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[Boutique] Composition collection of composition in the third grade of elementary school


In daily life or work and study, everyone is indispensable to contact the composition. Compositions are a narrative method of a theme significance through text considerations and language organizations.I believe that writing is a headache for many people. The following are 9 compositions of the third grade of elementary school carefully compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.

小学三年级的作文 篇1


A few days ago, on the way home when I went home from school, I met a puppy. Its head was large, her body was long, her eyes were watery, and my sharp nose was a large mouth under the pointed nose.The golden hair like a male lion is very beautiful!The disadvantage is that it has a drum bag on its head, as if it has just been injured.I think it is cute and pitiful, so I plan to take it.


So, I took it home and found a cage, put it in, and I took a mother from the kitchen and threw it into the cage. The puppy immediately picked up the bones and squeezed it with interest.


The next day, I bandaged the puppy's head with gauze and let it nourish it. I said to it, "Don't run around." It seems to understand what I mean, sitting there!After a while, it stretched out the red tongue again, staring at me with two eyes, as if he was saying to me, "Little master, I'm hungry, give me a bone."It was placed in front of the puppy, and it rose cheerfully.


After a few days, the drums on its head had slowly swollen. I was ready to wait for its injury to be completely good and then sent it to the zoo, but later I thought that it should return to its own home.


During the period when the puppy had not been sent away, I had a deep "friendship" with it.Remember once, when I took a puppy in our courtyard to play games with a few children, a child accidentally pushed me down. At this moment, my puppy thought the child would bully me and suddenly ran over and ran over.In the a few yells of his "Wang, Wang, Wang, and Wang", he seemed to be saying, "Don't bully my little master," scared the child away.


The puppy's injury is all very good. Although I like it very much, I think it may still have my own "family" and cannot take it as myself, so I reluctantly brought itLocal, and quietly looked at it not far away, the puppy looked around, but never found me. In the end, it slowly walked towards a distance and disappeared in my sight ...


In the evening, I had a wonderful dream, dreaming that the puppy found my family and lived a happy life.

小学三年级的作文 篇2


My dad is a wonderful father, he is lively and cute, and is my good buddy!


My mother said that when I was born, my dad saw that it was a boy, and he immediately named me "Xin", because he was called "Lei", which means that the point stone became gold.When he was a kid, he often raised me over his head, and he would take me from my mother's arms and kissed and kissed.


When I was three or four years old, the most admired idol was "Ultraman". At this time, my dad made a laser for me to emit laser to the monster to me as soon as I came back."The strange scream.As soon as I saw this situation, I immediately made a corresponding action to fight back, haha, the family laughs and laughs.


When I get a bit bigger, I like the assembly toys. Dad and I often sit in the middle of a pile of parts like two repair workers.When we finally assembled into a work, the two of us often rolled up with joy and shouted. Mom often shook his head and said: Two lunatics!


One of the things I like to do for me from a young age is to take a bath for me, because I have been fat since I was a child, and my dad always sang for me: I have a fat pier in my family, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAfter putting on pajamas, the two of us walked in front of the mirror. We sang while walking, and went back to kiss at a certain distance.Essence


Now I do n’t learn English well. In order to improve my English listening and speaking ability, my father often shouts English as soon as he enters the house. I ca n’t even say “sorry”. I feel ashamed and vowed secretlyBe sure to learn English well.


Don't look at my dad like a child at home, like my brother, but he is serious and meticulous at work.He has been a hotel professional manager since the age of 26. It has been 5 years since the general manager of the five -star hotel. He has often been praised by his superiors. I want to learn from him.


How about, friends, my dad is very different?He is my idol, I admire him very much!I hope to grow up and be a person like him, I am extremely proud of having such a dad!

小学三年级的作文 篇3


I am a pink rice mouse school bag with a large capacity.That day, the little owner chose me without hesitation.My heart is secretly complacent: the little owner really has a vision!


The next day, the teacher asked the little owner to enter all the books into my stomach, with two or three kilograms.My stomach hurts!However, the little master is no exception. She carried me to school every day, returned to me, and turned around in my stomach.


