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My 400 words


My 400 words,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。


My 400 words1


Hello everyone, my name is Lu Baihong, you must be very puzzled, how can there be two me?Then listen to me to talk to you!


"Little Lazy" at home


I am the "little lazy worm" at home, and my mother can't wake me up every morning!


One night, because my parents went out to eat, I completed my homework in school, and I watched "Fire Blue Blade" on the computer while eating.I watched 5 episodes in one breath, and I turned off the computer until I heard the footsteps of my parents and my mother's footsteps from the road and started to sleep.


On the morning of the first person, I do n’t know how long my mother shouted me. I still did n’t get up. I did n’t open my eyes until my mother took the watch to my eyes. I saw the Table 7:20 before I put on my dressed and carried a school bag., Holding a pack of milk and a piece of bread rushed out of the house.


Look, is this "little lazy worm" who loves to sleep?


"Book Need" in the study


As soon as I entered the study, I was a "nerd".


I remember once, I read a book in the study, and I was fascinated.Mom is cooking in the kitchen. At this time, the sesame oil is gone, what should I do?My mother asked me to buy a bottle of sesame oil back. I had to run to the kitchen with the book in my hand and took the 25 yuan in my mother's hand.At this time, I originally wanted to put the book back to the study, but that book was like magic, and attracted me to sit down and continued to read the book in my hand.After more than half an hour, my mother saw why I hadn't returned yet, so I went to the study to see it. As a result, ...


Do you talk, is this Lu Baihong's real "nerd"?


Haha, you should know why there are two "me" now?Actually, every one is really me!Because in different occasions and different people's eyes, there will be a different me.


So, how many are you?


My 400 words2


"Seeing the smoke rising again, the twilight shines on the ground, and wants to ask the smoke, where are you going." The 20 -year -old alien life made me hum in my heart and sang this thoughtful hometown song.Thinking of today I will return to my hometown for many years.


Just got off the plane, I opened my mouth in surprise, my hometown changed, changed, everything changed. The original rows of dwarfed bungalows have now become high -rise buildings. It turned out that only one on the street was installed with the simplest street lights.It has become a colorful neon light, and I have moved to the original market again, but the original open -air stalls are gone, and they have become rows of high -end clothing rooms.It is a LCD TV.


The handsome father and young and beautiful mother in the family have lost the style of the past, but the kind smile is still hanging on her face. The sister of the same age has her own multinational company.Advanced software is popular.At present, her career is booming, and her sister, four years younger than me, has become a postdoctoral. I have never dreamed that my sister has such great achievements. Many big companies are rushing to sign a contract with him!At the same time, I am really proud of the huge changes in my hometown.


Suddenly, my phone rang, and my boss asked me to go back to sign a contract immediately.


This is the hometown of twenty years later. I am your child. Twenty years, how much I want to invest in your embrace, my hometown!


My 400 words3


My name is Cai XX. I am eight years old and is a second grade elementary school student.


I, my curved eyebrows, big eyes, white teeth, and no small mouth.My family call me "naughty ghost".I have happened to me many things that make you feel ridiculous. Many I have forgotten, but one thing is deeply engraved in my mind.


In my first grade, my mother -in -law had a old hen.I remember that one day, I was passing by the henhouse and saw that the old hen was squatting in the nest and prepared for the egg.So, I thought: Why not hold the chicken on the bed and see how to get eggs, thinking about it, I picked up the old hens and walked to the house.Li, finally broke free from my hands, I did not show weakness, and pursued it closely. Finally, I caught the chicken again and pressed it to see how it was eggs. After about five or six minutes, the chicken finally couldn't hold back.Live, slide down the big and round egg along the butt.At this time, I quickly let go of the chicken. I didn't expect the chicken to play the eggs to the roots of the window sill with the chicken. The eggs were smashed. When I saw it dumbfounded, I quickly put the eggs and poured it away.Despite this, she still did not escape her mother's bright eyes, attracting her mother's reprimand.


