, they add a green to my balcony.


The leaves of aloe vera are very special.It has spines on each leaf, like a trap specially set for worms.Its leaves are very thick, not as thin as the leaves on the tree, sufficient water, like a strong man.The color of the leaves is from deep to shallow, like an artist.Aloe vera is versatile, like a multifunctional robot.


The vitality of aloe vera is very tenacious, because the leaves of their leaves gently, you don't have to worry about them. After a few hours, come to see them, their "wounds" have slowly started healing; if you put them put them on themAfter a few months under the sun in 50 degrees, they will grow out of the ground, so Americans call it "universal medicine".


The effect of aloe vera is very large, and the flesh inside can be used for consumption; the juice can be used to apply the place where the mosquito is bitten, and it will disappear after a few days, itching; aloe can also cure the disease.


Although the aloe is inconspicuous, they have great effects and tenacious vitality. I love aloe.



There are a few pots of aloe vera, two pots of green, two pots of Phnom Penh, a pot of tender green.I love them very much.


I love the shape of aloe vera, the shape of aloe vera is different. At a glance, I can't see the branches. I saw a thick leaf wrapped in the upright new leaves, like a blooming flower.Its leaves are also very special: the roots are thick and round, the middle part is concave, and the dark red spikes are growing on both sides.


I love its color.There are many varieties of aloe vera, and there are many colors. There are red, yellow, and white ... The edges of my favorite Phnom Penho aloe leaves are golden yellow, the middle part is blue, and some places are mixed with tender green.When the leaves are dry and dry, the Phnom Penh becomes light green and pale yellow, and the blue color becomes dark green and light green.So many colors are mixed together, which is really beautiful.


I love its vigorous vitality.Aloe vera has no major changes in the four seasons.Just in the two seasons of summer and autumn, aloe vera will produce many seedlings from the Minister of Roots, even if they are drought without water, the seedlings will not grow.This summer, my family has not opened the back door, and aloe stays quietly in the backyard.Two or three weeks have passed, and the aloe not only does not wither, but also grows bigger. We have to move the newly long seedlings in the new flower pot.


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