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Yun 400 words


Yun 400 words,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

In daily study, work, or life, everyone inevitably exposes Composition . Composition is a speech activity that people express their expressions in writing.In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is the cloud 400 words collected by the editor_ 为了 为了 吧 _ Elementary composition, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.


Yun 400 words1


As the saying goes, "the most beautiful but the sunset red" I think the burning clouds in the sunset are the most beautiful.


In the evening, the sun began to become more and more red, and the surrounding clouds began to gradually become red.At the beginning, it was just pale yellow, layer by layer, and could not see anything.Later, the cloud became a color like red flames, and it began to look like.


Look!A cloud on the south is like a dragon, swimming towards this side, a kind of intangible majesty makes us respect it.After a while, the dragon turned into an eagle again, and we even saw the feathers like its steel needle.When it comes to seeing it, it will run away.


Look!The cloud on the north, as if confronting the dragon in the south, became a tiger, a daunting tiger.The tiger also changed with the dragon, becoming a steed, the head of the horse to the south, and the ponytail to the north. The red red made it more powerful and strong.Praise a few words of its handsomeness.


However, the good times are not long. "The sunset is infinitely good, but it is almost dusk." Although the clouds are beautiful, it does not last long, but its beauty is always printed in our hearts.


Yun 400 words2


If life is clouds, I want to float freely from all over the place, to convene all companions, and gather together to add water to the barren land and pour dry land.Even if there is hail or storm in front, they tear off my skin; even if there is a storm in front of the storm, they reject my progress in a cold tone; even if there is a haze in front, they block my journey and let Lei Gong teach me ... II'm not afraid, I won't be afraid, I just go forward blindly.Regardless of what wind, sand, what rain, snow, what kind of wind, day, what fog, thunderbolt ... I go forward, not humble, I am a moisturizing cloud, I am a vibrant.Yun, for others, for the world, and hold a cool and joyfulness for the society.


If life is a sea, I want to tolerate every drop of water, a little bit, and a little water is my companion; I want to shelter every drop of water and shelter every weak person with my broad mind.Even if it is the drop of water that once bullied me, it will be the drop of water that makes me sorrow and sorrow ... I don't mind, I don't mind, I just dare to take responsibility.Because, I have a vast mind.I appealed to the world: "Don't just ask for it, don't dedicate it!" I am a vast sea, I am a sea tolerant of others.Hold a vast and tolerant.


If life is ...


Life will not be afraid of strength, no dedication, nor will they not be tolerant of others.Life is great and ordinary. It only poured the dedication and friendship, and let the world show their birth, peace and happiness.


Yun 400 words3


Yun is a child of the blue sky.He loves so clean, so careful.He was so naughty, so curious about everything in the world.When I raised my head.You see, the cute cloud baby began to imitate everything he saw.


The horses that are only Pentium in the turquoise grassland are so strong and so joyful.Look at that, the cute cloud of clouds, imitation of hard work.However, after all, it is still a baby, so it is very cute to be imitated.Although it is not a horse, it is still a newly born little white horse!


However, Baby Yun was not discouraged. Suddenly, the little white horse in the sky was gone, and it became a little white rabbit:


The cute little white rabbit, under the care of the warm rabbit mother, eats the little owner with fresh milk, showing a sweet smile on her face.But Baby Yun has never eaten fresh milk, so he can only imagine the taste of fresh milk and make cute movements.However, after all, it is a baby, and it cannot be compared with animals, and does not want animals.Therefore, Baby Yun gave up, and returned to her mother's `, lying in her mother's arms, talking to her mother, and smiled happily.


Baby Yun, slowly growing up, he became a cloud in the sky, and he also had children, and lived a happy life.


Yun 400 words4


My hometown ---- Guangzhou is a beautiful city, but the most striking thing is the beautiful Baiyun Mountain.Although it is not as majestic as Taishan, and no red leaves like Xiangshan, it has big trees, birds, wild flowers ... These beautiful scenery forms the natural beauty of Baiyun Mountain.


