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Twenty years later, my primary school student imagined essay 8 articles


In the bland daily life, everyone has made a talk with the composition. Composition is a speech activity that people express their expressions in writing.So have you understood composition?The following is the imagination of my elementary school students collected by Xiaobian for everyone. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.



Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttle. Twenty years have passed in a blink of an eye. At this time, I am a world -renowned aircraft officer.


It is 20xx. In the cosmic aerospace brigade of Beijing, the capital of my country, there is a young and beautiful girl.Her tall, big eyes, a bunch of dark ponytails flowing behind her head, everything is so simple and so generous.She is me -Li Mengyang.


Recalling my growth experience, it will start from 20xx.In 20xx, when I was only 8 years old, I sat next to the TV and watched Jing Haipeng, Uncle Liu Wang and Aunt Liu Yang flying into space. The top 100 billion people of the motherland were cheering and shouting. We used them.I am proud.At that time, I was determined to learn to fly into space from them and contributed to the motherland like them.


Later, I was admitted to Peking University with excellent results and chose the space career.After entering the Universe Brigade, I studied hard and worked hard. Finally, my dream was realized.In 20xx, I traveled to space in a spacecraft alone.


"Success! I'm successful!" I shouted loudly.I believe that as long as we have a goal in our hearts, we work hard and fight, and success belongs to every diligent person.



Twenty years later, I became a earth scientist and studied in the laboratory every day.


One day, I walked out of the door of the laboratory and found that there were dust and garbage everywhere. I was distressed. Where did the clean and beautiful earth go?How could it become like this?So I returned to the laboratory and brought a few secret weapons. The useful auration and growth factor potions were mixed to synthesize environmental beautification agents. This kind of thing is amazing!It can make the sewage clear and transparent instantly, and it can make the dust in the air disappear.


Holding the crystallization of high -tech, I first came to the elementary school I used to go to, and put the potion in my hand. "Wow! It's clean!" I can't believe this is my masterpiece.Take out your newly developed house reinforcement agent and spray the teaching building, and the house can be urged. Even if a rocket is pressed on it, there is no problem, let alone the earthquake.


I also have a invention loved by children, that is, "Happy" universal electronic meter, he can remember time and help students learn. Students just need to press the button above, and there will be something you want to know.It involves various fields.


Haha, this is my twenty years later, how about it, it is very angry!



Now I am in front of the veterinarian, and every day I save injured puppies. Many puppies are saved by me.At this time, I also had a homestay and a car.Of course I also have a little baby!


Many dogs are still waiting for me to do it.My homestay is next to the beach. The scenery is very beautiful. My car is a sports car.I also raised a puppy, which is very cute and good.I really want to have a musical instrument, but the money is still not enough, so I tried to save a lot of puppies, but buying a musical instrument is not my reason to save the puppy. My reason is to save the injured puppy.Just money.


But if I save the dog, some people do n’t like it to abandon it, and there will be more and more stray dogs. What should I do if it bite people on the road?The stray dog was hit by a car on the road at this time. At this time, the work of my veterinarian came.


I am a busy person who has a very cute child now, and she is happy to play with her every day. I also hope that she can become a doctor who is busy saving people when she grows up.Become everyone's savior.I also hope that I can always be a doctor who saves the puppy.



Twenty years later, my God!I'm 30 years old!I decided to give birth to twelve children, because the twelve students "laughs", and with this group of baby eggs that make me laugh every day.


I hope that every child of my children can be happy, as for the birthday?I hope they will be born in the same year, so that I will not be mixed, and their zodiac must be the same, that is, if the boss belongs to "sheep", the remaining eleven children must belong to "sheep"", And so on.In addition, my child has six boys and six girls.


What about education?I will use half authoritative education and half democratic education. When the fierce time, I will make them afraid that I will shake. When there is love, I am like their best friends. Everything can be exchanged.talk.In this way, my child will be very happy!


Although I am still young, I can already experience the hard work and greatness of being a mother. It is not easy to take care of a child to grow up.I decided to make my duty well, be a good daughter listening to my mother, and a good student with excellent academic science, so I can discipline my child in the future!



Twenty years have passed, and the lively little girl had become a great lawyer who was able to speak well.


