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Farewell primary school


Farewell primary school1


Unconsciously, I stole my childhood, stole my innocence, and stole my time; unknowingly, I finished the elementary school, left my companion who had been together for six years, and accepted a new teacher and classmates.EssenceAll this is so unknown, but it is so unforgettable.


In the past, the past is full of happiness.I looked back and looked at the time of getting along with the elementary school classmates.Missing the laughter of victory at that time, the comfort of the failure at that time, the sweat that was painful at that time, and missing the childhood at that time.


The window was displayed in the book incense class: 100+20 points in Class 3 and One. This score is the highest score in the school, and learning is naturally the most proud thing for our class. By the way: No one is perfect. The class is the same, and the disadvantage is exposed at the sports meeting. The earliest exercise of each sports meeting is the fun competition. What we have lost before is that tug of war. It is said that tug of war is a strong expertise, but our classmates at that time were all skinny teenagers. We know that tug of war is the least good at us, so we worked hard before the sports meeting. Although they are not very strong, there is always an invisible force to encourage us to succeed. "The athletes in the third grade are in place." We were full of confidence but a little fearful to the "battlefield". These not only did not reduce our morale, but also inspired us to move forward. Although I forgot what the queue was at the time, the courage and strength of everyone's eyebrows still remember. What emerges in my mind is the facial faces, and then the incredible expression, the embrace of the victory, and the sweat sprinkled with the struggle.


There are always a few memories in my mind, which is a trace that I can't erase in my heart, and I can't wipe my memory.


The wind and rain corridor scattered wisteria, we used footprints to make it value.The innocent childhood, we used stories to make it full of sense.


Farewell primary school2


When I was a child, the little lack of time has gradually grown into a big girl with a big girl.Looking at himself in the mirror, he suddenly found that time was gone too fast, and it never stopped.


The moment I entered the gate of elementary school, everything was brand new; new schools, new teachers, new classmates.I grew up every day. After six years, we were going to leave. Maybe it would be six years, five years, ten years, and twenty years. Maybe I can never see the person from the opposite side.Essence


I remember that when I was in elementary school, my math was not very good. When I saw the mathematical problem, I was blinded, and my math teacher was also our class teacher.Once, she talked to me, "Your mathematics foundation is not very good!" The teacher said with a frowning face, and I whispered lowly;You should let yourself like this subject first, and then the teacher of this department. Only when you choose it can it choose you. If you abandon it, it will not care about you anymore. Do you know what I mean?? "Although I didn't fully understand it, I saw the eyes full of hope in the eyes of the teacher, and I nodded hard, I thought in my heart; I must learn math, teacher, I will work hard.


Since then, I have started to practice mathematics. Although my grades have not improved much, I still don't give up. I believe that one day I will become good friends with mathematics.


In elementary school, the most important year, I still insist on not giving up. I believe there will be returns. Finally, I insist on that day. When I see the transcript, I have an impulse to yell."I succeeded, my efforts were not in vain, I really succeeded." The teacher was also happy for me, and the smile on his face replaced his frowning face.


The joy was fixed at that moment, and now I am about to leave to my joy, sweaty, and my cute class teacher, I am really reluctant.


I am like a young eagle, flying in the blue sky, but I will never forget the person who takes me off.


The life of elementary school is like a blooming rose, leaving me with a faint fragrance. Elementary school life is like a strong cup of tea. It is left to me.That eternal smiley face, one drop, the inscription is engraved in my heart and will never forget


Farewell, my primary school life.


Farewell primary school3


Love Grandpa




You must have passed on that side. Last December, you left, we all miss you very much. As your grandson, I haven't talked to you for a long time. Today, I will tell you that it happened recentlySeveral memories.


On June 24, I ushered in a Test --- Xiao Shengchu, which decided fate.Grandpa, now my grades have come out. I have 90.5 points in Chinese, 100 points for math, and 60 scores in English. I scored 58.5 points. Grandpa, I have two homework to enter the top five. Dad intends to reward me to play by the seaside of Lianyungang to play.EssenceI am very happy.However, this time, my Chinese scores did not take a good test, and I dragged too much points. I think I read some useful books in the summer vacation. If the Chinese test is good, the total score enters the top five. It is no problem.


