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[Popular] Eight compilations of Ye Ziwu composition


In daily study, work, and life, everyone is no stranger to composition . The composition requires a complete structure. We must avoid the appearance of composition without ending.So do you know how to write a good composition?The following is 8 leaves composed by Xiaobian to help you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

叶子作文 篇1


With such a flower, under the careful care of the Huahua workers, a beautiful and bright white flower opened.


One day, a group of tourists saw this big white flower, all of them praised.When Dai Baihua felt very angry, he shook his head proudly and said to the leaves on his body, "Did you hear it? Are they boasting me!"Who makes you look so inconspicuous, it is not praised at all. "


Ye Zi is not a taste: "You don't think about it. No one will praise you without me."


"If you are not as beautiful as you, maybe you can go to the newspaper and magazine tomorrow to make my reputation greater, and finally the world is famous." Dabaihua still said without care.


Ye Zi said loudly: "I have the photosynthetic effect of me for you to make you grow so delicate! It seems that I am really kind and have no good news."


Ye Zi decided to make this proud big white flower try his suffering.With a gust of wind, the leaves left this beautiful big white flower.Da Baihua thought: Finally got rid of it, the roots of the ears are also quiet, and your small green leaves invite merit in front of me every day. It is really good to leave.From that day, the lonely white flower did not know what was going on, and the flowers became smaller and smaller.The flower beside the flower told it: "Your leaves have left you. Without it, you cannot perform photosynthetic effects, and it is impossible to drive so big and delicate. You will die if you go on like this."After doing something wrong, I found the leaves, admitted the error and asked it to come back. The leaves agreed to make its request. When the spring comes in the coming spring, it will make green leaves.Flowers.


When the following spring came, the flowers were open as scheduled. There was a large and beautiful white flower in the park set off in the green leaves. It seemed so different in the park. The birds were flying around it.It also often patronizes it and has won praise from many people.

叶子作文 篇2


One afternoon in the early autumn, when I finished the training class, my mother took me home and passed by Liang Liangshan Park.When my mother was curious when I saw me, I said to me, "We haven't been to play in Liangshan Park for a long time. Today we go in and turn around."


As soon as I entered the gate of the park, I was shocked by the big ginkgo trees at the door. The dense leaves and the big trunk that a few people could not hold it were full of deep cracks. The dense leaves were like butterflies. The autumn wind gently gently.Blow, they fell down.I picked up a piece to observe carefully, the ginkgo leaves are golden, like a mini yellow fan.The edges of ginkgo leaves are uneven, but they are symmetrical. I touched it with my hands. Ginkgo biloba leaves like just listed silk, soft and delicate.I smelled it again, and the taste of soil!


Ginkgo leaves are not only beautiful, but also have a lot of benefits to the body.Let's take a drink with ginkgo leaves for example! Drinking water in the ginkgo leaves has four effects.It seems that my dad has more drinking.Second, the ginkgo leaves can also reduce cholesterol! When people are exercising after they are old, they can take it with physical strength, and we can take it.Third, you can prevent cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction, and the elderly should drink more.The fourth is the most important thing, beauty and beauty! It has the effect of freckle and moisturizing the skin! Am I also going to drink it too?


I continued to walk along the "yellow carpet" paved by the ginkgo leaves. Although I walked lightly, for fear of stepping on the artwork of this nature, I would still make a loud noise of "click".EssenceWalking on the "Yellow Carpet" really feels different.Unconsciously, I have entered the maple forest, and a maple tree is next to it, as if not separated.Suddenly, another leaf fell, and I stroked it from my head. I picked it up gently. The maple leaves became a bit red. My mother told me that another month, the maple leaves in the mountains will be red throughout the park.I lowered my head and observed the leaves in my hand. The leaves of the maple trees are dark red, which is good -looking! The clear leaf veins are symmetrical graphics, like a duck's foot, small and exquisite, but the maple leaves look a bit rough. I can only see it.Touching is very different from the delicateness of ginkgo leaves.


Through these two leaves, I deeply appreciate , how wonderful the ghost ax of nature is! For such a small thing, let us appreciate such delicate crafts.

叶子作文 篇3


Opening your eyes, the sun has been scattered throughout the earth, the dazzling sunlight shines, and it is not mercilessly to the body.The ping -pong slamming in the ears came out and walked out of the room. It was the busy voice of the mother in the kitchen.The hazy folding back to the living room, breakfast is ready to be on the table, this is a happiness of being a daughter!


Riding a little donkey shuttled on the way to work. At this time, at the peak of work, I saw that mothers took their children and ran into busy people.The child fiddles, this is a mother's heart!