In summer, the big sweat beads fell from the forehead, and the two or three kilograms of schoolbags increased to seven or eight kilograms.Finally, the teacher announced: "Let's relax, let the summer vacation!"


As soon as the words fell, we rushed out. The little owner put me on the lawn, flying a kite, kicking football, forgot all the troubles, and laughed. Her braids fell on the sky.


After playing for a afternoon, we went home. As soon as I opened the door, the old teacher -Grandpa pulled me to Xinhua Bookstore and chose some extracurricular tutoring books.Olympics, "Music Little Lingtong", "Chinese AB Volume", "Dr. Mathematics" ... After a while, my stomach was full, I was rising my belly to let the little owner carry the specialty, go home and do it.Topics, just practice every day, Zhou Zhou, Yueyue practice ... I have become a super fat man, how much I hope I can restore the slim figure of the year!


Finally, when I arrived at the special exam, the young master took a double percentage, but he was so tired that his eyes were dizzy, his feet were soft, and he became a little old man. Dad took a camera and wanted to show off his relatives.But she just couldn't laugh. I hope that one day, the little owner can change the "laughter" to "laughing and opening"!

小学三年级的作文 篇4


My name is Zhang Mingxuan.Why does this name get up?The last name is not to say, because my father's surname Zhang, the origin of "Ming" is very interesting.When taking the name, my mother specifically found someone to calculate me. The fortune teller said mysteriously: "In Jinmu, water and fire, the child is very strong, but there is very little gold.Jin's word. "So the mother chose the word" inscription ".And "Xuan" has pinned her mother’s good wishes. There is a small point in the middle of the word "Xuan". This point is like a small grass, which means that they can survive strongly when they can.The grass is the same.


However, I also worried about my name.Because there is a class named Ren Zhixuan in our class, she is always called "the beginning of people" by her classmates.Not only will she be joked, but even I will be taken out to tease, they actually say, "Zhang Mingxuan, sexually evil!" I became angry and brought a few good friends. Without saying a word, I did n’t say anything, and said with a word without saying a word.EssenceAs a result, they were beaten "falling flowers and flowing water", and we returned from victory.


This is the story of my name.

小学三年级的作文 篇5


I have a good friend. Of course, he is a good friend in the school.


My good friend is Su Bangyu. His head looks like a pear in general; he laughed like Sun Wukong; when he was angry, he liked his mouth, but his ears were not too big.He likes to wear blue clothes, and his small arms like to make a muscle.His legs were almost thick as me, but he walked down and shattered, like a girl.


Su Bangyu and I like to play cards, sometimes they have to "gambling". Whoever loses, whoever loses, will get one in his own washing version to each other.If he loses, he is happy and he is uncomfortable.If I lose, the two of us are just as happy, because I use some of them, I have long wanted to eradicate them!


This semester, I transferred to school.When I was going to break up with him on the last day of the last semester, he stuffed some cards in my hands and said, "These cards are a memorial between you and me. I think we will meet again in the future." IIf you think about it, it's not sad at all. I want to invite him to come and play.So I broke up with him like this.


Who thought that Su Bangyu had QQ and I also had QQ, and we continued to contact like this.Last time, he talked with a microphone in the computer!

小学三年级的作文 篇6


My mother, I love you.


I love my mother, she is pregnant in October, and the danger of life risks, let me come to this world, and then see the beauty of the sky and the enchanting of the earth;The ignorance of the language, the smart and wise girl now; it is she taught me when she is not sensible, tell me what love is, what is selfless, what is right, what is wrong, what can be that canWhat you do is not possible.


I love my mother, my greatest, most kissed mother, my mother, I love you, deeply and deeply love you.


I don't know much about it, but with you, I feel that I have happiness and happiness.


Mom, I am your daughter, the continuation of your life, I love you, and then like you love me.


I love my mother, she is as warm as the sun, letting me thrive in this warmth, so that I learned to be grateful in this warmth, and learned how to give others warmth.


Mom, with you, only this day, my daughter loves you until the end of life.

小学三年级的作文 篇7


We all have a happy day, and I am different from others on this day. You do n’t believe it. Let me tell you!