Grandpa, when you bring me, you asked me, "Is there any good cities in the Chung Zheng Dynasty? Is anyone living?" Now, I can answer you for sure, I have done it, and I have lived in many people.It is not inferior to Hongjing Home.

  爷爷,还有一件事是爸爸带我领毕业证的事,那儿人山人海,我进去时,没注意牌子上的字,往自己班里走,结果是竹篮打水----—一场空。后来那些字被细心的爸爸发现了,爸爸指着这些字让我看,叫我赶紧去,当我们到了指定地点,我前面已经有四百多人了。爸爸去看我的学号,然后,叫我在原地不要动,他去找一条省时间的捷径,把我送到前面的同学家长的手里,然后我在一个半小时内拿到了毕业通知书,我算了一下,至少少了一个半小时的时间,如果在等哪一个半小时,我的腿就麻了,并且,一个半小时能干许多的事情。从中,让我明白了我们干任何事要有技巧,找一种最简便的 方法解决问题,抓住关注点,不能凭靠蛮力,因为磨刀不误砍柴工。

Grandpa, another thing is that my father took me to receive the diploma. He was crowded. When I went in, I didn't pay attention to the words on the brand. I walked to my class.Later, the words were discovered by the careful dad. Dad pointed at these words and asked me to see it. When we arrived at the designated place, there were already more than 400 people in front of me.Dad went to see my school number, and then told me not to move in place. He went to find a shortcut to save time and sent me to the parents of the classmates in front. Then I got a graduation notice in one and a half hours.I missed it, at least an hour and a half, if I waited for a half hour, my legs would be numb, and I could do a lot of things in an hour and a half.From this, let me understand that we have to have skills to do anything, find the easiest way to solve the problem, seize the attention point, and we cannot rely on brute force, because the knife is cut off.


Grandpa, here is here. You do n’t wear more clothes in heaven. You did n’t use air conditioners a few times before your lifetime. You need to turn on the air conditioner in heaven.


To this




Your dear grandson:


June 29th, 2013


Farewell primary school4


The day after tomorrow will leave this building that has been together for six years and leave my primary school life.


On the last day before the middle school entrance examination, everyone's heart was lost, and no one had the intention to learn. Some students moved the books home early. We presented each other and affection.I remember that six years ago, I left a message to say goodbye to each other for six years.Although everyone simply wrote a few words, and did not say "goodbye", so everyone really never looked goodbye.Today, six years later, when everything happened, everyone guessed it in the same way. It would not be like the farewell of six years ago. From then on, we really stop meeting?


Elementary school, stubborn and simple, be a good child in the mind of the teacher every day, holding textbooks to pretend to work hard in the eyes of the teacher; elementary school, crazy and confident, began to quietly like some stars, and began to pay attention to those handsome people who are more handsome.Boys; primary schools, heavy minds, sadness, began to write diary , and also started to really work hard, secretly planned what kind of university in the future, and calmly said that they must go here in the future.


Such a full and wonderful six years, such a stubborn and stubborn six years, such a warm and unforgettable six years, came here.


The classroom and the days outside the school can only be helpless. Those days when you stay together, you have to talk about it for a while.coming.


It's all the things that I can't protect. The memories left in my heart for six years and when they are about to say goodbye but do not know where to say.The scene was about to go away soon.


Today, I am no longer the little girl with a great personality and a strange temper; now, I am no longer a little girl who knows that I have had a rebellious but never admitd to the fault;There are ideal middle school students.Over the past six years, all love, all hate, all the humid diaries, all tears and laughter, all the unforgettable burning years have disappeared together on this prosperous and discrete day.


Goodbye, my elementary school career!


Farewell primary school5


Now I still miss the childhood full of childhood, carefree.But this time is like a ruthless wind.In a blink of an eye, I blew me after ten years, but my thoughts were still yesterday.


When a new life appeared in front of me with a rich milk fragrance, my surprise and joy fainted my brain, dancing and asking for a hug, but when I realized that I was too late,When the uncle and eight -handed hands and feet were numb, I picked up his bedding and bottle.A cold voice suddenly appeared in my heart: "You are no longer a child, you have to take responsibility."


When my old toys, small beds, and even rice bowls, and the fence was turned out by my mother, I kept going forward to play with me, a tender sweetness rushed to my heart, and could not help hug my mother softly.But the answer was splashed with a pot of cold water from head to toe. "Daughter, I want to feed my brother with your small bowl."Big eyes, water saliva, a little man sitting in a chair.