This is ridiculous, right? This is me of naughty!


My 400 words4


My big name is Gu Yuyao, and the nickname is Tongtong; I still have a lot of nicknames in my home, such as Baby, Gu Dabao, Zhu Xiaobao ...


I have long black hair, and I am a pair of big eyes. As the face is getting round and round, my eyes are getting smaller and smaller.Zhang Xiaoxiao's mouth.


My hobbies are extensive, singing, dancing, painting, playing table tennis, swimming, hee hee!It's not good to learn.But my favorite is reading a book. My mother gave me a library's borrowing card. I will read a book almost every half a month. When I read the book, I will be deeply immersed inIn the world described by the author, I often can't hear my mother's voice. At this time, a Hedong lion roar, and I will return to the real world.


I have many advantages and disadvantages. My advantages are love, care for collective honors, and actively answer questions in class.EssenceEssencewhee!There are many advantages here.There are also a lot of disadvantages. Do not endure hardships and hard work, fear of crying, and the most terrible disadvantage is "sloppy".I want to say that my sloppy example is more than one. For example, I forgot to bring a red scarf, the exam to write a few words, and the homework is clearly remembered in the book.Two days had to submit homework but found that the book forgot to bring it.


This is me, a love singing, dancing, reading a book, love, I will be afraid of crying, and I often sloppy me. Do you like me?If you like it, make a friend with me!


My 400 words5


In those days, my throat was painful and itchy. I felt sore throat without saying a few words.Facing the bitter cold wind in winter, a mouth, after eating the wind, the throat will feel dry for a while. When it comes to slow, it is always itchy, but there is no way to take it anyway.At that time, I was probably stared at by the devil Satan, and the whole one had lost my self -confidence.Once my throat is painful and itchy, I will cough involuntarily, so that it can feel better, but it will be endless as soon as I coughs, and sometimes my stomach hurts.


Finally, after three hundred rounds of fighting with my mother, I was forced to go to the cold hospital. The white angels praised by everyone should be a wolf wearing sheepskin in my eyes. I remember once, I can finally stop with tears.In the face of injections, the nurse was picked up three times before successful. It just hit me.


That day, I went there again. As soon as I entered the door, I regretted it, and I felt a little evil, but I saw that my mother came for my good.The doctor looked at my tongue coating, and said that I had some tonsil inflammation and needed injections.Ah, now I have completely collapsed, but don't let me run back to such a nurse.When I came to the place where I got a bit, I sat down calmly, and my heart tense jumped into my throat.After a while, the nurse came over with me with a smile.I clenched her fists as usual, and she applied alcohol to my back.No matter how skillfully wrapped a rubber tube on my wrist.Immediately, she squeezed a needle of this drop of the bottle, carefully aligned, and then pierced into my back.I immediately felt a pain, and after returning to the blood, I was relieved, indicating that this time it was successful.


Nevertheless, the facts still tell me, don't catch a cold anymore, don't go to the hospital anymore.


My 400 words6


I am an introverted child. In front of strangers, I can't say it. In front of the teacher, I can't speak.In front of my family, I couldn't say a word, not nothing to say, just because of my introverted personality, I didn't want to say.


Human personality is different, some people are cheerful, some are lively, some are active personality, and I am an introverted person.


Introverted people have her benefits and her disadvantages.The introverted me is that you can read books very quietly.Writing, do something else to do other things, do a quiet person. When you encounter unhappy things, you will never be loud and noisy.When I was chatting with others, I also whispered, and I would not quarrel with others. This is the benefits of introverted personality.


But introverted people are not all benefits, but also disadvantages.The disadvantage is that in class, the teacher asked me to answer the question. When I was sitting on the chair, I obviously wanted the answer, but I forgot myself nervously when I stood up, and I couldn't say it.This should be my introvert!Every time there is a storytelling competition, the teacher never wants me to participate in the story competition. It should be that the teacher is afraid that I can stand on the stage and say that it is not good.After class, I don't like to play, I like to watch the scenery alone.Reading.Because of this, I don't have many good friends!


