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Remember an interesting event, compile 15 articles


In the flat study, work, and life, everyone has the experience of writing composition . I am familiar with the composition. Through composition, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is an interesting activity composition compiled by Xiaobian for your reference only. Welcome everyone to read.



Recently, my mother suddenly made a tide and decided to host a "Hulai Contest"!


I helped the propaganda, and the whole family put down the work in my hand to participate in this "competition"!


Dad appeared, and his thick and fat waist was really inconvenient. With the ruming circle, his body twisted, so "happy"!


I saw that the Hula circle fell down without a few laps, and he muttered in his mouth: "Isn't this natural use?" My brother came up from Gao Dou, it's not bad, I started to praise him for him.: "See how skilled!


Well ... "I don't know if I was boasting, or a technical problem, Hu La went down. My brother talked with me as soon as he got off the stage.It ’s because Hulai turned around on my waist and kept turning, and I won't fall, but in the end I still ended because of physical problems. Then my mother came to power, and her turn was incredible.Needless to say, the speed is not slow, and it looks like a dancing posture ... we stayed ——


Needless to say, the final winner is of course mother.


  在 我的记忆中,参加过许多的活动,但是,最有趣的是那一次——

In my memory, I have participated in many activities, but the most interesting thing is that time--


One day, the teacher walked into the classroom with a smile on his face, saying, "Classmates, we have changed the Chinese lesson to a game class today to play a" nose "game." The rules of the game are: a person blindfolds his eyes, take it with his eyes, take a person, take your eyes, take your eyes, take your eyes, take your eyes, take your eyes, take your eyes, take your eyes and take it.With "nose", walking towards the blackboard, and "nose" on the face.


The game began, Lin Yuxuan blindfolded his eyes first, walked towards "people", and posted his nose.Everyone couldn't laugh at each other. It immediately took a look at it. The original "nose" was posted on the ears."Laojiang" was on the stage. I saw him walking in front of the blackboard, touched the left, touched right, and finally post.Everyone smiled again, because the "nose" was posted on the hair.I came on the court, and when I came to the blackboard, I sticked it hard. The "nose" finally came to the original place. Everyone was surprised."Haitun" was on the court, and he was around and posted it.As a result, Lin Yuxuan was sitting on the ground by his post, because "nose" ran outside his head.Then the girls came on the court, but they went out.Lin Yujun put his nose on his eyes, Lin Ziting put his nose on his mouth ...


"Ding Zero", with the crisp ringtone, the game is over.However, the joyful atmosphere is still in the classroom.



Today is the 15th Lantern Festival of the first month, and the school has launched a Lantern Festival.


The "Ding Bell" bells turned, and the classroom suddenly boiled.The students couldn't wait to spread the tablecloth on the table. Parents mixed rice noodles and water, kneaded into a large dough, and then divided into small doughs for us.In this way, the students started to rub the Lantern Festival.We laughed while we were happy.The classmates made a sudden imagination and made the Lantern Festival into various shapes: some like ice cream, some like starfish, some like dinosaurs, some like ... but mother told us that Chinese traditional Lantern Festival is round.EssenceSo we rubbed them into small balls again.Attentive parents turned the dough into various colors. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Why did the white rice noodles change the color? It turned out that fruit juice and vegetable juice were added inside.When the dough is almost used, we start to "strike", harvest many dough, and we start rubbing seriously.Look, the Lantern Festival in our group becomes colorful.


Looking at the Lantern Lantern full of itself, it really feels fulfilling.After a while, the cafeteria will help us. The classmates gobbled the Lantern Festival and glowed, which was really cool.


Today's activities are really meaningful, and I have left unforgettable memories for my childhood.



In the composition class, the teacher and us did an interesting activity -bypassing the password.