When I deliberately deduced her, when he was crying in a hearty heart, my heart softened, and forgotten was that he took away the love of his mother, and forgot it.Love, and forgot to forget that he was exhausted.Now there are only heartache and anxiety of hands.My mother hurriedly lifted my brother, and my eyes were unforgettable.Yes, I was wrong.


When I held my brother's little hand, I remembered it again, "You are no longer a child, you have to take responsibility." Looking back at my brother's clear eyes, my smile reflected in my eyes, listening toThe younger brother kept calling, "Sister! Sister! ..." I realized that the destined fate made us a loved one, and the love of blood and water eliminated my diaphragm.At that moment, I wanted Lin Yingzi like that, and I immediately understood that it turned out that I had grown up and no longer a child.


Saying goodbye to my childhood and ignorance, the tender dreams have been familiar. When the sunset falls, let the silhouette accompany me, but it is outside the wall of the fence and quietly surround the outline of the future!


Farewell primary school6


The so -called "bad habits" are bad habits, which are gradually developed in the long run and are not easy to change for a while.


As the saying goes, "No one is perfect."Each of us has disadvantages, and there are more or less bad habits, and of course I am no exception.


In terms of learning, I have carelessness, and it hurts me.Because of carelessness, I lost my scores in the exam, and even caused the "three good students" to lose my arms with me; because of carelessness, I often lost three or four, and I had a hard work in the "Three Nine" in the "Three Nine".The red scarf was blocked by the classmates with duty, and she was embarrassed and ashamed of the teacher's responsibility for forgetting to bring her homework. Because of carelessness, the test papers did not leave their names, and they were led by the classmates as a joke.EssenceEssenceI hated and determined to change it, but it was accompanied by me like a shadow, making me distressed.


There is still a matter of learning in learning.After reading the horse and watching flowers, there is no ability to "never forget". As a result, it can only be "bears and bears".Learning lack of patience, urgency, no love for brain, and encountering problems.Lack of perseverance, tiger head snake tail and so on.


There are many bad habits in life.The most hurtful brain is the disorderly life, lack of organizational, and stuffing things; doing things are too strong and have no end; poor concept of time, dragging and pulling, not high efficiency;Good habit, too much dependence on others.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence


As we all know, good habits can benefit people for life.The so -called "accustomed to" and "habit become nature" means that we have to start from childhood, start with little things, and gradually develop good habits."Wanzhang high -rise floor" relies on a solid foundation, relying on one brick and one tile to accumulate less.The development of good habits depends on the constant correction of ourselves, relying on the perseverance of perseverance, and relying on the tenaciousness of "repeated war and repeated defeat" and "repeated defeat".It is not terrible to have disadvantages. The terrible thing is that it ignores its shortcomings. It doesn't care. When you listen to it, in the long run, it will really become "difficult to change."


Therefore, let's start from now, to encourage the courage to challenge ourselves, and make determination to bid farewell to our bad habits, change the disadvantages as the advantage, make ourselves more perfect, and welcome new challenges with a new look!


Farewell primary school7


Carefree is the basis of childhood, freedom and happiness is the pillar of childhood, easy to naive childhood embellishment, ignorance and happiness is a childhood festival.In childhood, this good partner who has been with me for many years, I waved farewell for the first time.


Childhood, I used to accompany me and my friends to play happily.In winter, on the snow, my partners and I came with a snowball and a snowball to fight snowball. You stood aside and smiled happily.In childhood, I was with my party, I stayed in the bright moonlight, and whispered the new learning "I don't know the moon ..." Looking at the splendid starry sky, looking forward to flying into the eyes of my eyesAnd the beautiful moon palace, imagine all kinds of delicious moon cakes, and you -childhood encourages me to be innocent and ignorant ...


Slightly bigger, you still have to bring me unlimited joy in some busy learning life.You accompany me and my friends to play mini -racing cars, and cheer for a small car with me, making my face full of smiles.With me, fighting with the computer, let me have a lot of time to play with advanced computers ... In childhood, we also spent a dozen "six. One" Children's Day together.We are so happy together and full of fun, and why do you say goodbye?


Childhood is still the innocence and innocence, you say to me, "After all, you still have to go, don't be too nostalgic. Besides, this is just the first time to say goodbye, the first time!"