When the squirrel is lazy, the scenery on the mountain is charming.Do n’t believe it, look at: the red, yellow, white, blue, and the wild flower that cannot be called, it will make you dazzling and dizzy.The group of bees shuttled in the flowers and were busy picking honey; the flower butterflies stirred the beautiful wings to dance on the petals; the birds kept calling on the branches, bringing unlimited vitality to Baiyun Mountain.


In summer, Grandpa Dashu held an umbrella to block the sun for us.Everyone drinks water in the shade of the tree, takes cold, chats, and the children are happy to play under the tree. They are very happy.At this time, there may be a few birds to sing for you!


In autumn, a burst of breeze across the woods, and the leaves fell down, like a butterfly dancing, it was really beautiful!


In winter, people walk in the mountains in the mountains, and the ground is full of leaves. Stepping on the sound of "rustling" on it makes people feel scared. However, the warm greeting of the boss of the small sales department can make you happy.


Bai Yunshan, I love you!


Yun 400 words5


There are many changes in nature. I think the favorite change is the cloud. Its shape is different in different people's hearts, and it is also different in different times.


When the sun hasn't risen, Yun is already in the sky. Look, some of them are like fierce gray wolves, chasing lively small sheep; some of them are like a strong horse, cheerfully on the grass ... This naughty cloud turned the sky into a huge zoo! When the sun rises, the animals in the zoo have approved a piece of golden yellow cloak, which is extremely beautiful. When the sun hung high in the sky, the clouds of the blue sky changed again. Some of them were lying lazily in the sun, some read books leisurely, and some were like rolling mountains. When a gust of wind blows, they sometimes become a fast -running car, and sometimes it becomes a pity puzzle, making people want to touch its pure fluff ... When the sun is about to be about to be about to When the mountain was falling, first moved to the clouds slowly, and finally, the clouds were shrouded in, and the clouds put on the red gauze in this way and turned into a fire. I do n’t know who was cut into pieces one by one. It was neatly arranged in the sky neatly. After a while, the blue sky was red, and the light seemed to be on the ground again. It becomes peaceful. There is a proverb saying, "Can't go out early, burn thousands of miles late", it means that there is a fire in the morning, which means that this day is cloudy. If a fire occurs at night It is expected that it will appear in the evening. Burning clouds can also predict the weather, it is really hard. Clouds, endlessness; clouds, mysteriousness; clouds, beautiful ... I like the clouds in the sky, and I also like to listen to the songs about the cloud.


Yun 400 words6


In March of Yangchun, spring flowers bloomed, and my father and mother took me to Yunlong Lake to enjoy the spring.The spring rain dyed the earth green, and the soft spring breeze blew the river water.


When I came to the lake, I saw a willow tree, the tender branches were low, and they swayed gently, as if swinging their soft long hair, and looked at the mirror on the lake!I quickly walked to the tree, stroked the willow branches with both hands, and left the camera in the hands of my father, leaving the first photo of "I compete with the willow tree" in this trip.


Travel along the lake, a few trees, peach blossoms, fighting for gorgeousness.In the breeze and drizzle, like a bride wearing a pink veil, she answered shamefully, adding a bit of beauty.I ran under the most flower blooming tree, made a few very cute moves, and took a set of photos of "human face peach blossoms and red".The beauty in my heart is really nothing.The lilac beside him also spit bud, like a polite groom, the bud showed a bunch of grape -like small buds, grinning and laughing.Butterfly also became a matchmaker, flying here, there are not many pollen, although there are not many pollen, but they are too busy.Walking across the bridge, a large area of spring flowers compete for opening.Some only expanded two or three petals, and some petals were unfolded. Like a young girl, some were flowers and bones, and those who looked full of fullness would be broken immediately.While chasing the butterfly, I was playing and hiding in flowers and butterflies. My father kept snatching the next picture of "I play with the butterflies together with the butterflies".


Stepping all the way, laughing all the way.Unconsciously, there was a big circle around the lake.Looking back, the beautiful Yunlong Lake sparkling, the rain and mist, made me really linger.


Yun 400 words7


Today is the last collective travel of our sixth grade. The destination is to study and visit Yunqi Town, and imagine the future: What can we do for their alma mater?