In the future, I hope that I will become more lively, not so introverted, play more with children, talk more, come on, I will definitely do it.


My 400 words7


I am a lively and cheerful elementary school student in Fangcao Elementary School III and 2nd Class II. I study hard and work hard, love the class collective, love labor, and help others. In the family of Fangcao Elementary School, I learn and grow happily.


During the first grade to third -year study, I won 1 comprehensive Poly -Star award issued by the class and school, 4 comprehensive silver star prizes, 9 times for single subjects, and 3 times for single disciplines. At the same time, I, IIt has also won honors such as the title of environmental protection, first prize of patriotism education activities, and Cambridge English test 1 certificates.


I like to read, because books are the food of human spirit; I like writing, because writing allows me to express what I want to say the most; I like painting, because painting can let me use the brushes in my hand to depict the most beautiful colors,Patters; I also like English, dance, and so on.


I love life, looking for fun and wealth in observing life, experiencing life, experience of success, and frustration of failure!


I am eager to become a young man with enthusiasm, wisdom, and power. This title will add color to me. In the face of this title, I should do it: strive to develop my vision, cultivate my talents, dare to accept criticism, courage to be courageousCorrection errors have been developed in terms of virtue, wisdom, physical, the United States, and labor.


Sunshine boy, I am a real sunshine boy!


My 400 words8


Hey, these children are so pitiful.My grandmother sighed, and I quickly walked to my grandmother.It turned out that Grandma was tearing tears for children in the documentary channel.


The caves of different sizes have become classrooms for children to read. There are different desks, dilapidated desks, and a yellowed textbook.The thin and dilapidated clothes, sitting in a cave with extremely lack of light, listening carefully, my heart was also sour.What makes me more unimaginable is that those children are holding small branches because they have no books and pencils, and they are holding the characters learned in the classroom on the yellow sand, but their expression is so focused


Gradually, my. The eyes were moist. They and I were children of the same age. They thought that they were so eager to learn in such a bad and difficult environment.My face blushed, ashamed of my unknown cherish and comfortable learning environment; I was ashamed of spending money for myself often; I was ashamed of doing more homework, more words and my parents.How much I am ignorant!I should have such a good learning environment. Such a good teacher should be proud, and I should cherish my current life.How happy I am compared with those children!


Thinking about it, I came to my bookcase and picked a few pens, a few books, and a small schoolbag. To my grandmother, they donated to those children who needed help!I hope they can have a good life.


My grandmother touched my head and said reluctantly?you have grown up.


At this time, the joy of the children appeared in my mind.


My 400 words9


It is Huang Xinying, who is nine years old and works as a learning member in four years.


I am a lively and lovely girl, namely naughty and sensible, with a pair of big eyes. Although the hair is short but very dark, the thick earlobe makes my family say that I am blessed.


I think I am a relatively good child. My parents praise me filial piety. The teacher praises me kindness. My classmates praise me enthusiasm and do not like to be angry.I love reading, thinking, singing, dancing, lectures, I want to try everything.I occasionally have a ghost idea to make a prank, making the classmates laugh.


I have a harmonious family, a gentle mother -in -law, my grandma all day long, and a simple grandfather.Oh, by the way, I almost forgot him — my humorous, kind, honest, honest and kind, and bearing the happy fruit dad who invested in me!We all live together and live with joy.ah!Seeing my nature, I almost forgot about the "Rou" of our dog. Although it has been lost, the photo has been stored in my dad's mobile phone, so I also counted it as a member of my home.I saw it, that's such an environment, and I grew up like this.


I am very sloppy. I often drop the exercise book to the class. Once I took the exam, I wrote "How many white geese are there?"Because of this question, my mathematics did not score 100 points.It's sorry to mention it now.


Look, this is me.


My 400 words10


I am a girl, a tireless girl.Sometimes I careless, sometimes the mind is heavy, sometimes free of charge.In short, I was not idle for a moment.