I said to you with a cry: "Childhood, I know you are lying to me. You will not come back if you leave. It is the first time in name, in fact, the last time!" I especially focused on the last few words, inRemind childhood.


Your face was surprised, and then a long silence.For a long time, you said seriously: "I am childhood, but you are not Peter. Pan, let alone" there is no island at all ", there is no banquet in the world ..."


I grabbing you and not let you go, but you are like a small loach, break free from my hand, walk to the distance, and throw a sentence when you go. "You can't be happy forever.Learn to face it. "Childhood didn't return, and walked forward.Looking at the back of my childhood, I didn't respond for a while, staring blankly, looking at it.


I woke up and found that my childhood figure was gradually blurred.I slowly raised my hand and bid farewell to my childhood for the first time.I thought in my heart that for the first time, it was only the first time when it was opened.


Farewell primary school8


Endless sweetness and bitterness, on this farewell day, poured into my heart together ...


Cai's elementary school life is about to pass. Looking back at the past, everything is like yesterday.Six years of elementary school life, endless sweetness and bitterness. On this day of farewell, I poured into my heart together ...


Primary school life is very sweet.The six -year friendship between classmates is rich and mellow, sweet and sweet.From the time when I first entered school, I didn't know each other, and gradually talked about everything, sweet, just like honey ate my mouth, a little sweetly in my heart.We read, write, and talk about the argument; we play basketball together, play football, and rush.Happy, everyone shares; difficulty, take responsibility together.Happiness is like this! Really, elementary school life is very sweet.


Primary school life is sour.Whenever the exam is not good, I will hate myself without fighting, and shed tears of regret; occasionally the teacher whispered to blame, and I will feel grieving and sadness.However, acid is a sincere `gift. Whenever I feel sad because of bad exams, I understand that grades need to be paid, and hard work will be rewarded.Whenever I am criticized and sad, I will tell myself: I can never commit it.That's it. Every time the sourness will give me a warning- "Sour, I'm not afraid!"


Elementary school life is very bitter.For the final goal, for the future dreams, we need to pay hard work.Tian Gang is about to get up to recite the time; after 10 o'clock in the evening, he refused to rest, so as not to leave today's work until tomorrow.During the day, "words, numbers, politics, foreign, rational, and life" have homework lessons; at night, the candle is read night, just because the teacher will check the homework tomorrow.Alas, I'm exhausted! Think about the World Cup on TV, but I have to face the big work of the big work.Elementary school life is so tired!


Elementary school life, let me taste the sweetness and bitterness of the world.It is sour and bitter but sweet, and there will always be returns.When I easily answered the test papers and painted a sentence for my elementary school life, I looked back, and everything was so reminiscent.


My dear elementary school life, goodbye!


Farewell primary school9


"Alma mater, goodbye."


This sentence is very difficult, alma mater, this place full of memories, now saying goodbye to the alma mater, except for sadness, the rest is all reluctant.


Starting from our alma mater, this parting is destined to come, but we did not expect that it would come so fast.How happy we came that day, how sad this day we went.


Say goodbye to his alma mater and say goodbye to his alma mater.


Over the years in elementary school, classmates have been playing with us. It is precisely because of the accompanying classmates that our elementary school life will be colorful.We changed from the tender face to the young people today.The stories that happened in this are everywhere in our memory space. We pick up one at will, which are all familiar faces and the unforgettable scenes.Saying goodbye to his alma mater means saying goodbye to classmates.


Say goodbye to his alma mater and say goodbye to the teacher of his alma mater.


We were mischievous in elementary school. If we did nothing, I still remember that because of our disappointment, some young teachers would be crying by us. Even some students saw the teacher crying and could not wait to spread the news everywhere.Let us all know.At that time, we were really ignorant. Now that we are about to leave their alma mater, those students who have always been unhappy to the teacher have regretted it, and they will find various opportunities to apologize to the teacher.Looking at the smile on the teacher's face, the thorn in everyone's hearts will dissipate silently. Teacher, you may not know that it is because you have such a wide mind that we can completely feel our mistakesOnly let us decide to change from the new.


In elementary school, the teacher was the hardest, and he could often see the figures that appeared outside the classroom. At that time, we also complained that the teacher always monitored us. But now, we know, and we also know the teacher's moment.In our hearts, we were still a group of children at that time. I didn't understand the teacher's hard work. Now I want to say to the teacher: "Teacher, you have worked hard."

