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Three articles of life composition


In learning, work, or life, everyone has been in contact with Composition . Composition is a kind of speech activity, which has a high degree of comprehensiveness and creativity.How can I avoid stepping on the mine?Here are 3 questions about the life compiled by Xiaobian. For reference only, you are welcome to read.

生活的问题作文 篇1


The environment is very important for us. It is like a big umbrella that protects our homeland for us. If we leave this magical umbrella, then our home will be like the Sahara desert.There is a deadly dead, and there is no smoking. So I want to make a sign of the world, let's protect the environment together!


However, now we are around us, the environment has deteriorated. Once I saw an adult who lost a piece of paper on the side of the road, I was very sad, and I thought that if everyone lost a piece of waste paper, then what would the consequence of this world? What about it? It's so terrible that the whole world will become a white garbage station. The more terrible the more terrible, the more terrible it is. I hurriedly picked up this piece of paper and throw it into the trash. Another time, I saw an article on TV on TV. Environmental report: The river water in Fujian is turbid, and the fish in the river are dying. They float on the surface of the river. Each fish is spitting foam, and white garbage is floating by the river. Candy skin. This scenery is really terrible. People's living standards are increasing, but their own environmental awareness is declining. There are also those who have no moral lipped trees. They have thought about the tree brought to us. What are the benefits? Trees? Pay so much for our humans! So many trees block the sandstorms and terrible tornadoes for us. These tree cutters should really reflect on it quietly. If there is no tree, what will our living environment look like? What? It can be seen that the harsh environment of our environment is also a warning to us, reminding us that the environmental care environment is urgent! I think everyone is responsible for the environment, so we must start from now, start from our side, do not spit everywhere, don’t spit everywhere Do not lose paper scraps, use less books, and use the books that can be used as a test book. The newspapers that have been read can practice the brush word. Take the protective environment as the most important job, establish environmental protection awareness, and be environmentally friendly guardians.


"Protect the environment, everyone is responsible." I want to keep this sentence in my heart and treat this sentence as a seed. I will use it carefully to pour it, let it thrive, and let "love the environment, everyone has a everyone, everyone has the environmentResponsibility "This sentence passed down. I believe that as long as we work together, in the near future, the environment around us will definitely become better and better.

生活的问题作文 篇2


On Sunday morning, my mother and I would always go to the river to take a walk.There was a row of trees by the river. From the first tree on the other side of the river, we counted the last tree on the other. There were 80 trees.


Mom said, "If I tell you that the distance between the two trees is 5 meters, can you know how long the river is?"


"It's not easy." I replied quickly."80 × 5 = 400 meters, the river is 400 meters long!"


Mom touched my head and said with a smile, "You do the problem fast, but you need to think about it carefully!"


I was puzzled, and I was still holding my head and thinking about where I was wrong.Mom said, "Come and see, there are 1 5 meters between the two trees, 2 5 meters between the 3 trees, and 3 5 meters between the 4 trees ... How much should there be between 80 trees?5 meters? "


Listening to my mother's talk, I looked at the trees by the river carefully: It turned out to be such a rule. The number of trees in the middle of the tree was 1.80 trees.5 meters, the length of Xiaohe is 79 × 5 = 395 meters!


This Sunday and I went out to travel with my mother and came to a small lake.There was also a circle of trees by the lake. As we walked around the lake, we counted the trees by the lake. A total of 80 trees were counted around the lake.


Mom asked: "If the distance between the two trees is 5 meters, we follow the tree around the lake. How long should this circle in the small lake?"


I blurted out without thinking: "79 × 5 = 395 meters, so that the lap of the lake is 395 meters!"


My mother stared at my eyes and said with a smile, "You have committed a problem that is anxious and not to move your brain. Do you think about what is different?"


Seeing that I still couldn't touch my head, my mother patiently told me."You see, did we go around the lake from the first tree to the 80th tree?"


"By the way, we have to return to the first tree from the 80th tree to make a circle around the lake, so if we are around, it should be 79+1 = 80 5 meters, 80 × 5 = 400 meters."


"Think about it again, if it is a lap of three trees, it is a triangle with three edges; 4 trees can be siege into a square or rectangular shape, which is composed of 4 edges;Edge ... "


I lowered my head and thought about it. It turned out that this was the case. When the 80 trees were around, there should be 80 5 meters. This is really 80 × 5 = 400 meters around a circle!It turns out that there are different math common sense hidden in similar life phenomena!

生活的问题作文 篇3


Alas, why do people be selfish, but I treat things so tolerant? I do n’t care about small things in my life, yes, but why do some students scold him a few words, and I still have a strong word?It's gone.


Why do some classmates scold him because of accidentally encountering another classmate, and another classmate scolded him? This Tong to endure such a treatment and apologize, and said it was not intentional, but why did he still scold? I thought about it?I can't understand for a few days, why?


I have experienced the above questions, and everyone may have encountered it.But most of them are for girls.But there is a question why girls are so stingy? If there is no class teacher, I can't bear it.

  在一个为什么男孩子都好闹,我虽是一个男生,但我文静大方,帅气的小伙子,我不爱闹,你说,打打闹闹有什么意思?你和我闹 ,我和你闹的,烦人。还是个学生样吗?所以说我交朋友可难了,以班上有几个不闹的,一个个活蹦乱跳的,好吗?有个心里话就闷着,但又不好受,只好只一个女生说说,因为女生都比较文静。

In one why the boy is so troubled, although I am a boy, but I am quiet and generous, handsome guy, I don’t like to make trouble, what does it mean to make trouble?, Annoying.Still a student? So it ’s difficult to make friends. There are a few people in the class, one by one, okay?Talking, because girls are more quiet.

  还有, 为什么做体操时,做完一节他们就动动这 ,动动那的,要不是往后退一步,弯着腰,抬着头,捂着嘴笑,你说笑就笑吧,还得这样笑,为什么不正经的笑。

Also, why do they move this when doing gymnastics, and they will move this. If you do n’t take a step back, bend your head, look up, cover your mouth and laugh.Laughing like this, why did you laugh seriously.


There are many problems in life, but I think these are all aspects -quality, it is often ignored, but ugly he sees it clearly.In the future, we will talk to ugly "goodbye".Farewell, you will be far away from us in the future.


I understand that people are too tolerant and not good. You are bullied. You ca n’t say anything.But there are many benefits. Take a step back and wide sky!


And why can I tolerate others, and others do not tolerate me?


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