When I heard good news "joy", I wanted to find a partner to tell the happiness in my heart.At this time, the smooth white paper became my partner, which made me draw "clear sky".In this way, white paper records the joy in my heart.


When I was angry, I wanted to find a partner to tell the resentment in my heart.At this time, Wen Jing's white paper became my partner, which made me draw a "anger".In this way, white paper records the "flame" in my heart.


When I heard the bad news "sorrow", I wanted to find a partner to tell the sorrow in my heart.This is that the smooth white paper once became my partner, which made me draw "Wuyun densely".In this way, white paper records the sorrow in my heart.


When I was happy, I wanted to find a partner to tell the excitement in my heart.At this time, the quiet white paper became my partner, which made me draw "the heart blooming."In this way, white paper records the joy in my heart.


I am a girl with joy and sorrow, a girl with four kinds of moods.Don't guess my heart, because it is changing


My 400 words11


Every time I see the art book, I feel very guilty.


This is one thing that happened in the first grade.It was a very ordinary day. I took a class. I looked at the course table, oh, it was a math class.The teacher gave us a few questions. Because it was an abacus, I needed a ruler, but my ruler was not found.I turned the stationery box to the bottom, and carefully checked the schoolbag, but did not, what can I do now! I asked a few students around me, but they had only one.Alas, I had to replace it with a book, and the straight lines were crooked. It was ugly.I thought: If I let me know who stole my ruler, I must scold him.


"Ding Zero", after class, I wrote seven big characters on the blackboard: "Who stole my ruler!" Everyone turned my eyes on me, but the students did not say a word.


So I suspected that it was Xiao Chen at the same table, and she also said that my ruler was good -looking.Yes, it must be her! I said angrily, "Xiao Chen, return my ruler, quickly, take it out!" "I didn't take it." She said, "How can I take your ruler!" I am annoyedSaid: "It's you, it's you ..." There was a harsh noise sounded.


After quarreling with Xiaochen, I never ignored her.It wasn't until one day in the art class that I found that my ruler was sandwiched in the art book.When I was about to apologize to Xiao Chen after class, I forgot.


The next day, the math teacher told me that Xiao Chen turned to school. Suddenly, I stayed, and I regret not apologizing to her.If you can see her, I must say to her, "I'm sorry."


My 400 words12


I'm sloppy, I often do something that makes people cry and laugh.For example, there is a question in the homework that I haven't done it. I think of the plus number as a minus number.Sentences are leaked ... Well, such a sloppy thing is really endless.


This morning, my feet were a little itchy, so I took off the socks.After a while, I was going to wear socks, but I didn't remember where to put the socks.I was looking for the trace of socks.The time for school was here, but I still didn't find it. I had to take a pair of new socks and put on the toilet, and accidentally touched the pants pocket.Huh?What is soft?I took it out, isn't this the socks I was looking for in the morning?It made me find it for a long time.


Another time I was writing homework. Someone told me to go out to play. I put down and ran out.When I came back to prepare for my homework, I found that I couldn't find a pen.Later, when I picked up rubber, I saw a pen on the ground.well!How to be on the ground?It must be that I just wanted to go out and play, and threw the pen casually, and the pen rolled to the ground.


Alas, I am so sloppy, this brings a lot of trouble for my studies and life.In the future, I will always remind myself not to be sloppy.


My 400 words13


Oops, a cold!The nose flowing out of the nostrils, the throat was painful again, and had to take an injection to take medicine. The cold was really uncomfortable!


What is the cause of a cold?It is because there are many people in contact and infection with each other; their resistance is weak; bad living habits and so on.


I have caught a cold many times, and the taste is really bad.I ca n’t stop the nose when it comes out. The napkin paper is used in a large bag, and the trash cans are full, and the nose is still unable to eat it.But you ca n’t catch it. It ’s really itchy and unwilling to give birth. There are the most terrible coughs. From time to time, you will“ cough ”.IntersectionMy mother took me to see a doctor. I saw a lot of people when I went to the hospital. They seemed to have a cold. It seemed that the cold became popular.There are many people who are dripping and hear a burst of crying of children. It seems to be crying because I am afraid of injections. I am not afraid of injections, because I often get sick when I was sick when I was a kid, but now I rarely get sick.It smells the strong medicine, which is also the unique taste of the hospital.