  老师给我们出了“班干部管班干部”这样一个题目。大家七嘴八舌练习起来,老师请了五位同学,第一个同学说了起来,他说成了“关干部赶关干部”了,同学们哄堂大笑,有的跳了起来、有的哄堂大笑、还有的哈哈大笑,这个同学的脸都红了。其他的四位同学中只有一位说对了。 老师又出了一道“灰化肥会挥发”的题,同学们争先恐后地练了起来。后来,老师又请了五位同学,而且还要快速读三遍,这道题太难了,上来的同学都说错了,全班的同学也笑个不停。 “哈哈哈……”笑声一阵高过一阵,教室里成了欢乐的海洋。

The teacher gave us a topic of "cadre cadres of class cadres".Everyone practiced with a mouthful of eloquent. The teacher invited five students. The first classmate said that he said that he was "a cadre to control the cadres". The classmates laughed.Laughing with a laughed, and laughing, the classmate's face blushed.Only one of the other four students was right.The teacher posted another question "Gray Fertilization", and the students scrambled to practice.Later, the teacher invited five classmates, and he had to read it quickly. This question was too difficult. The classmates who came up were wrong, and the classmates in the class also laughed."Hahaha ..." The laughter was taller than a while, and the classroom became a happy ocean.



The day before New Year's Day, on December 31st, in order to celebrate New Year's Day, our school held a grand interesting sports meeting.


At 8.4 in the morning, people on the playground were full of people, and their voice were full of voice. Various speeches and shouts were endless. The students were waiting for the activity to carry out the activity.After a while, the opposite match began, and only a "pop" shot, the players rushed out like the arrow of Li Xian.The classmates next to each other shouted loudly, cheered, refueling, and cheered for the players.Some of the classmates patted their palms, and some shouted their throats.You come and go, the last classmate finally rushed over the end. As a result, our class won the second place, the second (2) class won the first place, and the second (1) class won the third place.The second game is a shooting. I am a shooting player. I only heard a whistle. I immediately put down the ball and quickly shot the ball.2. ... One hundred, two hundred ..., other students kept cheering for me. After a minute, there was another whistle. The game was over. As a result, the first place in class (1)Name, No. 3 (2) third place.


The game is over, everyone is still doing everything.Although we did not get the first place this time, we are not discouraged. As long as we step up exercise, continue to work hard, keep in mind the words of winning or not, and we will definitely get the first place next time.


Instructor: Ou Huina



I have participated in a lot of activities, and there are many interesting activities.One of the activities is very interesting.


After class, Mr. Hu came to the classroom with a small test paper.We think, we should exams again, and then I habitually collected the book.She sent us a small paper to let us buckle it on the table, which even increased our curiosity, thinking that this is not a "ordinary" test paper.At the beginning of the game, Mr. Hu asked us to finish it within three minutes.


When I look at the question, it is a three -minute test question.Many mathematical mouth calculation questions.Normal mathematical operations should be calculated according to the operation symbol, but that time is different. My math oral calculation ability is not bad. I just want to start the calculation. I saw a piece of text above.The subtraction method is done, the subtraction method is used as an additional method, the multiplication method is used as the method of removal, and the except method is used as a multiplication.I suddenly realized that I was calculated as required.


After a while, I finished this test question, and because before the time, I started to check.Finally, it's time.The teacher asked about the answer of the first question. Those students who did it as required were right, and there were classmates who did not as required.They seemed too hurried.



On Sunday morning, the weather was fine and cloudless.Dad and I suddenly thought of a surprise and decided to go to the suburbs to perform a bird watching activity.We put on the sun hat, picked up the telescope, and set off with interest.


We first came to Pingtian Lake Wetland and found a flat mirror in a flat place.I lay on the telescope, wow!A lot of birds.There are snow -white swans, smart and lovely wild ducks, and gurgling magpies.The birds spread their wings and flew around.They suddenly suddenly, suddenly left and right, so pleasant!I really want to be a free bird!


Later, we came to a small forest and looked for the bird's home in the forest -the bird's nest.As I observed, I listened to my father's explanation about the bird's nest.I found that some bird nests were built on high treetops, and some bird nests hung upside down on branches.Dad said that the birds are smart. They not only know how to choose the safest position, but also carefully arrange the orientation of the nest door to accept sufficient sunlight as much as possible.I really admire the wisdom and bravery of the bird!


On the way home, Dad told me that birds are human friends. We must love birds and protect them!



Looking forward, looking forward to it, finally looking forward to it.Children's Day is our celebration.In this special day, our school held a class in class.