  告别同学,告别老师 ,告别母校。

Say goodbye to classmates, say goodbye to teachers, and bid farewell to their alma mater.


Farewell primary school10

  转眼间,我已经是一个六年级的学生了,再过不久,我就要升入中学。在这整整六年的小学时光里,母校给我留下了多少彩色的梦啊!如今,我就要离开我的母校,离开我的老师,离开我的同学了,心中不禁涌起一股眷恋之情。 想起过去的点点滴滴,又觉得非常地不舍,在这亲切的环境里,我成长了,懂事了,学会做人,也学会了学习。我曾经在这片土地上痛苦过,后悔过,失败过,也曾在这里快乐过、奋斗过、成功过。 永远也不会忘记,当我第一次走进校园,感觉是那么地陌生;当我第一眼看到和蔼可亲的老师,天真烂漫的同学是,感觉是那么地兴奋;当我第一次举手发言时,感觉又是那么地激动…… 回忆六年来教过我的老师,那慈祥的脸庞,严厉的目光和熟悉的笑脸,都令人难以忘怀。是他们不辞辛劳地教会我们知识,使我们从懵懂无知的孩子,成长为一个满怀希望的少年;是他们在我们犯错时,耐心地教育我们,告诉我们做人的道理。

In a blink of an eye, I am already a sixth grade student. Soon after, I will be promoted to middle school. In this six -year elementary school time, how many colorful dreams I left me for my alma mater! Today, I am going to leave my alma mater, my teacher, and my classmates who leave my classmates. Thinking of the past, I felt very reluctant. In this kind environment, I grew up, sensible, learned to be a human, and learned to learn. I used to have pain on this land, regretted, failed, and had been happy, struggling, and successful here. I will never forget. When I entered the campus for the first time, I feel so unfamiliar; when I see a kind teacher at first glance, the innocent classmate is so excited; when I first raised it for the first time, I raised it for the first time. When I spoke, I felt so excited again ... Recalling my teacher who taught me in the past six years, the kind face, severe eyes and familiar smiley faces are unforgettable. It is their hard work to teach our knowledge, so that we grow up from ignorant children to a hopeful teenager; it is when we have educated us patiently when we make mistakes, telling us the truth.

  忘不了那朝夕相处的同学,是他们在我遇到困难时,给我鼓励,给我帮助。和最亲密的小伙伴在一起,一起哭,一起笑,一起说心里话,那种感觉,让我觉得他们就是我的亲人!哪些可爱活泼的男孩子也让我对他们有了一些新的印象!女同学的爱护和帮助都让我觉得到处充满了爱,充满了关怀! 在我深爱着的母校里,有着太多太多的关怀和帮助。随着时光的流逝,只能加深我对母校的思念。在此,我衷心地祝愿母校一天比一天更美好,培养的学生一届比一届更出色!我爱我的母校!爱我的同学! 在这我也祝愿我的同学的梦想都能实现!

I can't forget the classmates who get along with that day and night. They encourage me and help me when I encounter difficulties.Being with the closest friends, crying together, laughing together, talking together, that feeling made me feel that they are my loved ones!Which cute and lively boys have given me some new impression of them!The love and help of female classmates make me feel full of love and care!There are too many care and help in my alma mater I love deeply.With the passage of time, I can only deepen my thoughts on my alma mater.Here, I sincerely wish my alma mater a better day than a day, and the students trained one more better than the first!I love my alma mater!Love my classmate!Here I wish my classmates' dreams!


Farewell primary school11


The day of my alma mater is about to end. I will leave my classmates who get along with me, leave the teacher who has educated me, and leave my beloved alma mater ... Every corner of the campus is the trace of us.The classroom echoed our joy, the sound of quarrels, everything is so familiar, everything is so nostalgic ...


I remember when I first came to school to study, everything was so strange, unfamiliar, strange scenery, strange teaching buildings, everything made me timid.Gradually, gradually, I was familiar with the people around me, and it was no longer the little girl who would only hide in the corner and watch others playing. Maybe at that moment, I was strong. I remember, I went through the exam for the first time, and I went through the exam for the first time.Sitting on the examination room for the first time, I cheated?I have become bold since that cheating, and my grades can't be better. In the end, my Enlightenment teacher enlightened me. My good grades were from his teachings and my efforts.Teacher, thank you.