The ground on the ground was hot, as the wind blows towards the face, the hot one just wants to hide into the air -conditioned room quickly. Seeing not far away, a pair of mothers and daughters staggered beside the street and rode in.The pregnant mother is walking with her old mother. This is the care of the two mothers to care for the child!


Leaves always bring people sadness. When people mention the leaves, they think more about the withering of the leaves.The woman's life hurriedly passed like a leaf. When she said goodbye to the youth, she became a wife, a family, a child's support, without regrets!


When I am a daughter, I am happy. My mother devoted all my love to you, adding clothes to you, and preparing for you, but my thin body is an indelible reliance in my life.


When you are a girlfriend, you are happy. The boyfriend who loves you will give everything to your heart, a strong shoulder, and a brief stop.


When he was a wife, it was hard. For the man he married, he operated a relationship, a family, and his own pressure gradually heated up.


When being a mother, it is tired, dual conversion of identity, and dual training of mental stress, making a woman a substantial change.

  春天的到来,是叶子枝繁叶茂的时节,但人们的眼中看到的只是花朵带给人的赏心悦目,却忽略了叶子的默默付出。夏天来临,炎热的光射让人暂时爱上了叶子,那是遮阳的最好屏障。 最落寞的季节,女人渐渐老去,秋天的季节,带来的是无限的感慨与失落!待到枝黄叶枯,末了的冬天,回首一生,才发现自己已步入终年,孩子又有了自己的孩子,自己的身份再次叠加,四季轮回,人生苦短。

The arrival of spring is the leafy season, but what people see only the pleasing to the eye brought by the flowers, but ignore the silent efforts of the leaves.Summer is coming, and the hot light shot makes people fall in love with the leaves temporarily, which is the best barrier of shading.In the most lonely season, women are getting older. In the autumn season, they bring infinite emotions and loss!When the yellow leaves are withered, in the last winter, when I look back at my life, I find that I have entered the year. The child has his own child. His identity is superimposed again.


The life of a woman will be vividly entered.The rest is the only pale and weak look back. I used to be happy in a time, stopping in the past, sweet and sad.I only want the man around him to give himself a little warmth, one dependence, a persistent love.


When children are happy, they are happy when they are pursuing, and they are happy when they are pregnant.The movement of that portion requires the most sincere and hot support given by men.Men, love to protect the women around you, no woman is willing to make a leaf, and more of them want to be the flower that never wither, and will always bloom in your heart field!

叶子作文 篇4


Leaf's life is very short, but it can bring us unlimited joy.


In spring, the leaflets slowly poked out, tender and green, especially small, like a newborn baby, I touched the leafy leaves gently with my hands, soft and smooth, as if the little baby's delicate face.As soon as the wind girl blown, it seemed that "Sha La" seemed to be welcoming the leaf to the new world. The mother of the tree also shaken the body to welcome the Xiaoye. The small leaves were swaying in the air, so happy.


In the summer, the little leaves gradually grew up under the nourishment of the sun, rain and soil. From a little baby to a beautiful little girl, the leaves became emerald green, large and wide, and the veins above were clear.It can be seen that long and long, like our palm lines.I touched it with my hands, a little rough, and the edge of the leaves also had a small semaphés, which was the weapon of protecting the girl to protect her.A cicada flew to the leaves "squeak", as if to say to the Ye Zi girl, "Thank you for letting me get a cool." The little squirrel jumped around on the branches, as if he was caught with Ye Zi girl.Several birds also flew to the tree and screamed, singing a cheerful song for the leaves.At this time, the children were also attracted by the green leaves. They smiled "haha" under the tree and made a happy game.


In autumn, the weather was getting colder, and the leaves of the leaves became aging. The yellow leaves also curled slightly, the wind was blowing, and it was shaking on the branches.Looking at this beautiful world.The leaves fell to the ground and put on the earth with a golden coat. People stepped on the sound of "click", as if the leaves last farewell.


In winter, snowflakes floated in the sky, the branches became bare, the earth was white, and the fallen leaves were buried by the university, returning to the earth, reminding me of a poem: "falling red is not ruthless, turns into spring mud and protects flowers."


Although Ye Zi's life is short, the spirit of joy and selfless dedication it brings us will always stay in my heart.

叶子作文 篇5


A few days ago one morning.


I am modifying my new poem in the classroom.I don't know who suddenly yelled, and I didn't know what to say, and everyone kept talking around him, "Although I didn't hear what they all said, I roughly heard the words "new life" and "transfer".No, is there a new student transfer?God knows.


After reading early, A C said to me, "Hey, buddy, I heard that there is a beauty in class 5! Go, let's see!"


It turns out that this is really the case. No wonder I see so many color wolves that are about to move.


I laughed at him: "Aren't you afraid to scare people away?"


