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Primary school composition at the tree planting festival (5 articles in general)


Primary school composition at the tree planting festival (5 articles in general),欢迎大家分享。

In daily life or work and study, everyone has dealt with Composition . The composition can be divided into primary school composition, middle school composition, and university composition (thesis).In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is the elementary school composition (universal) collected by Xiaobian for the tree planting festival for everyone. Welcome to share it.



Tomorrow is the tree planting festival. I and my parents and I participated in the love home planting activity in Longyuan Lake International Plaza.The event location is in Longyuan Lake Park.


Take a look at Longyuan Lake Park, wow!There are a lot of people!I actually met Shi Wenxin and Wang Haoyu.


Uncle Workers has dug a pit.My dad and I first filled some loose soil in the tree pit. Dad picked a thick and straight big leaf female virgin tree seedlings into the pit. My mother held the trunk. My dad and I filled the soil into the pit.I put the iron tilted tilt on the soil like my father, and raised my right foot on the pupa. The iron pupa was inserted in the soil, gently pressed the iron pupa, and shoved up the soil.A few times, I was so tired. It seems that it is not easy for the uncle of the worker to dig so much.After filling in the soil, my dad and I raised the water again to pour the small saplings. Guru, gurgling, small saplings quickly drink dried water, drink, drink, small tree seedlings, I will come to you every week to send you water to drink water to drink water every week.of.


Small saplings, you can grow up. After ten years, you grow into a towering tree. I also grow into a knowledgeable young man. Let us work together!



I am really happy today, because we went to plant trees today, do you know what festival is today?On March 12, the tree planting festival.


In the afternoon, the sun was very fierce, and it seemed to have trouble for us.It made us sweaty. Everyone took the hoe, dug, dig, tired, and replaced people to hoe. In this way, I kept hoeing. I do n’t know how long it ’s a long time. It’ s everywhere.I am the same, sweaty, but my heart has always been very happy. We planted many trees and have achieved new achievements.


In the botanical garden, all sweaty, but the face was hanging on his face.On this day, I am very happy, and everyone, I hope everyone cherishes the environment. Our principal said: Green Campus 312 and beautify the campus 365.Meaning: green on March 12, 365 days to protect the environment.



On March 12th, Xiaohong went to plant trees happily.


Xiaohong saw the sky in the sky, and his heart was very happy!Xiaohong came to the wild, she first dug a pit with a shovel, and then she drank the small tree in gently, then cultivated the soil, and gave it the name "Little Mangrove".In the end, Xiaohong also fertilized and watered the small tree.


Xiao Hong waited for all this to find out that she wore a purple -red white veil wet in many places, and even the lilies on her head were soiled.Looking at the watch again, it was already 11:00 noon, and the stomach began to "grunt" in his stomach.However, Xiaohong is still very happy.Because she planted a "little mangrove" at the planting of the tree, she surrounded the small tree, looked at and looked at it, and couldn't bear to go home.



It finally arrived on March 9th, and our boy's army was ready to go.Everyone kept talking like a group of sparrows on the bus, and said happily: Some said that they wanted to plant a lychee tree, some said to plant a mango tree, and some explained that they could pick fruit and eat it.Make everyone laugh.


The annual tree planting festival is coming. Our scouts decided to go to the Si Ligua fruit garden to plant trees on March 9th.I don't know how many days have been looking forward to, but this is the first time I plant it.


It finally arrived on March 9th, and our boy's army was ready to go.Everyone kept talking like a group of sparrows on the bus. Some said that they wanted to plant a litchi tree, some said that they wanted to plant a mango tree, and some explained that they could pick fruit and eat it.laughing out loud.


At this time, I don't know who shouted: "The Sili Orchard is here!" Everyone was excited to the car.It suddenly opened up.Many small trees have been planted on the open space. A small tree swayed its tender green leaves gently in the breeze, as if welcoming us.