That day, the students were wearing beautiful and clean clothes, a neat team, and came to the playground, waiting anxiously for our performance.The competition started, because our grade was the fifth appearance, so everyone sat quietly watching other grade performances.The senior elder brother and elder sister who performed sang very wonderful and pleasant singing, and I was intoxicated in the singing.The younger brothers and younger sisters are not willing to show weakness. They sang a beautiful singing voice with their lovely expressions and tender voices.Finally, it was our grade. We wore beautiful clothes and took a colorful flower fan to come to the stage. Looking at the commander, we sang the flower fan in our hands, and the sweet singing echoed the entire campus ...


The most exciting moment arrived, the school leader announced the final results. When the second -year group was the best performance award, the students cheered happily.


After this singing competition, I felt that when a collective event, as long as everyone worked together, they could be successful.The power of unity is great



Today, we go to Ma'ansi Park Spring Tour.As soon as I entered the door, I saw the beautiful scenery.The ponds beckoned us, and the ripples of the ripples, as if saying: "Beautiful saddle pond park welcomes you!"


The little goldfish in the pond jumped in Disco in the water, and blowing a small bubble towards me, as if saying, "Hello!"Goldfish, it looks like my dead little goldfish Nini.After watching it for a long time, I reluctantly turned my eyes to the glory.I saw the glory, blushing, and fear of being born.


On the river, catkins floated on the river, and the entire river seemed to cover a thin layer of quilt.Suddenly, I found a small fish hiding under the umbrella -like lotus leaf, as if he couldn't breathe.We made all kinds of ghosts scare it. It fled in fright and dived into the water.


After leaving the river, we started playing games.Teacher Wu repeatedly told us that we must pay attention to safety."I know!" We said in unison, and then flew into the boat.Starting started, the sharks looked at us with a smile.No matter how three or seventeen, we played a mess, and the result was not hit.I can't stand it, lift the water gun."Wow ..." The most bustling shark was beaten by me, and it was so angry that it seemed to be at me: "I have a 'water bomb' attack!" I didn't care at all, and I saw the water.Splash, the shark's army was destroyed, and I won a lot.


This spring tour ends in our joyful laughter.



Today, Teacher Li took us to play a "peanut peanut" competition. For some reason, only one person brought one person, and our game could not be played. Teacher Li would compare with him.We had to change to "passing".


Everyone stood in the first row and became a "one" shape.There are no order, all stand casually.Some people are very nervous, as if they are shaking throughout the body; some people will play passwords, as if they are complacent; some people are waiting for the teacher to say the rules, as if the soldiers are waiting for the signs; others are inexplicable, it seems that they will not play.Pass.At the beginning, we said one by one, we didn't understand and didn't ask.Teacher Li started to say the last sentence, starting from the boy. I clearly heard Fan Zixuan saying, "It's really hot today!" But when I passed it to Zhou Yuxiao, she did not hear it clearly. When she was puzzled, she was puzzled.The teacher asked her to say it, and she said loudly, "The police are too affairs!" She just finished speaking, and immediately laughed. She didn't know what was going on, and followed us and laughed.


No matter who I passed it to me, I hope he or her can pass slowly and let me hear it clearly.


I understand a truth: no matter your identity, no matter what you are doing, you must be serious and concentrated!



"Ah, I didn't remember hey, the ball fell!"


"Haha, how powerful I am, I haven't dropped the ball still-"


Physical education class (badminton module class) proceeded smoothly in a piece of laughter.In the blue sky, badminton flying in the air, and the beautiful arcs were drawn one after another, like a bullet that was beaten out.


As the hands in my hands became more and more sweaty, the ball was getting more and more unscrupulous, and the ball I played sometimes did not listen to the call at all.


My friends and I were playing fiercely.Unexpectedly, I don't know where to fly from a ball, smashed on the head of the "vegetable bud bean" (pseudonym), and the vegetable bud bean sounded ‘down’.We are all in a hurry.Suddenly, Cai Budou scratched his head and sat up from the ground, "Wow-" smiled.It turned out that this was just a game that she asked others to cooperate.


Huh ... it turned out to be a false shock!














Somehow, inexplicably, everyone laughed. I also stood with everyone and smiled, and the laughter echoed the entire playground, ranging the entire campus.


With the laughter of the students, the physical education class was over.


Physical education classes are really fun.