My classmate, will you remember the way we have gone together?Remember the days when we laughed and cried together?Do you still remember that we are nervous during the review phase?Do you still remember our difficulty in the examination room?Do you still remember the expression of joy or disappointment of scores?What should I do in the days without people!I can only learn to be independent and learn to be strong.I wish you a good middle school.


Standing at the school playground, listening to every word that the principal said quietly, the sun was sprinkled on my body, and my body was warm, but my heart was indifferent. This beautiful day was our parting time.At the moment of the graduation song, I thought about my thoughts. I understand that time is not waiting for people.At the moment of the end of the graduation song, the tears rotating in my eyes finally slid through my cheek without a breath.I feel distressed when I cry ...


Goodbye, classmates who have been with me for many years; goodbye, teachers who have educated gratitude to me; goodbye, my beloved alma mater.


Farewell primary school12


In June, the part of Sheng Xiao, blowing away, blowing away the thoughts, blowing sorrow, and blowing endless thoughts on his mother.--Inscription


Time is like an hourglass, quietly passing by unknowingly, maybe because we have never cherished, and now we think that the mother at this time is so dazzling.Those times that have been spent with my alma mater, that little bit, put back in my mind ...


Alma mater, my second mother, you are my spiritual mentor, you teach us how to be a man, teach us how to gain a foothold in society, you are like a pregnant person, you have given birth to generationsThese people can shine in society and dedicate their own strength to the construction of China.


Alma mater, my second mother, you are the guidance of my life. As a boarding student, you spend most of the time at school. You teach me how to live independently.Relying on parents, we must use their own hands to create a hard -working composition wealth.


Alma mater, my second mother, you are my emotional friends. Here I have met a lot of friends. They let me know the real friendship, let me know how to associate with others, let me know in adversityHow to grow, let me know the happiness in learning ...


I walked on the campus, and the bits and pieces here aroused my memories. Like a movie, I played back in my brain. The time seemed to return to the past.Run up and talk to the room in the bedroom ...


The Sheng Xiao in June woke up the sorrow of parting, and the time was quietly pushing closely. The day of the parting would always come. On that day, we should not be sad, don't be sad, and turn the sadness of the time to gather in the future.I believe it will come quickly that day.


Before parting, it seemed to hear Xu Zhimo's "Farewell to Kangqiao" again in the dimness, "I gently came gently, just as I came gently, I gently beckoned, making the clouds of western heaven ..."


Farewell primary school13


At the New Year's Eve Gala in New Year's Eve, the bell of the New Year rang, and the silence outside the window was suddenly broken.After a while, a strong smell of gunpowder enveloped the community, and the smoke blocked people's sight.Through the hustle and bustle of festiveness, I vaguely heard another voice: "Another year has passed." I lamented a little.


The sound of firecrackers slowly dissipated, and the air full of smoke gradually became refreshing.Under the urging of my parents, I was reluctant to turn off the TV and go to bed.I turned over and over, always thinking about the sound that I heard not harmoniously in the surrounding atmosphere.Yes! Another year has passed. In the past year, I experienced the first turning of my life to graduate from elementary school.


I remembered the school building of elementary school.The school's construction area is not large (at least not comparable to the junior high school), the teaching building is also a bit old, but the walls are brushed, and the hardware facilities in the building are also changed.The wooden chair, there is always some unaccustomed to each time the replacement (do not change the stool when the change), and sometimes the schoolbag can't let it go.


I turned my body gently, and I remembered my elementary school classmate again.There are forty -nine students in my class. Everyone is very friendly. Occasionally, they joke and make trouble.There are also many students with good grades in the class. We are both friends and opponents in learning. At the time of get out of class, they can also play games and talk well. Call: "I! Me!".


The sound of the night return of the doorbell came from the street, and I turned my body again, thinking about the things in elementary school.In the second half of the sixth grade, we entered the graduation class.At that time, the classmates in the class held the "Classmate Record" to ask for a "signature".Our class teacher noticed that in the future, he was afraid of affecting our learning and got "order": After the exam is over, write "Classmate Records".After the exam, everyone's table was filled with paper from various students.Everyone carefully wrote a graduation message.Yes, this is a difference, I really do n’t know when everyone can get together again.


