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【Essence】 Elementary composition 3 articles


Regardless of studying, work, or life, you can't avoid contacting or using composition . With the help of components, people can reflect objective things, express ideological feelings, and convey knowledge information.Do you know how to write composition?Here are 3 elementary compositions compiled by Xiaobian. I hope to help everyone.

小学作文 篇1


On a cloudy afternoon, the mother held a parent meeting to his son.


At the parent meeting, the mother still wanted to open the parent meeting like the Parents' Association, and was very heavy until the teacher said that her son's name was better.However, the teacher said this sentence: "Your child, exam , can't sit still in three minutes." The mother was in a heavy mood again.


When I got home, her son asked her, "Mom, what do the teacher say?" The mother wanted to say the teacher said, but encouraged him to say, "The teacher said that he couldn't do it for a minute in the past. NowIt's three minutes, let you continue to cheer! "The son replied," I will definitely cheer! "


The second parent meeting, the mother's mood was still as heavy as before. When she was there, the teacher said, "Your child, now sitting and living, but the grade is good."


When I got home, the son asked the teacher what he said?That mother still wanted to say what the teacher said, but she also encouraged him and said, "The teacher said that your grades are great, and it would be better if you improve it. The teacher asked you to continue cheering!" The son replied: "Hmm!It will disappoint you! "


There is a meeting of parents again. Now that mother is not in a heavy mood, but excited. At that time, he was even more excited. The teacher said, "Your son, the academic performance is really good! And the discipline is okay, and it is still good, and it is still good.I am willing to help others, and there is a great hope for key universities! "


Many years later, the son was admitted to Tsinghua University. After the son arrived, he ran to the room and cried and said, "Mom, I know that my academic performance is not good, but thanks to you, I have been encouraged to me, and I can only encourage me.I was admitted to this university! "

小学作文 篇2


Two days before the Spring Festival, my parents who had been busy for a year drove me back to my hometown in Hunan.The car galloped on the highway from Guangdong to Hunan. I found that this year's highway is more beautiful than when we go home last year.Dad told me that Hunan 20xx had fifteen highways in the year, and now there are four highways from Guangdong to return to Hunan from Guangdong, which makes our way home more smoothly.My mother also told me that when they were young, it took more than 20 hours to take a car from Hunan to Guangzhou.I feel so happy than my parents when I was a child!


In the Spring Festival, we were reunited with my grandparents, grandparents and other family members in Hunan, and their hometown full of dinner. Listening to the bells of the New Year together, with the arrival of the new year, together ... happy young people and old peoplePeople, I feel so happy!


We all know that the Chinese have the custom of posting the Spring Festival.In the next semester of last year, I studied soft pen calligraphy at school.On New Year's Eve, I wrote a couplet hanging at the door of Grandpa's house.All friends and relatives who came to my grandpa's house praised my handwriting.In everyone's praise, I feel so happy!


During the holiday, I also found another world in the book.Story book, knowledge book.When I swim in the ocean of the book, the book either beautiful or interesting to me; the good words, good words, and new words in the book give me wisdom, I feel so happy!


Classmates, are you happy this winter?


At the beginning of this new semester, let us start a new journey with happiness and ideals, and I wish you all a happy life and study in the new semester!

小学作文 篇3


Everyone will make mistakes. Of course, if you make mistakes, you will be criticized and blamed by others. I made a mistake at that time.


At that time, our classmates sat quietly in the classroom and wrote homework very seriously. The teacher was preparing for lessons, and the entire classroom was quiet.


Suddenly, the elbow of my table was pushed me, and a "scar" appeared on the beautiful and bright words I originally wrote.Apologized to me, who knows that he was angry when he saw me, but still said to me with a hippie smile, "I'm not intentionally!" After that, it was like it happened without this.When he was very angry, when he quickly picked up the "evidence" and wanted to sue the teacher, he saw it, and pretended to pick up my pen bag and threw it down.Come to threaten me, I had no choice but to return to my seat.


I stuck my stomach, sitting on my seat and thinking about how to deal with him, the opportunity came!Someone told him to help copy his homework. I saw him seriously writing, and the handwriting was pretty. I thought: I do n’t do it, I also touched him to make him embarrassed.So, I pretended to put my hand on the table and saw that the desktop was too small, so I pushed him with his elbow to "expand the site" and let him write the words crooked.You are crooked by you! "" I didn't deliberately! "I also learned to him," Hey! Forget it! Forget it! Still I find a way myself! "I blame me and did not sue the teacher, which shocked me!I thought he would blame me and told the person who asked him to copy his homework. It was my fault. I didn't expect him to ... because he made me understand what tolerance was. When the tolerance was to make mistakes, you had to forgive him for forgive him., Tolerant him, we must all learn to tolerate others, don't care about everything.


Tolerance is like this.


I got tolerance that time ...


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