In the blue air, "white feathers" fly!



There are many colorful shells on the childhood beach, including a shiny pearl in the shell.Let me gently take the pearl out of the shell and share my good memories with you.


Finally, the teacher revealed the mystery, and it turned out that we asked us to protect the eggs.Let's take eggs to class, see who can protect the eggs, and then take the eggs home intact.

  再说永鸿,他不小心把鸡蛋打破了,情况更是惨不忍睹,不仅桌子上有了一滩鸡蛋,连本子都遭受"城门失火,殃及池鱼"的灭顶之灾。他一边收拾一边说:"小鸡蛋,我让你躺着,不料你睡姿不好,偏要寻死,小鸡蛋,你死得好惨啊。" 他这段诙谐的话令大家捧腹大笑。

Besides Yonghong, he accidentally broke the eggs, and the situation was even more horrible. Not only did he have a pool of eggs on the table, but even the book was suffering from the downs of the "city gate, and the pond fish".He cleaned up and said, "Little eggs, I let you lie down. Unexpectedly, you have a bad sleeping posture, and you have to find death. The little eggs are miserable." His witty words made everyone laugh.


The activity with eggs began in the doubts of the classmates and ended in the "crying and laughter" of the classmates.Because one -half of the classmates in the class accidentally broke the eggs, of course, I am also one of them.


Happy comments: The little author introduced the process of students with eggs in detail and vividly. The writing was delicate, real, humorous, and the center was at the end of the center, highlighting the theme, and making people's income.



Today, for the first time in our class, a housekeeping display activity was held. This was a few days ago. A total of 9 students participated in the competition. They were all prepared.


This time, many people are cooking for the first time, but I think they are doing well, especially Dong Hui. She is making egg custard.Egg custard, a very simple dish, simple ingredients, simple processes, can even be ready in just a few minutes. It is such a simple dish. After the careful production of Dong Hui, everyone has been well received by everyone.Essence


This egg custard is tender yellow, soft and delicious, in place, and it tastes very slippery. If it is described in a word, it is "soft".


In addition to egg custard, I think Liu Guangran's wooden meat and Liu Xinru's fish fragrant shredded pork is also very good. The process of these two dishes is somewhat complicated, but they are indeed made.Draw the finishing touch.


In this activity, the whole class spent the Talk.When tasting the food, the whole class went up to taste, fight for squeeze, and the whole class ran up all the time.Two times, it was displayed by the crowd in front of the stage.


When they selected various awards, everyone spoke enthusiastically and selected the contestants. Among them, Wang Pengxiao's hemp cake and Dong Hui's egg custard were well received.A lot of jokes have been made during the classmates' elections, causing a lot of people to laugh.


This is really an interesting class event!



In physical education class, the teacher organized a very interesting event to play the real ball with the baton and rolled it.All students participated in the event with great interest.


We divided the group, the teacher talked about the rules of the game, and the event began.The students "drove" one by one to make a solid ball forward.Suddenly, the first group increased the effort. They surpassed us, and I didn't know who shouted, "Come on!" It was at this time that the other party was proud of the form. We took the opportunity to get rid of them and win.


Immediately after, the second game began.The first group was learned, but we were still immersed in the joy just now, and they were pulled back by them.well!What a "proud soldier will lose"!


The third game started.This is the final game, we are very cautious and the first group.After a while we were in front of them, they were in front of them. Everyone was struggling and wanted to win the "throne" of the championship, but in the end they won.Although we have not achieved victory, we have felt the power of unity, and let us realize the fun brought by the game.


This event is really lively and interesting!



Today, I want to introduce the young pioneer activity class I hosted.


I first introduced various Chinese knots: carp knot, Pisces knot, celebration knot, safety knot, etc., and introduced their respective meaning.Have……


Next, it is the time that the students are most looking forward to the time of weaving China! "Compared with one, whoever compiles is better, there is a small gift." I said with a smile.After speaking, I sent the rope one after another.Then show the weaving steps to the students under the projection.The classmates all learned very seriously! Soon, one was done, two were done, and then many students showed me the Chinese knot they made.My gifts can't be posted!


Happy time is always very short, and it is time to end.I will never forget this young pioneer event lesson, never!


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