I bid farewell to the school building and classmates of the elementary school, I entered the Hangzhou Foreign Language School.The school building in Hangwai is bigger and more beautiful. I also know many new students here, but I still often think of the good time of elementary school.


Farewell primary school14


The moon is also shaking, and the people are also embarrassed. There are sorrows in the classroom ... -The title


Our primary school journey is coming soon.When I took the record of everyone's classmates, the reluctance in my heart began to spread, until the heart ...


Standing at the gate of the school, watching the first -year children walked into the school accompanied by parents, I saw our shadow.Soon after, we can't see the familiar campus.


Standing on the school playground, watching the classmates is running and jumping.I saw our shadow.Soon after, we could never see the runway that had been sweating.


Standing in front of the school's teaching building, watching the students enjoy the joy of knowledge under the leadership of the teacher.I saw our shadow that year. Soon after, we couldn't see the classroom we learned together.


Standing in front of the school's podium, looking at the enlistment ceremony of the first -year children, hanging the red scarf in their hands on their chest.I saw our shadow that year. Soon after, we couldn't see the podium that had been sworn again.


Standing in front of the teacher's office, watching the teacher's hard -working test papers. When some students came in for the teacher's back, I saw our shadow that year. Soon after, we couldn't hear the teacher Chun Chun taught it.Essence




Today, our parents will not disappoint our expectations; now, the classmates on the playground are so handsome and handsome; now, we are working hard in the classroom; now, we will not forget the promise of promised under the podium; now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now,The teacher's teachings will not forget!


At the time of elementary care, no matter how nervous the study environment passes ...


Teacher, our studies are created by you, and our morals are cultivated by you.Teacher, no matter how bumpy life is in the future, we will remember what you said to us. "Every step is to stabilize." Teacher, no matter how difficult life is in the future, we will remember what you said to us.There is no longer a long way for people to have a longer way. "In your teachings, we will all remember it.


Friends, do you remember the flowers we walked together?In those years, we complained to each other's helplessness, and then faced together?Let's say it, we must be friends for a lifetime, but when we carry a schoolbag to the left and one to the right, we are afraid that there will be no news in the future.


Classmates, although we have been unhappy, we have been in the same window for six years. What has emerged in our minds is just your kind smiley face.I forgot the unhappiness when chasing you near the men's toilet.I just remember our performance when we work together ...


Soon after, everything will become memories.Remember my thoughts on you.


Soon after, time will make us forget everything.Teacher, classmate, please remember on July ...


In memory, your sight is always so kind, keeping your still face in your heart, wishes to you, and vows to you, I just hope that we can see you again ... - Postscript


Farewell primary school15


In the six years of elementary school, it seemed that the blink of an eye passed.I looked at those classmates who gathered at the school gate, and my heart was empty.


Yesterday, we held a graduation test in the sixth grade. I am both happy and sad. What is happy is that I can rest for three months at home; sad I may never see these classmates again. After the exam, the students gathered to say goodbye at the entrance of the school, and agreed to see it on the penguin. I walked towards the station with several female classmates with the same way. Along the way, several of us said and laughed, very happy. But when we were going to break up, the smile on our face was shrouded in a shadow. It seems that no one wants to say goodbye to good classmates who are together for six years. Everyone hesitated for a while, and I pretended to be easily, "What are you afraid of, not gone again, we will have the opportunity to meet in the future." Meet in the same middle school! "I hit the iron while it was hot. 'Deliner, beheaded the public'! "Everyone laughed and said goodbye, and left with a smile. My sadness weakened a lot.


In the evening, I just got a lot of protests as soon as I got on the Penguin. "Okay, Cui Can, we have waited here for a long time, how can you come?" I hurriedly sent a "embarrassing" expression and said:"I'm so embarrassed, because I am too busy in the afternoon, I have been busy until now, so I have no time to come up, so I am embarrassed!" The girls spared me.Everyone started to speak violently on the penguin again: "I can never see everyone anymore, oh, so sad!"! "" I miss you so much! "" No, you don't see us for an afternoon, do you miss us? Strangely! "" Hehe ... "I looked at the avatar flashed on the screen, and my mood became in my mood.Yes -Although the students who have been together for six years are going to go their own, the penguin and the phone can make us connect all the time. I don't have to be too sad.


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