As soon as the progress area, I feel the development of technology here.First of all, we watched the introduction of Yunqi Town.Many famous characters appear in the video, such as Alibaba founder Ma Yun and others.In the film, I also learned that people in the 21st century are inseparable from technology and are still developing higher -tech things.The Yunqi Town is the gathering place for many high IQ elites.I think that there are no geniuses in the world. As long as we are willing to work hard, we are willing to fight and innovate unremittingly. One day, we can also become people who lead the development of the country, to create a high -tech to benefit the society.Essence


In the next display, I was shocked by high -tech products. What impressed me was a pen that corrected children's strokes.This pen can retract the pen tip when the pose of your pen is incorrect, so that you have to hold the pen in the right posture.


Then, we went to the "Dream Workshop" again. According to the staff, "numbers" is the "number" of "data", "dream" is the "dream" of "dream", "work" is "IT engineer""Gong" and "field" are the "field" of "science and technology battlefield".It is said that at the end of June, the bus will be combined with Alipay, and it will be more convenient to travel in the future.In addition, I also know that the "nailing" software is a communication software specifically for government personnel because its confidentiality program is extremely high.


Leaving from Yunqi Town, I can't help but sigh: the power of technology is really great!Not only makes the lives of our people better, but also the development of China to the next level!


Yun 400 words8


Without clouds, the sky has no vitality.It is precisely because of the cloud that the sky is full of vitality.The cloud change in the sky is unpredictable, and it can perform many bizarre and fun stories.


The clouds in the sky sometimes look like cute little lambs, sometimes like beautiful sunflowers, sometimes like towering mountains, and sometimes like charming flower and bird gardens.


Sometimes the clouds in the sky sometimes a lot of them, like a fudge pile in the supermarket, I really want to eat it!


You see, you see!That little carp couldn't wait to cross Longmen!The expression of its efforts, the splattered "water flowers", are the witness of its jumping dragon gate.Time has passed, and the little carp is also rising little by little.After a while, ah!Little carp, crossing Longmen!


what!Look at a perfect beach!There are also a few coconut trees next to it!Isn't that a beautiful bikini beach?It seems that someone is dancing, singing a beautiful song.


The clouds in the sky are sometimes playing with me.I just saw a little rabbit smiling at me.As a result, I stared at it disappeared!I watched it for a while, and the little rabbit still didn't come out.When I was about to disappoint, it appeared in the sky again!I think: Little Rabbit, you do n’t tell me if you see you hiding, you!But I was in a hurry!The little rabbit seemed to know what I was thinking, and even shyly jumped a few times.


The clouds in the sky are so ever -changing.It sometimes catchs and hides, sometimes feels reasonable, sometimes laughs at you, crying to you.Clouds, unpredictable and beautiful, it adds a lot of vitality and vitality to the sky.Do you like Yun?


Yun 400 words9


Looking up at the sky, the beautiful clouds floated in the air.I like Yun, because he is white and flawless, it can make my heart more calm.


Clouds, thousands of strange changes, changes in many end.Whenever I look up at the sky, I always see the ever -changing clouds.Clouds, sometimes it turns into a group of marshmallows, sometimes becomes a sheep, sometimes it becomes a horse ... it's extremely interesting!


Today, I was sitting on the chair in front of my house, watching the white and beautiful white clouds on the sky carefully.I found that the changes in the cloud were extremely wonderful, and some became a castle; some became a flower, and some became a beautiful girl.I looked at the fascination, and I seemed to become a white cloud, and gradually flew towards the sky.Slowly, I came to this beautiful sky city.Looking down, people are like Grandpa Wu Yun calling on Wuyun's family.It's about the next rain to relieve disaster.I quickly drifted into the sea and worked hard to absorb the water. Slowly, I changed from white to black.After I sucked enough water, I quickly drifted out of the drought and drought. I saw Grandpa Wu Yun in the rain, and I also joined the disaster relief operation.After this heavy rain, the Wuyuns who participated in the disaster relief were gradually becoming smaller until they disappeared, and people who were drought away from the sea of suffering and cheered in the rain ...


At this time, I found out that I am not cloud, I am watching the cloud.We should learn the spirit of self -denial!