After the doctor's diagnosis, I said that I was going to get an injection. I didn't panic when I heard the news. I didn't think it was the most painful to drink Chinese medicine when I was a kid.Eating, the injection is just a bit of pain, but the parents next to me told me not to be nervous, and care about me too much.I was not afraid when I was waiting for injections, but the child next to me cried and called her mother. My mother covered my eyes with her hands and did not let me see, but I just wanted to look at it, and I felt strange.


Have you caught a cold?Is it uncomfortable? It feels really torture. I hope everyone should pay attention to the body in the future and not to catch a cold and fever.


My 400 words14

  今天,天气真是晴朗可我的心情却不见得那么晴朗.我的心情像刚刚下了一场大暴雨,令人生气的事偏偏看上了我,跑到我的头上来"作乱". 下午第二节课,数学老师讲了新课,我们都听得津津有味.正巧 ,有位老师找数学老师老师便出去了。

Today, the weather is really clear, but my mood is not as clear as it is.My mood seemed to have just a heavy rain, and the angry things looked at me, and ran to my head to "mess".In the second class in the afternoon, the math teacher gave a new class, and we all heard it.Coincidentally, a teacher went out for a math teacher and teacher.


At this time, the unlucky things are requested to "be a guest". After the teacher went out, the class was in the class.After doing my homework, I just said him a few words, but I knew that Hu Haoran was a "explosive bag". I undoubtedly ignited the "fuse"!He dragged my math book angrily and torn up "click".At this time, I couldn't bear it, "the volcano erupted" using my unique trick- "Invincible King Kong Claw" to tear his math book into "sparse", he saw that his book was torn into "meat sauce"

  时,燃起了怒火,和我搏斗起来,他大显神威,向我脸上冲来.我也费 尽九牛二虎之力,向他扑来`````` 老师来时,见我俩搏斗,又见胡浩然在哭,便说我不对.唉,我只好自认倒霉,要知道我的左脸自从被他赏了一个耳光时,已经长成一个豆大的"青春痘"呀!

At that time, he burned anger and fought with me. He showed great power and rushed to my face.When I also spent the power of nine cows and two tigers, when I came to him, when Teacher came, when I came, I saw that we were fighting, and when Hu Haoran was crying, I said that I was wrong.Alas, I had to consider myself unlucky. I have to know that my left face has been appreciated by him, and I have grown into a "acne" with bean!


My 400 words15


Hello everyone, my name is Gu Yukun, now I am 9 years old.I often lose three places to do things, and I always write wrong words when writing. My mother called me "Mr. White Character".I love to read books, but my biggest hobby is only one word — play: playing computer games, swimming, table tennis, skateboarding, skating, Go, Wuzi chess, robot.Among them, my favorite is computer games. My mother said that I played computer games to forget everything.Do not believe?Let's take a look at the little story below.


Once I played a computer with my friends at a friend's house, my mother called me to go home for dinner.When I went downstairs to go home, I met another friend and asked me to go to his house to play games.As soon as I heard a computer game, I even tossed to my mind, and ran to the friend's house to play well.As a result, after an hour we were playing happily, a knock on the door came. It turned out that my parents were looking for all my friends' houses to find me, and they were so anxious to call the police!I was so angry that my parents had a meal, and I was banned for a month.Later, my parents told me again. I knew that playing computer games would be addicted for a long time. If I was not good for myself, I tried to control myself less computer game.Students can learn lessons, don't do the same stupid things as me!


This is the playful me. Don't think I can only play computer games, I also have many advantages!But I did n’t have time to introduce you today. A friend came to me. I was in a hurry to play. Let ’s tell you next time!


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