"Cut! If she is afraid of running, you don't want to think about a group of hungry wolves like prey.You can also watch it for free! "Ah C said, had entered a state of fantasy, and still drooling.


Looking at his wretched look, I immediately appreciated him with a chestnut, "嗵", crispy and loud, and the pain echoed in the sky for a long time.Suddenly, attracted the strange eyes, we hurriedly slipped and walked towards the 5th class.


Seeing the appearance of A C's monkey, I really don't know if he has never seen a woman in previous lives.


Cool!Don't be so exaggerated!The gate 5 was surrounded by a water.A C rushed into the crowd to grab the position. I didn't like to make fun, so I was not interested in squeezing.


"Lingling Bell Bell ..." After a while, the bells kept in the class, and the "wolves" were reluctant to dissipate, or the "one step back" method.


After AC returned, she voiced how beautiful and cute she was, and how cute she was?God knows.


At the moment I turned around, I saw her figure. Unfortunately, I didn't bring glasses, and I only vaguely saw that she was a short -haired girl.There was a regret at the time.

叶子作文 篇6


The leaves have a variety of shapes and effects.


The leaves of ginkgo trees are like fans. The color of its spring is green, the colors of autumn are yellow, and its leaf veins are densely packed.The main handle is long, and they are gently swinging like a fan in autumn; they are dancing like a butterfly; they fly like a small skirt; they fall on the ground as if they cover the earth.


Lotus leaves, it has green leaves, the leaves are discs -shaped, and its leaf veins are from the middle to the surroundings, and its main handle is thin and long.It is in the West Lake, summer. The time is very lush.It is like a disc with crystal dew.


Willow leaves, its leaves are thin and long, like girls' eyebrows, its color is green, the veins are long, and the main handle is slender.The breeze blows, the willow branches flutter with the wind, like the long hair of the girl, beautiful.


The leaves also have functions. For example, it can be used as a fertilizer, a greening environment, can be used as a medicinal material or tea ...

叶子作文 篇7


Life is short, such as the white horse passing away. In a colorful life, friendship is an indispensable part of us.This morning, the sun was full of window sills, and I opened my eyes with a confused eye. I thought of the dream last night. There was my best friend in the dream.Ye Zi, classmates like to call her like this.My relationship with her does not know that since the few grades of elementary school, it has become like a shadow, and everything will be together, just like a unreasonable conjoined baby.Her tall son is usually very thin and long -looking, with a kind smile on her face.Her performance has always been better than me, but she never saw her mocked me to ridicule me and was very happy to play with her.


What impressed me most was that thing, and we invited to play together to play together.Her sister -in -law is with us. As a younger, her sister -in -law pays the fare and money.When I wanted to return the money to her, she declined politely and moved me, and she was very guilty.However, three days, her sister -in -law and others often talked about this, and the words were very different, saying that I refused to pay.These words passed on my face in my face, scolding me, and let me return the money to the sister -in -law of Ye Zi.When I repaid the money, I did not accept it. After a day, the matter began to start a storm. The family could not stand the gossip of the people nearby. I preached to me at the door of the house, which attracted a lot of people who were watching.Later, Ye Zi and I had no choice but to do nothing about parents. They were not speechless. In the evening of the night, they ran to a nearby school together and cried.


So far we don't understand why.Today is March 24, 20xx, and I dream of this good friend Ye Zi, who had been crying with me with a smile. I wonder if you are okay?We lost contact after graduation, but those warm memories are always lingering in my heart. I really miss you.I really want to go back to that year, we do homework together, ride a bicycle, you feed me snacks, talk about classmates, and talk about the teacher's time together.do you miss me?leaf

叶子作文 篇8


Today, in the composition class, Teacher Lin took us to the community below to find the leaves. We were very excited and ran down as soon as possible.


There are many leaves below, with clover, camphor leaves, and some do not know the name.But I know that there is a kind of leaf shape. It is oval, with three colors, golden, green, and dark green. This is the strange leaf I found!The veins in the middle of it are very vague, like ink painting, but also like small houses!When I touched it, she was slippery like a child's face.The smell is still fragrant, like a mint fragrance.I put it on my ears, as if hearing the sound of rustling, they seemed to be saying, "Don't hurt me." Just fell asleep.


There are also clover, which is composed of three love leaves, like a small windmill, and the color is emerald green and a bit white.I got it in my hand and saw that its leaf veins were as thin as the line.There are still a little bad smell, but they are mostly like three good brothers!Putting it next to the ears, they seem to be saying, "How nice to see our three brothers! You have to unite and love!" It's funny!


Seeing other students, they also have a lot of gains, with round leaves, and climbing tigers like big palms ...


At this event of the leaves, the leaves are very beautiful and cute. You can also find some different leaves!


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