Sun Mingyang and I found two digs of dug tree pits. I brought saplings from my mother. This is a ten -mile of fragrant osmanthus tree.Saying it is a tree, in fact, it is a little higher than the grass, and it is there to go to my calf, but anyway, I should grow a small tree so that it can grow with me.I put the small tree carefully into the tree pit, "Sun Mingyang, come to help me help me hold the small tree seedlings, I will fill the soil!" I picked up the iron puppet and shoved the soil into the pit.It's right.I poured a large bucket of water on it, stepped the soil flat, and took a few steps back to see my small tree standing straight.At this time, I was already tired of sweating, and the shoes were covered with mud, but I saw my little tree, and my heart was very happy.


Before leaving, I looked back at my little tree and said goodbye to it.I hope when we come again next year, this is a green ocean!I hope that every day is the tree planting festival, so that our earth will become a green home!



In winter, there is another 3.12 tree planting festival.


On this day, the teachers and students of our school gathered at the gate of Qujiang Park. A full energy was full of body. As soon as they entered the park, it was a broad venue.People sat on the chair beside the road and chatted. The uncle who was practicing Yangge, the aunts also stopped the happy footsteps and looked at us with praise.Personal heart is beautiful, confidence is doubled, full of energy!


The teacher led us to the center of the square and explained to us the precautions when planting trees, but I didn't listen at all, and I was anxious to get the saplings.The male classmates scrambled to come in front of the tree instructor. You took a plant, I grabbed one, and the female classmates were unwilling to show weakness.


After a while, a mighty tree planting army set off to the destination. You see! Some holding the saplings in one hand, holding the pot in one hand, and some have to carry a cricket.What is even more exaggerated is that some people take one thing in one hand, and there is a bag in their mouths ... That's it, talking all the way to the other side of the lake, instead of planting the tree planting area, it is better to be a "farmland that has not been reclaimed., Golden rapeseed flowers all over the air, a dim aroma is soaked in the air ...


According to the teacher's instructions, our class was divided into 12 groups, at least 4 people in each group, up to 6 people. After choosing the tree planting area, everyone started to move. You are here, we are there. Zhang Ting, Ma Zhenxing, and Li Xiaodong were divided into a group. As soon as the teacher started, Li Xiaodong raised Daji to start digging, regardless of the three seven twenty -one, this dug a piece of soil, the shovel was fast, and the dirt was spilled on others. Scolding him is a ghost. Looking at Ma Zhenxing again, he took a shovel, aimed at the position, dug it, and dug it. After a while, his pit was dug. After we weakness, after some discussions, we decided to dig a hole in co -discipline. The first, quite smooth, Zhang Ting and I were full of energy. Second, the first ... Dang_--------------------------------- What is it like being stuck? It doesn't move. I can't move. I use the strength of breastfeeding. Ms. Ben didn't believe that you couldn't cure you in one discount. When Zhang Ting and I were unable to do, Ma Zhenxing came over, died of benzene, dug in a small shovel! Wake up the dream in a word, Zhang Ting sprints for a hundred seconds to borrow a small shovel, and put the soil around the unknown thing. Digging, seeing it again, it turned out to be a stone, cut it! Let it open, let me come! I saw Li Xiaodong coming over to make the nine cows and two tigers ten forces, but the stone still remained motionless. Ma Zhenxing slowly moved the stone out of the ground. It happened that the instructor passed, and it was boast that Ma Zhenxing was very smart.


The pit was dug, Zhang Ting brought the saplings, and it was right. I filled the fine soil inside, plus a few large amounts of soil blocks, and dug out a bowl -shaped edge.I took a pot of water and was about to fall down. I saw Zhang Ting said, slow! After that, I saw her holding a hand of water and sprinkled it gently around the tree, ah!Writing classmates, one by one is very busy, with sweat beads flowing on his face.


On the way back, the classmates looked back at the people, and saw the small tree shook the branches, as if followed us to say goodbye! Looking at the green shade, everyone smiled please!


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