I remember that I was three years old. At my aunt's house, I played with my brother and sister. The more we play, the more fun, the happiness of a happy day composition 450 words.Suddenly, I accidentally rolled down from the sofa, "Ah!" He yelled, "Woo ..." Then there was a cry.Everyone came to see me. It turned out that there was a big bag on my head, so unlucky!


At this time, my father hugged me, tickled me while laughing, and couldn't help but laugh.My aunt quickly gave me vegetable oil. As soon as the vegetable oil arrived, I screamed.


My sister deliberately pretended to fall. If I smiled early, there was a big bag on my head.My brother came to the study and yelled loudly: "Ah, mice, mice!" The aunt quickly picked up the broom and said, "Where is the mouse? Where is the mouse?" "Luck you!" Brother said with a smile."Hahahaha ..." I finally cried and laughed, and everyone laughed.Just listening to Kaka, the second aunt took me like this. If there was a big bag on the forehead, it would be really impossible to see that it was myself, it was really shameful!


This day is the day when everyone cares about and loves me. It is my most memorable and happiest day.

小学三年级的作文 篇8


I have a careless mother who often goes out to forget to bring the key.


Every time my mother goes out, she thinks about nothing.However, my mother felt that things were brought together every time.However, after a closing of the door, my mother touched the bag again, and she screamed with a scream: "Oh! I don't have a key!"Turn the bag over and out over time, turn the bag all over the sky, have not found it yet, and touched the purse several times. I still did not find it.How can it be? "Whenever she faces such a cruel reality, her mother always shook her head helplessly.


After school today, my mother went to school to pick me up.As soon as I received me, my mother asked me, "Guess what I forgot to bring today?" Don't ask me to know what my mother has forgotten?I answered disdain: "Is it the key?" Mom yelled in surprise: "Yeah, how did you guess?"


"Do you still need to guess this? You have no key for many times." I asked my mother what to do?


"Call my dad and ask him to come back early." So I called my dad and finished calling. My mother and I waited for dad in the lobby downstairs in our house.Fortunately, there are chairs and tables in the hall, otherwise we can only stand.


While my father came back, I took the homework and wrote it.After a while, my mother said impatiently, "Hey, why don't you come back?" Mom kept repeating that sentence, "Hey, why not come back." It's really good!


After about thirty minutes, Dad finally returned!Dad said, "So cold, why don't you wait upstairs?" Mom replied: "There are no chairs upstairs!" When they dialogue, I cleaned up my homework and followed them upstairs!

小学三年级的作文 篇9


It was another day of autumn wind, and it was a day full of yellow.Looking back, this is the glorious glory of my 13th time.


November, probably a normal month!But at this time 13 years ago, I saw this wonderful world for the first time.I had breathing for the first time, crying for the first time, and laughed for the first time.In November, I tasted the beauty of the world for the first time.


In late autumn, the cold air blowing the yellow -green crushed leaves, and the red day gradually slid into the building. today is my birthday. With the tiredness of reviewing the period, I walked alone on a crowded street. On ordinary days, I have long been prepared for my birthday. After all, my parents are so busy, I have no qualifications to ask them to celebrate their birthday. Their birthday gifts when they were young were just a bowl of hot and steaming egg noodles. The wealthy environment still makes me quite satisfied. The key turns in the lock hole, and the bell on it makes a crisp sound. There is a card on the table, and the pink bodies are bathing under the orange light, which looks very warm. ''Happy birthday! ‘’ Simple four words, but it is not beautiful. The public font shows the mother's seriousness. She took me to a nearby cafe. Although I passed every day, I did appreciate the scenery for the first time. Beige wallpaper, cobblestone small fish pond, bronze armrest, retro decoration made me like it here. The small shop in the downtown is a quiet atmosphere. The shop is full of the strong aroma of the existing coffee, and the spoon and the porcelain cup collided into the jingle. The treetops outside were shaking, but I didn't feel cold. Not because of the warm wind in the shop, but the deep happiness from the heart.


The next day, I still go to school, eat, sleep, and do homework.In November, it was fleeting.


The following year, April 13th.Because of going to work, my mother got up very early.But I took her step first and put on the cake that I just grilled.There are no gorgeous cream, no noble fruits.There are only four condensed milk on the simple cake -happy birthday ... Happy birthday ...


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