On Sunday, I turned on the TV and saw a trace report: Shanghai Mayor Yao Junjie's defendant swallowed a huge $ 6.7 billion in money, and he is now detained in the police station ... "Yao Junjie, isn't he the monitor of elementary school?People framed? "


When I heard the news, I immediately went to Shanghai and wanted to ask him if he was accused of being accused.As soon as he entered the detention center, he didn't know who I was when he talked with him. Later, after reading his business card, he knew it was his old classmate.


I asked him, "Are you being accused?" I -I -I was accused, knowing that he was really designed, and decided to help him.


After returning to Hong Kong, after soliciting the consent of the director, I planned to prepare everything to the court.


At 1 pm on September 28th, the parties Yao Junjie and I attended the court. The plaintiff said: "As the mayor, as the mayor, he swallowed a huge amount of $ 6.7 billion and should be severely punished by the law." Then how do you know me?The client swallowed so much money?"So many people know!" "What they know is true ..." After some chattering disputes, Mr. Judge said: "Yao Junjie's private swallowing is not established, and it is released in court!"


I won this lawsuit!



When I was writing, I thought about my "daydream", thinking about it ... I thought of what I looked like twenty years later.


Twenty years later, I listened to songs in one of my rooms, and suddenly heard a sound "click" behind me! I looked back, what! Twenty years later, I am an actor, director followedI said one thing and said, "In a while, the staff on my side will start with you. It must be completed quickly, and the time is not enough. There are eighteen plays!" I immediately sat back on the bed and opened the boss to give up and let the boss give up.The mobile phone I used, and opened the chicken, and fought the battle. The play was completed once, and the same is the same.When I was in the last scene, I called, "What! I want to kiss this person, what! I won't do it!"


It turned out that the boss said, "You are very good today, it is done once, and now it is the last scene! You can definitely be wrong. So, you are your heroine! Come on! Come on!"


The boss also said that this green paper was placed in the middle, so there would be no problem.I had to try the boss's trial.


Taking it well, when I look at the finished product, I didn't find any problems.But at the premiere, I found that my mouth was also dropped by P.


"Zhang Chen! Zhang Chen! Did you write your homework for an hour?" I found out that I was doing "daydream". This is impossible! Impossible!



What a long time, how long the year of the year, how interesting it is to imagine 20 years.


Twenty years later, I was in my 30s. I came to the Microsoft Department of Harvard University. After graduating, I returned to the motherland. The software business of the motherland made a force.- Luo Haoming, invented a high -tech anti -virus software, it can


Kill all the computer virus, you can also kill the virus sent by the stars, and you can also return the virus sent by others to paralyze that person's computer.


One day on the weekend, Luo Haoming and I were on vacation in Mount Fuji.Look! "I heard Bush's help and immediately took my fast plane and arrived at the White House after 10 minutes.Bush took me to the general control room of the computer. I found that this virus was not on the earth. I asked Luo Haoming to order the virus positioning software to find that this was from Aosharma Planet.But more and more viruses are infected with computers throughout the earth. I immediately ordered IT elites in all countries in the world to reach the White House. I used a super power grid to protect the earth's computer system.It is like an ant on the hot pot. I can't wait to fly to the Planet and destroy their systems. However, the earth has 999.9 billion kilometers from the Emishamma.


Suddenly, I woke up at once, and it turned out to have a dream. I really thought that this dream was real!



In 20xx, I became a world -renowned scientist. If human beings have any difficulties, I will invented various machines to benefit human beings.


One day that we couldn't think of what happened. Due to excessive water use, the water resources were exhausted in advance. Seeing that human beings are about to die, I have to return to the laboratory and start working. After a few days of repeated experiments, I finally invent a potion. As long as a few drops of potions are dripped on the ground, I can give the entire earth with water. Resources, so I hurried to a vacant area to drop the potion. At this time, there was water resources on the earth. Another time I walked on the street and suddenly heard someone shouting: "Catch the thief, grab the thief!" It turned out that an old man's wallet was snatched by the thief. Take out the phone to see what the thief is doing. I took the aircraft to fly into the sky to find a thief. Soon after, the thief was caught by me. After I sent the thief to the police station, I returned the money to the old man. After returning home, I was unhappy, because I felt that my invention was not good enough. What did I always feel less? What is missing? I couldn't remember what I thought. I suddenly stood up. I thought it was a friend who was missing. So in these days, after many research, I inventing many robots, which made me feel at ease.


I will continue to help humans with science in the future, and I will also invented something that can make humans smart.


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