Yun 400 words10


After dinner, I came to the balcony, and after a while, the fire burned up.Xia Guang's hair became golden.Our puppy became a golden dog and screamed happily.The cat downstairs became a "wealth cat".The grandfather downstairs looked at the fish he fished into "gold" fish.He just wanted to say, "Yeah! What's going on ..." A fitness person ran to him next to him, "Ha! You are always golden beard!"


The clouds in the sky have been burned from the west to the east, red, like a fire on the sky.This is the burning cloud.


The fire in this place has changed a lot. After a while, it is red, half purple and half -yellow, half -gray and half -blue, half -gray and half yellow.These colors are available.There are some colors that I can't say clearly, and I haven't seen it.

  一会儿,空中突然出现了“狗的军团” 他们正在练习踏步,似乎在做赛前准备似的。又过了一会儿,来了一匹马在追赶“狗的军团”他们拼命逃脱,但还是跑不过马,他们渐渐被吞没了。那匹马变大了,仿佛盖住了整个天空。当我惊讶的时候,出现了一只非常小的老鹰,看样子他是想把这匹马吃掉,哎,真是不自量力,可是让我没想到的是,老鹰居然赢了!正当我想说:“不是吧……”的时候,最终赢家-老鹰悄悄飞走了。

After a while, the "dog's legion" suddenly appeared in the air and they were practicing steps, as if they were preparing before the game.After a while, a horse came to catch up with the "dog's legion" and they escaped desperately, but they still couldn't run, and they were gradually swallowed.The horse became bigger, as if covering the entire sky.When I was surprised, a very small eagle appeared. It seemed that he wanted to eat this horse. Hey, it was really not self -raising, but what made me unexpected was that the Eagle actually won! Just as I think I wantSaid: "No ...", the final winner-the Eagle flew away quietly.


For a while, it seemed to be chaotic in the sky, which looked like, that was also.I feel that I can’t see things clearly, and I must close my eyes and wait.But fire clouds don't like to wait for those children who are interested in him.After a while, the fire was slowly sinking.


Yun 400 words11


Looking up at the blue sky, not only blue, but also red, white ...


In the morning, the sky is like an overturned color bottle, and the white and blue are mixed together. These two colors do not make each other. If you push me squeeze, you want to show how beautiful you are!In the process of quarreling, the white Yun Duo sister called Brother Black Wuyun. As soon as the sky was wonderful, the sky was so beautiful.However, Wuyun came, and Bai Yun couldn't wait, so he walked down.


At noon, the sun shines on the ground, and the warm sunlight adds a hint of majesty to the sky, adding a trace of pride to the clouds.In order to show his own uniqueness, Bai Yun turned into various gestures: a tall lion opened his mouth and launched an attack like a leopard. When they touched it, they suddenly became a sturdy.Lady, the skirt shakes with the wind, she holds the petals, like the world ...


The sunset shines on the cheeks of the clouds and the sky, and they become golden red, as if the flames spreading with the wind are burning between the sky.Gradually, when the setting sun was about to fall, the sky, Baiyun and the sunset blended, and became the color of blue and green.This color is refreshing, and the troubles are all rushed away!


This kind of beauty is everywhere that can be seen everywhere. As long as you pay attention to observation and integrate with nature, you will find that in addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, in addition to the colorful redness, there is such a beautiful scenery!


Yun 400 words12


One evening, I knew the beauty of the cloud on the balcony at home.


Yun Duo is really ever -changing. After a while, it becomes a little squirrel, a kitten, and a big tiger after a while ... "Big Tiger" saw the "kitten", and then rushed forward to catch it.Run, running and running, cats and tigers slowly become the sea ... Ah!The "bull" was so stupid that he jumped to the "sea".Soon, the sea and buffalo turned into a dragon hovering in the sky again. I was about to see where it flew, but it turned into a group of lambs ...


I really think that these clouds are so wonderful, so I ran into the house to call my brother to see, but my brother said, "What's the good of the cloud ..." So I watched it myself.Suddenly, I saw Yuncai like my brother, and I hurried in to call my brother. My brother was pulled to the balcony by me, looked up, and was surprised. He said, "It turns out that Yun Duo is so beautiful!"


