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About junior high school prose composition 300 words and three articles


In daily life or work and study, everyone has tried to write a Composition . Writing is an important means to cultivate people's observation, association, imagination, thinking, and memory.So, how to write?The following is 300 words of junior high school prose composition compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. For reference only, let's take a look.

初中散文作文300字 篇1


Rhino is one of the national rare animals and is also a national protection animal.


Rhino's body is large, limbs, and weighing about three thousand pounds.Its skin is thick and hard, enough to block the attack of any animal.Rhino's nose open


One or two hard horns, the resistance and lethality in the animal kingdom are one of the best.Any beast is difficult to knock it down. It initiates anger and even the nearby trees and plants cannot escape doom. Even large land animals such as lions and tigers have to escape when rhinos are angry.


Although the skin of rhinos is thick, the thin seams in the skin are soft, which has become the favor of blood -sucking insects such as parasites and mosquitoes.But it has a good friend like a shadow -rhino bird, which is eaten in the rhino skin gap.In this way, it can help rhinos to eliminate calamities and make yourself full of meals.


Rhino has high myopia, but its good friend Rhino birds have good vision.When discovering the rivals, the rhino bird will remind the rhino to the rhino.At this time, rhinos will quickly escape the scene and make the enemy worry.


Although rhinos have received the protection of the world with rare, there are still some illegal disciples stretched out the magic claws to the rhino, let us protect the rhino and protect wildlife together!IntersectionIntersection

初中散文作文300字 篇2

  夕阳尚未完全消失,满天空挥洒的是将墨近墨的淡彩。由酥黄晕染成蓝紫。美 ,美得让人心动。

The setting sun has not completely disappeared, and the sky is full of light color.From the yellow halo to the blue purple.Beauty, beauty is exciting.


Look at the sunset through the woods.Winter forest leaves have long fallen.Only the sparse and sparse branches were left, and each other was staggered. Against the setting of the setting sun, a huge net was formed.Only a few small sparrows beating on the branches, like a few small black spots moved in the grid.A little noise was added to the lonely scene.


The setting sun plated the earth with a layer of gold, so evenly.The golden light seemed to be liquid, which leaked to the deep soil.


When the golden color was brought away, the silk orange light in the West could no longer stop the dark devouring and disappeared.The darkness became the master of the sky.


I just looked at it like this, knew tired, tired.Close your eyes to rest, and a sad feeling rushed to your heart.Why the beautiful sunset will be replaced by darkness after all, and those beautiful things cannot be eternal.


Because the darkness will also be replaced by the sunrise, it will break the opportunity.

初中散文作文300字 篇3


I have an octagonal clock, which is my favorite item.


The appearance of the octagonal clock is like a European -style building. The upper part is the bell. The round bell surface is inlaid under the red roof and a semi -circular window is opened on the top.


At the time of the whole point, a brown -feathers' small cloth birds poked their heads from the window. When the crispy sound was reported, they screamed at 12 o'clock.


On the white wall of the house, there are two blue doors on the house. Whenever they reach the moment, the two doors are automatically opened. There are two small dancers standing in the door.A pink dress, or nodded with each other, or shaking hands with each other, or dancing with the beautiful and beautiful piano song "To Alice", it is wonderful!


The octagonal bell is my best friend.清晨,我睡懒觉的时候,八音钟里的小布谷鸟会催我起床,仿佛在提醒我:“小主人,该起床了,再不起床,上学就要起床了!”每当我遨游在知识的海洋中忘记休息时,把心中就会派出乐队和美丽的舞蹈家为我表演,又仿佛在劝我:“小主人,休息一下吧,让疲劳的眼睛和紧张的大脑都放松一下吧!”


The octagonal bell is my best friend.


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