So, my brother and I lay on the balcony to see the clouds that changed tens of clouds. We saw the spacecraft, the little white rabbit, saw the big gray wolf, saw the big tree stopped by the bird ... Finally, the bird's bird was stopped ... In the endHe Dashu seems to have become the family portrait of our family.


The sky was getting dark, and the clouds disappeared in the night. My brother and I reluctantly returned to the house ...


Yun 400 words13


I have a strange fantasy since I was a child -if I am a cloud, how good it is!In this way, you can invite the sky, so comfortable!


In the evening, I slept with this dream.Strange, somehow, I suddenly felt that I became a white, white, soft cloud!But happy!Slowly, the window came out, came to the window, and came to the blue sky.I looked down at the ground, the car and pedestrians could not see clearly, and the house was very small.The rivers are like small snakes, dividing the earth into several large pieces, and even the huge mountain peaks lost their prestige.


I floated, and came to our neighbor -Fu Khan.The dust is flying here, and then take a closer look that the US counter -terrorism forces are with the "horror tycoon".The army of bin Laden is here!Book.The firepower of the bin Laden Army was very fierce, and the counter -terrorism forces could not be raised.Seeing this, I also came over to help the counter -terrorism troops and took a breath at the battlefield.This tone is not.


I came to a big city again. There is a large factory everywhere, a chimney, dyed the sky into black and suddenly. I floated over and was smoked into "Wuyun".Scream: "Help! Help!"


When I opened my eyes again, I found that I was lying on the bed, "it turned out to be a dream"


Yun 400 words14


Look, the blue sky was washed with white clouds.They carefree, accompanied by the wind, gathered and scattered, like a small white flower, like a white ribbon, like a white dream.


Cloud, how pure and free.It was so floating, never knowing exhaustion, but when the wind blows, it is scattered.The sun is also here to make fun, but she is an excellent designer: first set a shiny Phnom Penh for the cloud -this is the size; then use the blue sky to make a long skirt without any impurities; the final setting, the spring breeze puts the sleeve in the spring breeze, the spring breeze puts the sleeve in the spring breezeBlow tightly, blow the waist, blow the tail of the skirt, like a layer of tulle.Greater merit!


However, the cloud of beauty is not assured, fluttering to the lake, raising her hairstyle, patting a long skirt, and finally, some of them are modeling in the sky with satisfaction.


At dusk, the sun is going home, and the blue long skirt seems a bit single, so the sunset brings them color: big red, orange, yellow, orange yellow, purple ... colorful and colorful.When the lantern was beginning, they came out for a catwalk: the colorful lanterns set off their silhouettes, and looked more charming according to their outline.


The moon and stars came out, and the clouds changed into a black gauze skirt, and the stars were diamonds, shining, luxurious and mysterious, and it was imaginative.


I am willing to turn into a cloud, a white, carefree cloud, will always float ...


Yun 400 words15


I want to become a cloud, because it is so free, I can visit the world, feel their lives, and help them.


One day, I floated in the blue sky, floating to a drought in a drought. Under the hot sun, the fields there were fiercely open, and the peasant uncle was tired and heartache.I also feel very distressed.There is also one of the famous seven freshwater lakes -Poyang Lake, where the water there are drying up, and weeds grow and become desolate.I was so anxious that I quickly turned myself into a dark cloud. The rainfall gave the earth, allowing the earth to restore the previous humidity, showing the previous vitality, and I was very happy to see the peasant uncle's smile.


Then my trip.Suddenly a strong wind turned me dizzy. When I woke up, I found that I had reached a cold place, surrounded by dark clouds, and heavy rain.I took a closer look at it again. It was so boring. It was originally a flood here. People left their homes and lived in no place. The children were crying. You see that it may cause mudslides.EssenceSeeing such a tragic scene, I quickly turned myself into white and white, and invited the Sun father -in -law to "be a guest".The rain finally stopped. The brilliant sun shines on the ground, warming people's hearts, people re -build their own homes, start a new life, and watch a happy scene, I will laugh.


I want to become a cloud, let the earth's wind and rain smooth, let people live and work in peace, and life is full of sunshine and dew.


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